Costi’s Fish Menu Prices Australia

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Greek Salad (Large)$10.25
Greek Salad (Small)$7.25
Greek Salad (Five Pieces)$12.25
Greek Salad (Per Piece)$7.25
Greek Salad (Five Pieces) (Salads)$14.75
Greek Salad (Per Piece) (Salads)$7.25
Greek Salad (Large) (Salads)$9.25
Greek Salad (Medium)$7.25
Seafood Salad (Large)$10.25
Seafood Salad (Small)$7.25
Seafood Salad (Five Pieces)$12.25
Seafood Salad (Per Piece)$7.25
Seafood Salad (Five Pieces) (Salads)$14.75
Seafood Salad (Per Piece) (Salads)$7.25
Seafood Salad (Large) (Salads)$9.25
Seafood Salad (Medium)$7.25
Garden Salad (Large)$10.25
Garden Salad (Small)$7.25
Garden Salad (Five Pieces)$12.25
Garden Salad (Per Piece)$7.25
Garden Salad (Five Pieces) (Salads)$14.75
Garden Salad (Per Piece) (Salads)$7.25
Garden Salad (Large) (Salads)$9.25
Garden Salad (Medium)$7.25


Chips (Large)$8.00
Chips (Medium)$6.00
Calamari Rings (Eight Pieces)$12.90
Calamari Rings (Per Piece)$1.95
Fish Cocktails (Eight Pieces)$12.90
Fish Cocktails (Per Piece)$1.95
Prawn Cutlets (Eight Pieces)$23.29
Prawn Cutlets (Per Piece)$3.30
Potato Scallops (Five Pieces)$6.30
Potato Scallops (Per Piece)$1.30
Seafood Stick (Five Pieces)$10.00
Seafood Stick (Per Piece)$2.50
Battered Fish$9.95

From The Grill

Grilled Fish And Chips$10.99
Salmon, Chips And Salad$21.95
Barramundi, Chips And Salad$17.00
Grilled Snapper With Chips And Salad$21.95
Grilled Octopus, Chips And Salad$21.95
Grilled Calamari, Chips And Salad$15.50
Prawn Skewers
Succulent whole peeled prawns infused with herbs.
Mix Seafood Grill, Chips And Salad$23.00

From The Fryer

Battered Fish And Chips$11.99
Crumbed Calamari And Chips
Five pieces crumbed calamari.
Cocktail Pieces And Chips
Five pieces.
Salt And Pepper Calamari And Chips$15.95
Battered Prawns Cutlet Pack And Chips$21.50
Crumbed Fish And Chips$11.99
Kids Pack
Two calamari rings, one fish cocktail and small chips.
Seafood Basket
Two calamari rings, two cocktails, two prawn cutlets and chips.


Salmon Burger
With chips.
Crumbed Barramundi Burger$15.50
Wagyu Beef Burger$14.95
Crumbed Chicken Burger$14.95

Family Packs

Family Pack
Two battered fish, two grilled fish, five prawn cutlet, eight calamari rings, two large chips and one large salad.
Couples Pack
Two battered or grilled fish, four prawn cutlet, four calamari rings, one large chips and large salad.
Family Burger Pack
Two wagyu beef burger, two crumbed chicken burger, two large chips and four drinks.


Tartare Sauce$1.00
Tomato Sauce$1.00
Bbq Sauce$1.00


Soft Drinks$3.50

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