Counting Sheep Corner Menu Prices Australia

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White, brown, sourdough, rye, Turkish, or gluten-free. Served with your choice of jam, vegemite, peanut butter.
Ice Toast Nutella
Vanilla ice cream, nutella on toast.
Smoothie Bowl
Yoghurt, banana, apple, strawberry, orange, honey, muesli, icing powder.
Smash Egg
Smash avo, onion, two poach egg and feta.
Haloumi, two poach egg, avocado, with pesto.
Egg on Toast
Scramble, poach or fried egg on toast.
Small Breakfast
Scramble, poach, or fried, grilled tomato, toast.
Big Breakfast
Scramble, poach or fried, bacon, avo, mushroom, grilled tomato, spinach, sausage, toast.
Veggie Breakfast
Scramble, poach, or fried, grilled haloumi, avo spinach, mushroom, toast.


Omelette on Toast
Ham, cheese, tomato, or mushroom, spinach, feta.
Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice)
Chicken or bacon, onion, garlic, spinach.
Mie Goreng (Fried Noodle)
Garlic, onion, mushroom, spinach.
Chicken Avo Salad
Grilled chicken, avocado, capsicum.


Bacon Egg Roll$7.50
Ham, Cheese, Tomato$7.50
Chicken Sandwich
Grilled chicken, cheese, salad aioli, tomato.
Bacon, lettuce, avo, tomato.
Halloumi Sandwich
Halloumi, tomato, salad, pesto.
Tuna Sandwich
Mixed tuna, aioli, salad, onion.


Morning Wrap
Scramble egg, bacon, avocado, mix salad, tomato, aioli, tasty cheese.
Zarza Wrap
Grilled chicken, bacon, fried egg, tasty cheese, mix salad, aioli.

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