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Choice of Flavours
Vanilla 0
Chocolate 0
Strawberry 0
Nutella Strawberries Crepe$16.00
Lotus Biscoff Crepe
Nutella, strawberries and biscoff spread.
Lemon Sugar Crepe$14.00
Nutella Waffle Bites$15.00

Sweet Crepes

Nutella Strawberries Crepe (Sweet Crepes)$16.00
Oreo Nutella Banana Crepe$16.50
Creamy Bisco Crepe
Nutella, custard cream,crushed biscuit and cinnamon.
Lotus Biscoff Crepe (Sweet Crepes)$17.00
Cheesecake Crepe
Philadelphia cream, cheese, strawberry jam and crushed biscuit.
Lemon Sugar Crepe (Sweet Crepes)$14.00
Nutella Crepe$14.00
Belgian Chocolate Milk Crepe$14.00
Belgian Chocolate Dark Crepe$14.00
Belgian Chocolate White Crepe$14.00
Nutella Banana Crepe$16.00
Butter Cinnamon Crepe$14.00
Fruit Salad Crepe
Banana, strawberries, crushed biscuit and cinammon.

Savoury Crepes

Crepe Bar
Chicken, ham, tomato, mushrooms, rocket, French sticks, mayonnaise and parmesan.
The Mediterranean Crepe
Feta cheese, ham, tomato, green capsicum, roasted capsicum, spinach, olive oil and oregano.
Vegetarian Crepe (V)
Cheese, tomato, mushrooms, roasted capsicum, green capsicum, spinach and mayonnaise.
Smokey Chilli Crepe
Cheese, chicken, tomato, French sticks and smokey chilli mayonnaise.
Nordic Crepe
Smoked salmon, Philadelphia cream cheese, capers, chives and lemon.
Pesto Crepe
Cheese, chicken, tomato, pesto, parmesan and rocket.
Salami Crepe
Cheese, salami, crumbed chicken, tomato, green capsicum, rocket and mayonnaise.

Vegan Savoury Crepes

Vegetarian Vegan Crepe (VG(V)
Cheese, tomato, roasted capsicum, mushrooms, spinach and mayonnaise.
Chicken Crepe (VG)
Planed based chicken, cheese, tomato, mushrooms, roasted capsicum, rocket, French sticks and mayonnaise.
Falafel Crepe (VG)
Falafel, tomato, rocket, green capsicum and cashew cream cheese spread.

Sweet Vegan Crepes

Fruit Delight Crepe (VG)Dark Belgium choc buds, strawberries.$16.00
Biscoff Crepe (VG)
Biscoff spread, banana, dark chocolate.
Oreo Crepe (VG)
Banana, dark chocolate, crushed oreo.
Lemon Sugar Crepe (VG)$14.00


Nutella Waffle Bites (Waffles)$15.00

Hot Beverages

Flat White$5.50
Long Black$5.50
Hot Chocolate$6.00
Chai Latte$6.00

Cold Beverages

Iced Latte$7.00
Iced Chocolate$9.50
Milkshake (Cold Beverages)$9.50
Iced Coffee$9.50
Iced Chai$7.00
Iced Long Black$7.00
Iced Mocha$9.50
Freddo Espresso$6.50
Freddo Cappuccino$9.00
Soft Drinks
Choice of Flavours
Coke 0
Zero Coke 0
Choice of Flavours
Orange Juice 0
Apple Strawberry Juice 0

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