Country Fried Chicken – North Sunshine Menu Prices Australia

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Dinner Box
Three pieces of chicken and regular chips.
Five Piece Pack
Five pieces of chicken.
Nine Piece Pack
Nine pieces of chicken.
Picnic Box
15 pieces of chicken.
Breast meat chunks.
Chicken tenderloins.


Chicken Fillet Burger
Breast fillet lettuce and aioli.
Hot & Spicy Burger
Breast fillet, jalapenos, lettuce and chilli mayonnaise.
Supreme Burger
Breast fillet, tomato, lettuce, cheese and aioli.
Maxi Burger
Breast fillet, tomato, cheese, lettuce, bacon and aioli.




Regular Combo (Coke)
Regular chips and can.
Regular Combo (Coke Zero)$6.00
Regular Combo (Vanilla Coke)$6.00
Regular Combo (Fanta)$6.00
Regular Combo (Riviera)$9.50
Regular Combo ( Amplify Kombucha)$9.50
Large Combo (Coke)Large chips and can.$7.00
Large Combo (Coke Zero)$7.00
Large Combo (Vanilla Coke)$7.00
Large Combo (Fanta)$7.00
Large Combo (Riviera)$10.50
Large Combo ( Amplify Kombucha)$10.50

Meal Deals

Golden Chunk Surprise (Coke)
Six chunks, regular chips and can.
Golden Chunk Surprise (Coke Zero)$12.00
Golden Chunk Surprise (Vanilla Coke)$12.00
Golden Chunk Surprise (Fanta)$12.00
Golden Chunk Surprise (Riviera)$15.50
Golden Chunk Surprise ( Amplify Kombucha)$15.50
Mini Feast (Coke)Two pieces of chicken, regular chips, can and gravy.$13.00
Mini Feast (Coke Zero)$13.00
Mini Feast (Vanilla Coke)$13.00
Mini Feast (Fanta)$13.00
Mini Feast (Riviera)$16.50
Mini Feast ( Amplify Kombucha)$16.50
Bargain Box (Coke)Six pieces of chicken, large chips, two cans and gravy.$22.50
Bargain Box (Coke Zero)$22.50
Bargain Box (Vanilla Coke)$22.50
Bargain Box (Fanta)$22.50
Bargain Box (Riviera)$26.00
Bargain Box ( Amplify Kombucha)$26.00
Chicken Feast (Coke)Nine pieces of chicken, two regular chips, two cans and gravy.$37.50
Chicken Feast (Coke Zero)$37.50
Chicken Feast (Vanilla Coke)$37.50
Chicken Feast (Fanta)$37.50
Chicken Feast (Riviera)$41.00
Chicken Feast ( Amplify Kombucha)$41.00
Family Feast (Coke)Twelve pieces of chicken, two large chips, two cans and gravy.$45.00
Family Feast (Coke Zero)$45.00
Family Feast (Vanilla Coke)$45.00
Family Feast (Fanta)$45.00
Family Feast (Riviera)$48.50
Family Feast ( Amplify Kombucha)$48.50
Mega Pack (Coke)Six pieces of chicken, twelve chunks, six tenders, two large chips, three cans and gravy.$54.50
Mega Pack (Coke Zero)$54.50
Mega Pack (Vanilla Coke)$54.50
Mega Pack (Fanta)$54.50
Mega Pack (Riviera)$58.00
Mega Pack ( Amplify Kombucha)$58.00


Belgium Waffles
Pack for two.
Fried Jam Donuts$5.00


Cans (Coke)$3.90
Cans (Coke Zero)$3.90
Cans (Vanilla Coke)$3.90
Cans (Fanta)$3.90
Cans (Riviera)$7.40
Cans ( Amplify Kombucha)$7.40
Bottled Water$3.90
Sparkling Water$5.60
Energy Drink$6.90
Kombucha 330mL$6.50

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