Crayz Espresso Menu Prices Australia

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Full Fry
Sausage, streaky bacon, beans pudding, fried eggs, tomato, hash brown and soda bread.
Baby Fry
Sausage, streaky bacon, egg, b & w pudding and soda bread.
Vegetarian Fry
Sauteed mushrooms, tomato, halloumi, cheese, poached egg, beans, avocado, hash brown & soda bread.
Ulster Fry
3 x Streaky bacon, sausage, black and white pudding, fried eggs, beans, potato bread and soda bread.
Irish Benedict
Streaky bacon, poached egg, fried pudding, avocado & spinach on toasted soda bread w hollandaise
Crispy bacon, poached egg, black and white pudding with potato bread and kerrygold butter


Chicken Burger
Crumbed chicken, coleslaw, avocado on toasted milk bun
Ham Cheese Toastie
Ham and cheese melt on crispy grilled sourdough
Maple Pork Burger
160gm pork, lettuce, cheese, streaky bacon and tempura onion rings with crispy hash brown's
Curry Baguette
Grilled breast of chicken, melted cheddar and mcdonnells curry sauce.
Chicken Fillet Roll
Onion sage breaded chicken with cheese, hellmanns mayonnaise & coleslaw.
Irish Breakfast Roll
Bacon, sausage, egg, cheese and shay's black or white pudding on a toasted white roll.
Jumbo Breakfast Roll
2 x sausage, 2 x bacon, 2 x eggs, black and white pudding with cheese on toasted baguette


Chunks of chicken breast with leeks in creamy white sauce and a crispy pie crust
Cubed beef and guinness cooked in a rich gravy and crispy pastry with mashed potato


Diet Coke$4.50
Rock Shandy$4.80
Club Orange$4.80
Club Lemon$4.80
Lucozade Original$4.80
Capri-Sun 350ml$4.50


Traditional Irish pastry filled with ham and cheesy white sauce
Irish Pork Sausage Rolls
Irish pork sausage rolls with sage and on ion seasoning baked daily


Heinz Beans$4.00
Streaky Bacon
3 x streaky bacon
Fresh Baked Soda Bread$9.00
Egg Each$3.00
Soda Bread 2 Slice Per Serve$4.00
White Pudding
2 slices panfried in butter
Black Pudding$4.00
Irish Sausage$4.00
Potato Bread x 2 pieces
toasted with sidebutter
Mashed Potato$6.50


ham, cheese, tomato
Toast or Jaffle
Baked Beans
Toasties or jaffles
Spaghetti and Cheese$10.00
Cheese, Mashed Potato and Sausage with Mustard$10.00
Ham Benedict with Egg
Ham, spinach, poached egg with hollandaise sauce in a Toasties or jaffles
Banana and Peanut Butter$10.00
spicy chicken, coleslaw, spinach, cheese and chipotle aioli toasted wrap
Poached chicken wrap
poached chicken, avocado, spinach and aioli
toasted wrap
Streaky Bacon, Avocado and Scrambled Egg ( Wraps )
Served with mini hash-browns
Creamed Corn And Stringy Mozzarella$10.00
Bacon, Egg And Cheese$10.00


Amazon Berry
Acai, Strawberry, Banana, Orange and frozen yoghurt.
Blueberry, Spinach, Coconut water, Yoghurt and Raw Cacao Beans.
Mixed Berry
Strawberries,Blueberries, Raspberries with yoghurt and milk.
Peanut Butter
Banana, Greek Yoghurt, Ground Flaxseed, Almond milk and Vanilla.
Tropical Mango
Pineapple, Banana, Yoghurt, dried coconut flakes and dairy milk.




Frozen Mango and Raspberry Frappe$9.50
Frozen Strawberries and Lemonade Frappe$9.50
Frozen Kiwi Fruit and Acai Berry Frappe$9.50
Frozen Pineapple - Mint and Coconut Water Frappe$9.50


Flat White (Small)
Each coffee is served with a complimentary biscof biscuit
Flat White (Large)$4.50
Flat White (Extra Large)$5.00
Flat White (Fresh Cows Milk)$4.00
Flat White (Lite Milk)$4.00
Flat White (Almond (labmilk))$4.50
Flat White (Almond Breeze)$4.50
Flat White (Coconut)$4.50
Flat White (Oatmilk (Minor Figures))$4.50
Flat White (Bonsoy)$4.50
Flat White (Macadamia (labmilk))$4.50
Flat White (Lactose Free ( Labmilk ))$4.50
Flat White (Extra Shot Coffee)$4.50
Flat White (Decafinated)$4.00
Nutella Hot Chocolate$5.00
Cappuccino (Small)$4.00
Cappuccino (Large)$4.50
Cappuccino (Extra Large)$5.00
Cappuccino (Fresh Cows Milk$4.00
Cappuccino (Lite Milk)$4.00
Cappuccino (Almond (labmilk))$4.50
Cappuccino (Almond Breeze)$4.50
Cappuccino (Coconut)$4.50
Cappuccino (Oatmilk (Minor Figures))$4.50
Cappuccino (Bonsoy)$4.50
Cappuccino (Macadamia (labmilk))$4.50
Cappuccino (Lactose Free ( Labmilk ))$4.50
Cappuccino (Extra Shot Coffee)$4.50
Cappuccino (Decafinated)$4.00
Latte (Small)$4.00
Latte (Large)$4.50
Latte (Extra Large)$5.00
Latte (Fresh Cows Milk)$4.00
Latte (Lite Milk)$4.00
Latte (Almond (labmilk))$4.50
Latte (Almond Breeze)$4.50
Latte (Coconut)$4.50
Latte (Oatmilk (Minor Figures))$4.50
Latte (Bonsoy)$4.50
Latte (Macadamia (labmilk))$4.50
Latte (Lactose Free ( Labmilk ))$4.50
Latte (Extra Shot Coffee)$4.50
Latte (Decafinated)$4.00
Mocha (Small)$4.00
Mocha (Large)$4.50
Mocha (Extra Large)$5.00
Mocha (Fresh Cows Milk)$4.00
Mocha (Lite Milk)$4.00
Mocha (Almond (labmilk))$4.50
Mocha (Almond Breeze)$4.50
Mocha (Coconut)$4.50
Mocha (Oatmilk (Minor Figures))$4.50
Mocha (Bonsoy)$4.50
Mocha (Macadamia (labmilk))$4.50
Mocha (Lactose Free ( Labmilk ))$4.50
Mocha (Extra Shot Coffee)$4.50
Mocha (Decafinated)$4.00
Short Black ( Small ) (Fresh Cows Milk)$3.50
Short Black ( Small ) (Lite Milk)$3.50
Short Black ( Small ) (Almond (labmilk))$4.00
Short Black ( Small ) (Almond Breeze)$4.00
Short Black ( Small ) (Coconut)$4.00
Short Black ( Small ) (Oatmilk (Minor Figures))$4.00
Short Black ( Small ) (Bonsoy)$4.00
Short Black ( Small ) (Macadamia (labmilk))$4.00
Short Black ( Small ) (Lactose Free ( Labmilk ))$4.00
Short Black ( Small ) (Extra Shot Coffee)$4.00
Short Black ( Small ) (Decafinated)$3.50
Piccolo ( Small ) (Fresh Cows Milk)$3.50
Piccolo ( Small ) (Lite Milk)$3.50
Piccolo ( Small ) (Almond (labmilk))$4.00
Piccolo ( Small ) (Almond Breeze)$4.00
Piccolo ( Small ) (Coconut)$4.00
Piccolo ( Small ) (Oatmilk (Minor Figures))$4.00
Piccolo ( Small ) (Bonsoy)$4.00
Piccolo ( Small ) (Macadamia (labmilk))$4.00
Piccolo ( Small ) (Lactose Free ( Labmilk ))$4.00
Piccolo ( Small ) (Extra Shot Coffee)$4.00
Piccolo ( Small ) (Decafinated)$3.50
Long Black (Small)$3.50
Long Black (Large)$4.00
Long Black (Extra Large)$4.50
Long Black (Fresh Cows Milk)$3.50
Long Black (Lite Milk)$3.50
Long Black (Almond (labmilk))$4.00
Long Black (Almond Breeze)$4.00
Long Black (Coconut)$4.00
Long Black (Oatmilk (Minor Figures))$4.00
Long Black (Bonsoy)$4.00
Long Black (Macadamia (labmilk))$4.00
Long Black (Lactose Free ( Labmilk ))$4.00
Long Black (Extra Shot Coffee)$4.00
Long Black (Decafinated)$3.50
Hot Drip Filter (Small)$3.50
Hot Drip Filter (Large)$4.00
Hot Drip Filter (Extra Large)$4.50
Hot Drip Filter (Fresh Cows Milk)$3.50
Hot Drip Filter (Lite Milk)$3.50
Hot Drip Filter (Almond (labmilk))$4.00
Hot Drip Filter (Almond Breeze)$4.00
Hot Drip Filter (Coconut)$4.00
Hot Drip Filter (Oatmilk (Minor Figures))$4.00
Hot Drip Filter (Bonsoy)$4.00
Hot Drip Filter (Macadamia (labmilk))$4.00
Hot Drip Filter (Lactose Free ( Labmilk ))$4.00
Hot Drip Filter (Extra Shot Coffee)$4.00
Hot Drip Filter (Decafinated)$3.50
Iced Long Black (Small)$4.00
Iced Long Black (Large)$4.50
Iced Long Black (Extra Large)$5.00
Iced Long Black (Fresh Cows Milk)$4.00
Iced Long Black (Lite Milk)$4.00
Iced Long Black (Almond (labmilk))$4.50
Iced Long Black (Almond Breeze)$4.50
Iced Long Black (Coconut)$4.50
Iced Long Black (Oatmilk (Minor Figures))$4.50
Iced Long Black (Bonsoy)$4.50
Iced Long Black (Macadamia (labmilk))$4.50
Iced Long Black (Lactose Free ( Labmilk ))$4.50
Iced Long Black (Extra Shot Coffee)$4.50
Iced Long Black (Decafinated)$4.00
Milk Chocolate (Small)$4.00
Milk Chocolate (Large)$4.50
Milk Chocolate (Extra Large)$5.00
Milk Chocolate (Fresh Cows Milk)$4.00
Milk Chocolate (Lite Milk)$4.00
Milk Chocolate (Almond (labmilk))$4.50
Milk Chocolate (Almond Breeze)$4.50
Milk Chocolate (Coconut)$4.50
Milk Chocolate (Oatmilk (Minor Figures))$4.50
Milk Chocolate (Bonsoy)$4.50
Milk Chocolate (Macadamia (labmilk))$4.50
Milk Chocolate (Lactose Free ( Labmilk ))$4.50
Milk Chocolate (Extra Shot Coffee)$4.50
Milk Chocolate (Decafinated)$4.00
Dark Chocolate (Bonsoy)$4.50
Dark Chocolate (Macadamia (labmilk))$4.50
Dark Chocolate (Lactose Free ( Labmilk ))$4.50
Dark Chocolate (Extra Shot Coffee)$4.50
Dark Chocolate (Decafinated)$4.00
Dark Chocolate (Small)$4.00
Dark Chocolate (Large)$4.50
Dark Chocolate (Extra Large)$5.00
Dark Chocolate (Fresh Cows Milk)$4.00
Dark Chocolate (Lite Milk)$4.00
Dark Chocolate (Almond (labmilk))$4.50
Dark Chocolate (Almond Breeze)$4.50
Dark Chocolate (Coconut)$4.50
Dark Chocolate (Oatmilk (Minor Figures))$4.50
White Chocolate (Small)$4.00
White Chocolate (Large)$4.50
White Chocolate (Extra Large)$5.00
White Chocolate (Fresh Cows Milk)$4.00
White Chocolate (Lite Milk)$4.00
White Chocolate (Almond (labmilk))$4.50
White Chocolate (Almond Breeze)$4.50
White Chocolate (Coconut)$4.50
White Chocolate (Oatmilk (Minor Figures))$4.50
White Chocolate (Bonsoy)$4.50
White Chocolate (Macadamia (labmilk))$4.50
White Chocolate (Lactose Free ( Labmilk ))$4.50
White Chocolate (Extra Shot Coffee)$4.50
White Chocolate (Decafinated)$4.00
Bondi Chai (Small)$4.00
Bondi Chai (Large)$4.50
Bondi Chai (Extra Large)$5.00
Bondi Chai (Fresh Cows Milk)$4.00
Bondi Chai (Lite Milk)$4.00
Bondi Chai (Almond (labmilk))$4.50
Bondi Chai (Almond Breeze)$4.50
Bondi Chai (Coconut)$4.50
Bondi Chai (Oatmilk (Minor Figures))$4.50
Bondi Chai (Bonsoy)$4.50
Bondi Chai (Macadamia (labmilk))$4.50
Bondi Chai (Lactose Free ( Labmilk ))$4.50
Bondi Chai (Extra Shot Coffee)$4.50
Bondi Chai (Decafinated)$4.00
Turmeric Latte (Small)$4.00
Turmeric Latte (Large)$4.50
Turmeric Latte (Extra Large)$5.00
Turmeric Latte (Fresh Cows Milk)$4.00
Turmeric Latte (Lite Milk)$4.00
Turmeric Latte (Almond (labmilk))$4.50
Turmeric Latte (Almond Breeze)$4.50
Turmeric Latte (Coconut)$4.50
Turmeric Latte (Oatmilk (Minor Figures))$4.50
Turmeric Latte (Bonsoy)$4.50
Turmeric Latte (Macadamia (labmilk))$4.50
Turmeric Latte (Lactose Free ( Labmilk ))$4.50
Turmeric Latte (Extra Shot Coffee)$4.50
Turmeric Latte (Decafinated)$4.00
Beetroot Latte (Small)$4.00
Beetroot Latte (Large)$4.50
Beetroot Latte (Extra Large)$5.00
Beetroot Latte (Fresh Cows Milk)$4.00
Beetroot Latte (Lite Milk)$4.00
Beetroot Latte (Almond (labmilk))$4.50
Beetroot Latte (Almond Breeze)$4.50
Beetroot Latte (Coconut)$4.50
Beetroot Latte (Oatmilk (Minor Figures))$4.50
Beetroot Latte (Bonsoy)$4.50
Beetroot Latte (Macadamia (labmilk))$4.50
Beetroot Latte (Lactose Free ( Labmilk ))$4.50
Beetroot Latte (Extra Shot Coffee)$4.50
Beetroot Latte (Decafinated)$4.00
Charcoal Latte (Small)$4.00
Charcoal Latte (Large)$4.50
Charcoal Latte (Extra Large)$5.00
Charcoal Latte (Fresh Cows Milk)$4.00
Charcoal Latte (Lite Milk)$4.00
Charcoal Latte (Almond (labmilk))$4.50
Charcoal Latte (Almond Breeze)$4.50
Charcoal Latte (Coconut)$4.50
Charcoal Latte (Oatmilk (Minor Figures))$4.50
Charcoal Latte (Bonsoy)$4.50
Charcoal Latte (Macadamia (labmilk))$4.50
Charcoal Latte (Lactose Free ( Labmilk ))$4.50
Charcoal Latte (Extra Shot Coffee)$4.50
Charcoal Latte (Decafinated)$4.00
Iced Coffee (Large)$5.50
Iced Coffee (Extra Large)$6.00
Iced Coffee (Fresh Cows Milk)$5.50
Iced Coffee (Lite Milk)$5.50
Iced Coffee (Almond (labmilk))$6.00
Iced Coffee (Almond Breeze)$6.00
Iced Coffee (Coconut)$6.00
Iced Coffee (Oatmilk (Minor Figures))$6.00
Iced Coffee (Bonsoy)$6.00
Iced Coffee (Macadamia (labmilk))$6.00
Iced Coffee (Lactose Free ( Labmilk ))$6.00
Iced Coffee (Extra Shot Coffee)$6.00
Iced Coffee (Decafinated)$5.50
Iced Chocolate (Large)$5.50
Iced Chocolate (Extra Large)$6.00
Iced Chocolate (Fresh Cows Milk)$5.50
Iced Chocolate (Lite Milk)$5.50
Iced Chocolate (Almond (labmilk))$6.00
Iced Chocolate (Almond Breeze)$6.00
Iced Chocolate (Coconut)$6.00
Iced Chocolate (Oatmilk (Minor Figures))$6.00
Iced Chocolate (Bonsoy)$6.00
Iced Chocolate (Macadamia (labmilk))$6.00
Iced Chocolate (Lactose Free ( Labmilk ))$6.00
Iced Chocolate (Extra Shot Coffee)$6.00
Iced Chocolate (Decafinated)$5.50
Iced Mocha (Large)$5.50
Iced Mocha (Extra Large)$6.00
Iced Mocha (Fresh Cows Milk)$5.50
Iced Mocha (Lite Milk)$5.50
Iced Mocha (Almond (labmilk))$6.00
Iced Mocha (Almond Breeze)$6.00
Iced Mocha (Coconut)$6.00
Iced Mocha (Oatmilk (Minor Figures))$6.00
Iced Mocha (Bonsoy)$6.00
Iced Mocha (Macadamia (labmilk))$6.00
Iced Mocha (Lactose Free ( Labmilk ))$6.00
Iced Mocha (Extra Shot Coffee)$6.00
Iced Mocha (Decafinated)
Sticky Chai (Large)$5.00
Sticky Chai (Extra Large)$5.50
Sticky Chai (Fresh Cows Milk)$5.00
Sticky Chai (Lite Milk)$5.00
Sticky Chai (Almond (labmilk))$5.50
Sticky Chai (Almond Breeze)$5.50
Sticky Chai (Coconut)$5.50
Sticky Chai (Oatmilk (Minor Figures))$5.50
Sticky Chai (Bonsoy)$5.50
Sticky Chai (Macadamia (labmilk))$5.50
Sticky Chai (Lactose Free ( Labmilk ))$5.50
Sticky Chai (Extra Shot Coffee)$5.50
Sticky Chai (Decafinated)$5.00


Avo Toastie
Avocado with poached eggs on quinoa toast
Baby Benedict
With avocado, streaky bacon, spinach and poached egg with hollandaise sauce
Breakfast Plate
Grilled tomato, streaky bacon, poached egg and sausage on turkish toast.
Salmon Bagel
Toasted with cream cheese, rocket smoked salmon, red onion and capers.
Smoked Salmon
Scrambled eggs, baby spinach and toasted turkish.
Breakfast Burger
Streaky bacon, egg, hash brown, spinach, mushroom and cheese
Poached Duck Eggs
With grilled prosciuttoon baby spinach and toasted rye
Keto Breakfast Bowl
Baby spinach, scrambled egg, avocado, roasted mushrooms and walnuts.
Vegetarian Breakfast
Mushrooms, halloumi, spinach, beans, grilled tomato and avocado with toasted roll.
Open Melt
Toasted sourdough, panfried mushrooms, grilled spanish chorizo and melted cheese
Keto Wrap
Streaky bacon or smoked salmon w avocado and tasty cheddar in a carb free egg wrap
4x Buttermilk pancakes with maple syrup and butter.
Bacon Egg Roll
2 x Streaky bacon, 2 x fried eggs on toasted Turkish bread please allow a choice of sauces from below


Irish Omelette
Onion, tomato and black pudding omellete with cheese and toasted roll.
Mushroom Omellete
Panfried mushrooms, tasty cheese with toasted roll.
Three Cheese Omelette
Oven baked with tasty cheddar, mozzarella, and feta cheese and toasted roll.
HCT Omelette
Ham, cheese and tomato omellete with toasted roll.
Bacon Egg Omelette
Streaky bacon, red onions and cheese omelette. with toasted roll
Poached Chicken Omelette
Baby spinach, avocado and tastey cheese with toasted roll.
Spinach Omelette
Baby spinach and crumbled feta with toasted roll.
Duck Egg Omelette
Spring onions andbuffalo mozzarella with toasted rye
Egg White Omelette
Avocado, spinach and feta cheese with turkish toast


Bacon and Egg Burger
Double streaky bacon and double egg roll, cheese, caramelised onion on turkish bun
Halloumi Roll
Avocado, halloumi, baby spinach on toasted turkish with hollandaise sauce
Vego Burger
Grilled zuchini, eggplant, halloumi, cheddar, spinach, fresh tomato and aioli
Portuguese Burger
Spicy grilled chicken breast, tomato, lettuce, cheese and chipotle aioli.
Chicken Burger (BURGERS)
Avocado, lettuce, grilled breast, melted cheddar with aioli.
Big Breakfast Roll
2 x bacon, egg, tomato, sausage and cheddar on toasted turkish bun
Schnitzel Burger
Crumbed chicken, coleslaw, tomato, cheddar and aioli.
Cheese Burger
150gm beef, tasty cheddar, cucumber pickles, mustard aioli
Southern Style
Grilled cajun chicken, lettuce, avocado, tomato, cheddar and chipotle aioli.
Greek Burger
150gm beef, endive lettuce, halloumi, pickled cucumbers and tzatziki.

Pastries, Scones And Muffins

Plain Croissants$4.90
Buttermilk Scones$5.80
Banana Breads$6.00


Green Tea And Raspberry$7.50
Green Tea And Lemon$7.50
Green Tea And Peach$7.50


Evia Vanilla Yoghurt
With homemade granola and mango puree.
Natural Greek Yoghurt
With fresh banana and toasted coconut
Coconut Yoghurt
With chia pudding, dried raisins and coconut oil.


Monster Munch$4.00


Super Strong Coffee -
Composed of the worlds finest Arabica and Robusta beans, this blend is full-bodied and comflex: boasting over twice the amount of caffeine found in regular coffee
1kg Whole Beans
Central and South American Arabica beans which results in a coffee that produces a spectacular crema, Has an earthy caramel finish and no bitter aftertaste.
Medium to high acidity allows the blend to cut through milk to produce e great lattes without compromising the flavour
Ground Beans 250gm
Ground Espresso Blend
Whole Beans 250gm
Whole Beans Espresso Blend

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