Crispy’z Fish & Chips Menu Prices Australia

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Grilled or Crumbs$0.50
Blue Grenadier$9.10
King George Whiting$10.40

Lamb or Chicken

Small Lamb (Small (Container))$12.90
Small Lamb (Large (Container))$18.00
Small Chicken (Small (Container))$12.90
Small Chicken (Large (Container))$18.00
Lamb HSP
(Chips + Meat + Garlic sauce) in one size container
Chicken HSP$14.95
Mixed HSP (Lamb and Chicken)$16.25


Fish Bites$2.20
Crumbed Prawns$2.60
Calamari Rings$1.30
Fish Cakes$3.90
Crab Sticks$2.60


Dim Sim$1.30
South Melbourne Dim Sim (Fried)$3.25
Potato Cakes$1.30
Spring Roll$4.15
Chiko Roll$4.15
Corn Jack$4.15
Hamburger in Batter$5.20
Sausage in Batter$4.15
Chicken Nuggets$1.30
Chicken Schnitzel$7.15
Pickled Onions$1.30
Beef Croquette$3.25
Chicken Croquette$3.25
Onion Ring (1)$0.80
Onion Ring (5)$2.70


Lamb Souvlaki$12.35
Chicken Souvlaki$12.35
Fish Souvlaki$13.00
Veggie Souvlaki$11.05
Mixed Souvlaki$13.65


Plain Burger
Lettuce & Sauce.
The Lot
Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Egg, Bacon, Cheese & Sauce.
Veggie Burger
Veggie Pattie, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Pineapple & Sauce.
Fish Burger
Grilled or Fried Flake, Tomato, Lettuce & Tartare Sauce.
Chicken Burger
Lettuce, Tomato & Mayonnaise.
Chicken Burger (With the lot)
Lettuce, tomato, Egg, Bacon, Onion, Cheese & Mayonnaise.
Egg and Bacon Roll$6.50
Egg and Bacon Sandwich$5.85

Steak Sandwiches

Scotch Fillet, Lettuce & Sauce.
The Lot (Steak Sandwiches)
Scotch Fillet, Lettuce, Tomato, Egg, Bacon, Onion, Cheese & Sauce.


Min (Chips)$5.20
Med (Chips)$7.80
Large (Chips)$11.70


Pineapple Fritter$2.60
Banana Fritter$2.60
Mars Bar in Batter$3.90
Hot Jam Donut$1.55

Value Packs

Meal for 1
1 Flake, 1 Dim Sim, 1 Potato Cake & Chips for an additional charge.
Meal for 2
2 Flakes, 2 Dim Sims, 2 Potato Cake & Min Chips.
Small Family Pack
3 Flakes, 3 Dim Sims, 3 Potato Cakes & Min Chips.
Big Catch Family Pack
4 Flakes, 4 Dim Sims, 4Potato Cakes & Min Chips.
Kids' Pack
4 Chicken Nuggets / 4 Fish Bites, Chips & 1 Fruit Box Drink.
Blue Grenadier Special
2 Blue Grenadiers & Min Chips.
Fisherman's Basket
2 Flakes, 2 Crab Sticks, 2 Calamari Rings, 2 Scallops, 2 Crumbed Prawns & Chips.

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