Crisp Creative Menu Prices Australia

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Chicken Chipotle (GF)
Shredded free range chicken, corn, shredded cheese, tortilla crisps, black beans, coriander, jalapenos and cos lettuce with chipotle mayonnaise dressing.
Modern Caesar
Shredded free range chicken, crispy bacon, free range egg, parmesan, croutons and cos lettuce with Caesar dressing.
Superfood Detox (VG)
Marinated tofu, coriander, quinoa, beetroot, edamame, sesame seeds and mixed leaves with zesty Asian dressing.
Slow Cooked Spiced Chicken
warm marinated chicken, cos lettuce, coconut
brown rice, red cabbage, corn, tortilla
crisps, coriander, currants, lime wedge,
lime jalapeno & chipotle mayo dressing
Pulled Pork Tortilla
marinated pulled pork, tomato, shredded cheese, capsicum, corn, tortilla crisps & cos lettuce with lime and jalapeno dressing


Homemade Bircher
A simple blend of muesli, natrual yoghurt and skim milk topped with mixed berries.
Breakfast Bowl
Yoghurt and mueslis with choice of toppings.

Healthy Snacks

Free Range Boiled Eggs and Spinach (GF)$5.00
Shelled Edamame (GF) (VG)$5.00
Falafel and Spiced Tahini Dip (GF)$6.00
Cucumber Sticks and Spiced Tahini Dip (GF)$5.00
Chia pudding
Cacao, chia seeds, almond milk and honey


Vegan Slaw (VG)
Carrot, mint, red cabbage, coriander, edamame, fried shallots and cos lettuce with zesty Asian dressing.
Chicken Chipotle (GF) (Salads)$14.00
Middle Eastern Falafel (GF)
Falafel, mint, currants, cucumber, tomato, Spanish onion and cos lettuce with tahini dressing.
Modern Caesar (Salads)$14.50
Protein Power House (GF)
Flaked tuna, edamame, free range egg, quinoa, beetroot and spinach with lemon and herb dressing.
Superfood Detox (VG) (Salads)$13.50
Quinoa Chicken (GF)
Shredded chicken, feta, almonds, quinoa, black olives and mixed leaf with balsamic vinaigrette.
Pulled Pork Tortilla (Salads)$14.00

Smoothies and Juices

100% Fruit (GF) (Vegan)
Mango, mixed berries, watermelon, strawberries and passion fruit.
Serious Greens (GF) (Vegan)
Kale, celery, apple, spinach, apple juice and fresh lemon squeeze.
Sweet Greens (GF) (Vegan)
Peaches, banana, spinach, dates, nutmeg and almond milk.
Cacao Almond (GF)
Almonds, banana, dates, cacao, coconut milk and skim milk.
Super Berry (GF (VG)
Watermelon, mixed berries, unsweetened acai berries and apple juice.
Straight OJ
Freshly juiced Oranges

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