Costi’S Famous Fish Cafe Menu Prices Australia

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Featured Items

Gourmet Salad$7.00
BBQ Octopus Serving$13.50
Garlic Prawns Serving$13.50
I Love My Sauce!$1.00

Full of Flavour Fish Packs

Little Sea Creatures
One fish cocktail, two calamari, one seafood stick and chips.
Me, Myself & I Pack
Two fish cocktails, two calamari, one prawn cutlet and chips.
Taco Pack
Two tacos, two crab claws and two potato scallops.
3's a Crowd Pack
Three fish fillets, three calamari, three seafood sticks and chips.
Sail the 7 Sea's Pack
Six fish cocktails, two prawn cutlets, two crab claws, two seafood sticks, four calamari, chips and salad.
Too Hot to Handle Pack
Two fish fillets, BBQ octopus, garlic prawns, and chips.
Gotta Feed the Fam Pack (Feeds 4-6)
Two fish fillets, six fish cocktails, BBQ octopus, 10 calamari and chips.

The Basics

Fish & Chips$9.50
Fish & Chips Full Experience
Inc. Salad and a can of drink.
Fish Taco's$6.00
The Ultimate Fish Burger$8.90

Fish (Fillet)

Pacific Dory$6.50


Pacific Dory (Fish)$12.00
Barramundi (Fish)$15.50
Snapper (Fish)$15.50
Salmon (Fish)$16.50

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