Croissant Express Subiaco Menu Prices Australia

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Ham and Cheese Croissant
Filled with shaved ham and cheese.
Sausage Roll
Filled with Beef.
Ham Salad
Filled with cheese, mayonnaise, ham, tomatoes, cucumber, cos lettuce and sprouts.
Chicken and Cheese Croissant
Filled with Chicken mayonnaise, cheese and hint of black pepper.
Chicken Avocado Panini
Chicken, avocado, cheese and mayo

Coffee and Beverages

Coffees and Hot Beverages$4.50
Cold Ridge Spring Water$4.00
Soft Drinks$4.20
White hot chocolate
Yummy white hot chocolate with dark choc on top
White hot salted caramel chocolate$6.00
White hot peanut butter chocolate latte$6.00

Hot Food

Ham and Cheese Croissant (Hot Food)$6.80
Chicken and Cheese Croissant (Hot Food)$6.80
Spinach, Cheese and Tomato Croissant
Filled with Spinach, Tomatoes, cheese, hint of salt and black pepper.
Egg and Bacon Roll
Filled with Bacon, egg and BBQ sauce in brioche bun.
Sausage Danish
Cheese Kransky and cheese wrapped in danish.
Sausage Roll (Hot Food)$5.25
Italian Sausage Roll
Filled with Beef, herbs, coriander and capsicum.
Spinach Roll
Filled with spinach and feta cheese.
Steak Pie$6.30
Pepper Steak Pie
Filled with Beef and pepper.
Creamy Chicken and Mushroom Bistro
Whole chicken tenderloin marinated in white wine, enfolded in a creamy homemade mushroom sauce and wrapped in layers of golden filo pastry.
Rosemary Lamb Premium Filo
Tender chunks of lightly seasoned lamb, enfolded in a rich homemade rosemary and herb gravy, wrapped in layers of golden filo pastry
Beef, Bacon and Cheese Pie
Beef Pie Fill layered with bacon pieces and grated tasty cheese
Beef Curry Pie
Steak and curry, two of my favourite foods in a pie! It doesn’t get better than this for us steak and curry lovers.
Bacon, cheese and chive omelette Croissant$10.50
Tomato cheese and chive Danish(v)
With S/P
Ham cheese and tomato danish$6.30

Pastry Section

Rasberry and White Chocolate Muffin$6.30
Apple and Cinnamon Muffin$6.30
Orange Cocunut Muffin$6.30
Blueberry Muffin$6.30
Chocolate Muffin$6.30
Mocha Muffin$6.30
Banana Bread$6.00
Plain Croissant$4.70
Maple Pecan Plait$5.00
Cinnamon Scroll$5.00
Chocolate Croissant$5.00
Almond Croissant$5.00
Pain Raisin$5.00
Caramel Slice$4.45
Jam Croissant
Freshly-baked croissant filled with orange marmalade Jam
Premium Salted Caramel Muffin
Premium muffin filled with yummy salted caramel filling
Savoury Muffins
Spinach n feta
Pumpkin n feta
Bacon n cheese

Bread Section

Oz Bagel
Chicken mayonnaise, bacon, beetroot, coral lettuce, cheese and tomatoes.
Beef Bagel
Roast Beef, cucumber pickles, cheese, coral lettuce, dijon mustard and fruit chutney.
Chicken Avocado Panini (Bread Section)$12.00
Reuben Panini
Beef pastrami, mayo, coleslaw salad, pickles and cheese
Gluten Free Sandwiches
Gluten free sandwiches come in 2 different fillings. Two GF sandwices cut in half!
Vegan Baguette
Vegan baguette consists of dijon mustard, tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, avocado, sprouts and fruit chuttney
Ham, Cheese and Tomato Panini
Toasted panini with ham, tomatoes and cheese.


Chicken Avocado baguette
Filled with Chicken mayonnaise, avocados and cos lettuce.
Cajun Chicken
Filled with Chicken mayonnaise mixed with cajun spices, tomatoes and cos lettuce.
Sweet Chilli Chicken baguette
Filled with sweet chilli tender chicken, tomatoes, siracha sauce and cos lettuce.
Filled with Bacon, lettuce, tomatoes and mayonnaise.
Hot Number
Filled with swiss cheese, Ham, salami and jalapenos.
Filled with cheese, tomatoes, salami and fresh basil.
Ham Salad (Baguettes)$10.40
Vegetarian With Basil Pesto
Filled with cheese, tomatoes, cucumber, cos lettuce, sprouts and special basil pesto sauce.
Filled with roast Beef, cucumber pickles and, cos lettuce with dijon mustard.
Filled with smoked Salmon and cos lettuce with creamy dill mayonnaise.
Filled with Tuna mixed with red onion and celery with cos lettuce.
Tandoori Chicken
Tasty tandoori-spiced chicken, tomatoes, lettuce and yogurt on top.


Sweet Chilli Chicken Wrap
Filled with sweet chilli tender Chicken, tomatoes, cucumber, red onion and cos lettuce with siracha sauce.
Chicken Caesar Wrap
Filled with sweet chilli tender Chicken, bacon, cheese, boiled egg and cos lettuce with Caesar dressing.
Chicken Avocado Wrap
Chicken marinated with mayo, avocadoes with fresh lettuce.
Cajun Chicken Wrap
Tasty Cajun-spiced chicken, tomatoes with fresh lettuce.


Sweet Chilli Chicken Pocket
Filled with coral lettuce, cheese, tomatoes and sweet chilli tender chicken with siracha sauce.
Peri Peri Chicken Pocket
Filled with coral lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, peri peri chicken and onion.

Fresh Salads

Chicken Caesar Salad
Freshly chopped cos lettuce, chicken, bacon, parmesan cheese, boiled eggs with caesar dressing
Peri Peri Chicken Salad
Fresh mesculin lettuce, peri peri chicken, cherry tomatoes, onions, avocadoes with Sriracha sauce
Pumpkin and Beetroot Salad
Fresh baby spinach leaves, cooked pumpkin, beetroot, feta cheese with balsamic sauce

Croissant Express Special Combos

Coffee and Ham and Cheese Croissant Combo
Comes with medium coffee.
Coffee and Muffin Combo$10.30
Coffee and Pastry Combo$9.30
Coffee and Jam Croissant Combo
Medium Coffee with freshly baked croissant filled with orange marmalade jam

Single-Use Items


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