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King Prawn

Stir fried king prawn cashew / almond
Choice of nuts
cashew nut 0
Almond 0
King prawn with black bean sauce$26.00
Stir fried king prawn with vegetables (King Prawn)$26.00
satay king prawn$26.00
Sizzling king prawn$26.00
Szechuan king prawn$26.00
Honey King Prawn$26.00
Salt and pepper king prawn$26.00
Chili king prawn$26.00
Garlic king prawn$26.00


Salt and pepper squid$21.50
Chili squid$21.50
Squid with black bean sauce$21.50
Squid with garlic sauce$21.50
Szechuan squid$21.50
Curry squid$21.50
Squid in barbecue sauce$21.50
Satay Squid$21.50


Stir fried fish with vegetables$21.00
Fish with black bean sauce$21.00
Fried fish with sweet corn sauce$21.00
Salt and pepper fish$21.00
Szechuan fish$21.00
Fried fish with crab meat sauce$21.00


Sweet and sour seafood$25.00
Seafood with garlic sauce$25.00
Seafood with barbecue sauce$25.00
Curry seafood$25.00
Seafood with ginger and shallots$25.00
Chilli seafood$25.00
Stir fried seafood with vegetables$25.00
Satay seafood$25.00
Seafood bean curd in clay pot$27.00


Sweet and sour combination$22.00
Satay combination$22.00
Garlic combination$22.00
Szechuan combination$22.00
Combination with seasonal vegetables$22.00
Combination bean curd in clay pot$25.00

Bean Curd and Vegetables

Kai Lan with oyster sauce$16.00
Mixed vegetables$16.00
Broccoli with oyster sauce$17.00
Mixed vegetables with satay sauce$16.50
Snow peas with XO sauce$18.50
Stir fried bean curd with vegetables$20.00
Various mushroom with Japanese bean curd$22.00

Chow Mein

Vegetarian chow mein$17.00
Barbecue pork chow mein$21.00
Chicken chow mein$21.00
Beef chow mein$21.50
Baby prawn chow mein$21.00
Combination chow mein$22.50
King prawn chow mein$25.00


Bean sprout soft noodles$17.00
Singapore mee fun$20.00
Combination hokkien mee$23.00
Combination wet ho fun$21.50
Combination kwai teow (Noodles)$22.50
Beef kwai teow$21.50
Chicken kwai teow$20.50
King prawn kwai teow$24.50


Curry Chicken$20.00
Stir fried chicken with vegetables$20.00
Chicken with black bean sauce$20.00
Chicken with barbecue sauce$20.00
Salt and pepper chicken$20.00
Chicken cashew/ almonds$20.00
Sweet and sour chicken (braised/batter)
Braised or Battered
Almond 0
Battered 0
Szechuan chicken$20.00
Chicken with garlic sauce$20.00
Stir Fried Chicken$20.00
Chicken with ginger and shallots$20.00
Chilli chicken$20.00
Plum sauce chicken (batter/braised)$20.00
Lemon Chicken$20.00
Honey Chicken$20.00
Honey pepper chicken$20.00
Chicken mushroom in clay pot$20.00
Satay Chicken$20.00
Fried chicken and sweet vinegar sauce$21.50
Crispy chicken with special salt$21.50


Curry beef$21.50
Beef with black bean sauce (Beef)$21.50
Beef with ginger and shallots$21.50
Stir fried beef with vegetables$21.50
Beef with barbecue sauce$21.50
Beef with garlic sauce$21.50
Beef with oyster sauce$21.50
Szechuan beef$21.50
Chilli beef$21.50
Mongolian beef$21.50
Sizzling beef$21.50
Beef with black pepper$21.50
Satay beef (Beef)$21.50


Sweet and sour pork (Pork)$20.50
Pork with black bean sauce$20.50
Stir fried pork with vegetables$20.50
Szechuan pork$20.50
Pork with plum sauce$20.50
Chinese style Barbecue pork$20.50
Salt and pepper ribs$20.50
Ribs with peking sauce$20.50
Pork with satay sauce$20.50
Honey pepper ribs$20.50


Mongolian Lamb$24.50
Lamb with ginger and shallots$24.50
Lamb with black bean sauce$24.50
Lamb with garlic sauce$24.50
Sizzling lamb$24.50
Lamb with black pepper$24.50
Lamb with satay sauce$24.50


Fried duck with plum sauce$24.50
Fried duck with lemon sauce$24.50
Fried duck with sweet and sour sauce$24.50
Steamed duck with crab meat sauce$24.50
Steam duck with combination sauce$24.50
Fried duck with crab meat sauce$24.50
Five spice duck$24.50


Plain omelette$15.00
Mushroom omelette$17.00
Vegetarian omelette$17.30
Chicken omelette$19.00
Barbecue pork omelette$19.00
Combination omelette$20.00
Prawn omelette$20.00
King prawn omelette$23.00


Scallop with mushroom and vegetables$29.50
Black bean scallops$29.50
Satay scallops$29.50
Sizzling scallops$29.50
Szechuan scallops$29.50
Scallops with garlic sauce$29.50
Chilli scallops$29.50
Stir fried scallops with snow peas$29.50

Chef's recommendations

Sizzling bean curd$23.50
Fillet steak with canton BBQ sauce$23.50
Sizzling fillet steak$23.50
Black bean fillet steak$23.00


Satay chicken with steamed rice$15.00
Sweet and sour pork with steamed rice$15.00
Honey chicken with steamed rice$15.00
Mongolian beef with steamed rice$15.00
Mongolian lamb with steamed rice$15.00


Prawn crackers$3.00
Crispy noodles$3.50
Vegetarian spring rolls (4)$6.00
Chicken/Beef satay sticks (2)
Chicken 0
Beef 0
Fried wonton (6)$8.00
Boxing chicken (4)$8.00
Fried / Steamed dim sum (4)
Fried/ Steamed
Fried 0
Steamed 0
Fried prawn toast (4)$8.00
Pork spring rolls (4)$8.00
Deep fried prawns (6)$12.00
Prawn cocktail$10.00
Salt and Pepper Soft Shell Crab$15.00
Sang choy bow (6)$18.00
Salt and Pepper Squid Tentacles$14.90


Chicken sweet corn soup$6.00
Noodle soup$6.00
Wonton soup$6.00
Chicken mushroom soup$6.00
Combination soup$6.00
Chicken asparagus soup$6.00
Crab meat sweet corn soup$6.50
Szechuan hot and sour soup$7.00

Desserts and Drinks

Fried ice cream$5.00
Banana fritter with ice cream$5.00
Pineapple fritter with ice cream$5.00
Soft drink (can)$2.50
Soft drink (1.25L)$6.00

Fried Rice

Vegetarian fried rice$13.50
Beef fried rice$16.50
Chicken fried rice$14.50
Special fried rice$14.50
Salted fish and chicken fried rice$18.50

Picked for you

Stir fried king prawn with vegetables$26.00
Combination kwai teow$22.50
Sweet and Sour Pork$20.50
Satay Beef$21.50
Beef with black bean sauce$21.50

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