Chicken Express Menu Prices Australia

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Popular Items

Chicken & Chips$10.95
Seafood Salad$5.95
Greek Salad$5.95


Seafood Salad (Salads)$5.95
Caesar Salad$5.95
Greek Salad (Salads)$5.95
Coleslaw Salad$5.95
Potato Salad$5.95
Egg Salad$5.95
Avocado Salad$5.95
Tabouli Salad$7.95

Charcoal Portuguese Chicken

Chicken (Charcoal Portuguese Chicken)$6.50
Chicken & Chips (Charcoal Portuguese Chicken)$10.95
Chicken Biryani Rice$14.50
Slimmers Pack$14.50
Cream Dinner Pack$14.50
Roast Pack$14.50
Hawaiian Pack$13.50
Cobba Pack$13.50

Charcoal Seasoned Chicken

Chicken (Charcoal Seasoned Chicken)$5.50
Chicken & Chips (Charcoal Seasoned Chicken)$9.95
Chicken Biryani Rice (Charcoal Seasoned Chicken)$13.50
Slimmers Pack (Charcoal Seasoned Chicken)$13.50
Cream Dinner Pack (Charcoal Seasoned Chicken)$13.50
Roast Pack (Charcoal Seasoned Chicken)$13.50
Hawaiian Pack (Charcoal Seasoned Chicken)$12.50
Cobba Pack (Charcoal Seasoned Chicken)$12.50

Burgers & Kebabs

Beef Burger$8.95
Fillet Chicken Burger$9.50
Schnitzel Burger$9.95
Hawaiian Burger$7.95
Hot Chicken Roll$6.99
Chicken Wrap$10.00
Kebab (Chicken)$10.00
Kebab (Lamb)$10.00
Meat Box (Chicken)$12.95
Meat Box (Lamb)$12.95

Charcoal Lamb Ribs

Available in original, BBQ, hot.
Lamb Ribs$8.95
Ribs & Chips (Half)$12.95
Ribs & Biryani Rice (Half)$15.95
Ribs Slimmers Pack (Half)$15.95
Cream Dinner Pack (Half)$15.95
Ribs Roast Pack (Half)$15.95

Schnitzel Packs

Schnitzel & Chips$10.95
Schnitzel Slimmers Pack$14.95
Schnitzel Roast Pack$14.95
Schnitzel Cream Dinner Pack$14.95

Family Meals

Big Pepsi Meal
Whole chicken, large chips, regular gravy, and 1.25 ltr. drink.
Family Pack
Whole chicken, large roast potatoes, regular peas, regular gravy, and 1.25 ltr. drink.
Family Feast
Whole chicken, large chips, large salad, regular gravy, and 1.25 ltr. drink.
Jumbo Deal
2 whole chicken, large chips, large salad, large cream potato, regular gravy, and 1.25 ltr. drink.
Ribs Special Pack
Full rack of lamb ribs, large chips, regular gravy, and 1.25 ltr. drink.
Managers Special
Whole chicken, two large sides of choice, and 1.25 ltr. drink.

Kids' Packs

Kids' Pack Chicken$5.95
4 Nuggets & Chips$5.95
6 Nuggets & Chips$7.95
12 Nuggets & Chips$11.95
Chicken Tender Bites (3)$6.95
Nuggets (12)$9.95
Nuggets (6)$6.96
Nuggets (4)$4.95


Biryani Rice$5.95
Cream Potato$5.95
Roast Potato$4.50
Pineapple Fritter$2.00
Corn Cob$3.00
Sauce Tub$2.00

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