Crown Espresso Menu Prices Australia

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Sweet & Pastries

Caramel Slice$6.00
Carrot Gateau
Raspberry and Lime Tart$7.00
Portuguese Tart$6.00

Breakfast Smoothie

Banana Blueberry Smoothie$9.00
Berry Green Smoothie$9.00
Peanut Butter Smoothie$9.00

All Day Breakfast

Breakfast Muesli
Natural yogurt, granola, honey, mixed nuts, chia seeds and seasonal fruits
Guacamole Smashed Avo With Poached Eggs (Aspen Blend (Coffee Bean))
Specially made in house with fresh avocado guacamole style with feta and two poached eggs and balsamic glaze on fresh sourdough bread.
Guacamole Smashed Avo With Poached Eggs (Gateway Coffee Blend (Coffee Bean))$18.50
Guacamole Smashed Avo With Poached Eggs (Raspberry Candy Blend (Coffee Bean))$19.00
Guacamole Smashed Avo With Poached Eggs (Decaf)$19.00
Guacamole Smashed Avo With Poached Eggs (Extra Shot)$18.80
Guacamole Smashed Avo With Poached Eggs (Mocha)$18.80
Mushrooms and Grilled Halloumi (Aspen Blend (Coffee Bean))
Flat mushrooms slow cooked with fennel served on sourdough bread with caramelized onion, grilled halloumi, and two poached eggs.
Mushrooms and Grilled Halloumi (Gateway Coffee Blend (Coffee Bean))$16.50
Mushrooms and Grilled Halloumi (Raspberry Candy Blend (Coffee Bean))$17.00
Mushrooms and Grilled Halloumi (Decaf)$17.00
Mushrooms and Grilled Halloumi (Extra Shot)$16.80
Mushrooms and Grilled Halloumi (Mocha)$16.80
Special Veg Omelette
Specially made omelette with 2 eggs, mushroom, spinach, tomato, and feta cheese served with sourdough bread.
Ham Omelette
2 eggs, 3 slices ham, spinach, tomatoes & tasty cheese with sourdough toast.
Brekky Wrap (Aspen Blend(Coffee Bean))
Two eggs, bacon, tomatoes, rockets salad, cheese with mayo and bbq sauce.
Brekky Wrap (Gateway Coffee Blend (Coffee Bean))$12.50
Brekky Wrap (Raspberry Candy Blend (Coffee Bean))$13.00
Brekky Wrap (Decaf)$13.00
Brekky Wrap (Extra Shot)$12.80
Brekky Wrap (Mocha)$12.80
Toasted Croissants (Bacon & Cheese)
Plain toasted croissant with tasty cheese. Add optional extras to make it amazing.
Toasted Croissants (Cheese)$6.00
Toasted Croissants (Cheese & Tomato )$8.00
Toasted Croissants (Egg Bacon & Cheese)$10.00
Toasted Croissants (Ham & Cheese)$8.00
Toasted Croissants (Ham Cheese & Tomato)$9.00
2 Eggs and Bacon Roll (AspenBlend (Coffee Bean))
Two eggs and bacon with sauce on a sesame seed brioche bun
2 Eggs and Bacon Roll (Gateway Coffee Blend (Coffee Bean))$12.50
2 Eggs and Bacon Roll (Raspberry Candy Blend (Coffee Bean))$13.00
2 Eggs and Bacon Roll (Decaf)$13.00
2 Eggs and Bacon Roll (Extra Shot)$12.80
2 Eggs and Bacon Roll (Mocha)$12.80
Smashed Avo With Feta (Aspen Blend (Coffee Bean)
Freshly smashed avo with feta and balsamic glaze on sourdough.
Smashed Avo With Feta (Gateway Coffee Blend (Coffee Bean))$13.50
Smashed Avo With Feta (Raspberry Candy Blend (Coffee Bean))$14.00
Smashed Avo With Feta (Decaf)$14.00
Smashed Avo With Feta (Extra Shot)$13.80
Smashed Avo With Feta (Mocha)$13.80
Toasted Banana Bread$6.20


Chorizo Panini
Chorizo, Lettuce, Aioli& Grilled Peppers & Cheese
Fetta and Mushroom Panini
Fetta, Mushrooms, Grilled Peppers & Lettuce
Portuguese Chicken Burger
Portuguese chicken marinated overnight on brioche roll.
Samon Panini
Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese, Lettuce & Onions
Aussie Beef Burger
House-made beef patty, caramelized onions, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, pickles, dijonnaise, and bacon brought together in a brioche bun.
Chicken Panini
Marinated chicken, guacamole avocado, lettuce, grilled peppers, mayo, and tasty cheese.


Double Cheese Blend (Sourdough)$7.00
Double Cheese Blend (White Bread)$5.50
Ham and Cheese Toastie (Sourdough)$8.50
Ham and Cheese Toastie (White Bread)$7.00
Bacon and Cheese Toastie (Sourdough)$9.50
Bacon and Cheese Toastie (White Bread)$8.00
Ham, Cheese and Tomato Toastie (Sourdough)$9.00
Ham, Cheese and Tomato Toastie (White Bread)$7.50
BLT Toastie
Bacon, lettuce, and tomato and cheese
Egg, Bacon and Cheese Toastie (Sourdough)$10.50
Egg, Bacon and Cheese Toastie (White Bread)$9.00
Cheese and Tomato Toastie (Sourdough)$8.00
Cheese and Tomato Toastie (White Bread)$6.50

Sourdough Toastie

Chicken and Chorizo Sourdough Toastie
Marinated chicken,chorizo, lettuce, aioli, tomato and cheese
Chicken and Guacamole Avo Sourdough Toastie$13.00
Chorizo and Avo Sourdough
Chorizo, guacamole avocado,lettuce, Aioli, tomato and cheese
Egg BLT on Sourdough$11.00
Grilled Halloumi Sourdough Toastie
Grilled halloumi, tomato, rocket, avocado and pickle relish served in sourdough bread.
Peri-Peri Chicken Sourdough Toastie
Marinated chicken, lettuce, cheese, and peri-peri mayonnaise and tomatoes.

Iced Coffee, Shakes & Frappes

Iced Coffee (Large)(Aspen Blend (Coffee Bean))
with cream & ice-cream with 3 shots of coffee
Iced Coffee (Large) (Gateway Coffee Blend (Coffee Bean))$8.00
Iced Coffee (Large) (Raspberry Candy Blend (Coffee Bean))$8.50
Iced Coffee (Large) (Decaf)$8.50
Iced Coffee (Large) (Extra Shot)$8.30
Iced Coffee (Large) (Mocha)$8.30
Iced Chocolate (Large)
with Cream and Ice-cream
Frappe (Large)$7.80
Sparkling Iced Tea (Large)
Refreshing lemon or raspberry sparkling iced teas.
Milkshakes (Large)$6.80
Iced Long Black (Large)single origin beans$6.50
Iced Latte (Large) (Aspen Blend (Coffee Bean))$6.80
Iced Latte (Large) (Gateway Coffee Blend (Coffee Bean))$7.30
Iced Latte (Large) (Raspberry Candy Blend (Coffee Bean))$7.80
Iced Latte (Large) (Decaf)$7.80
Iced Latte (Large) (Extra Shot)$7.60
Iced Latte (Large) (Mocha)$7.60

Hot Beverages

Cappuccino (Aspen Blend (Coffee Bean))
ONA coffee - Aspen Blend
Cappuccino (Gateway Coffee Blend (Coffee Bean))$5.70
Cappuccino (Raspberry Candy Blend (Coffee Bean))$6.20
Cappuccino (Decaf)$6.20
Cappuccino (Extra Shot)$6.00
Cappuccino (Mocha)$6.00
Flat White (Aspen Blend (Coffee Bean))
ONA Coffee - Aspen Blend
Flat White (Gateway Coffee Blend (Coffee Bean))$5.70
Flat White (Raspberry Candy Blend (Coffee Bean))$6.20
Flat White (Decaf)$6.20
Flat White (Extra Shot)$6.00
Flat White (Mocha)$6.00
Latte (Aspen Blend (Coffee Bean))$5.20
Latte (Gateway Coffee Blend (Coffee Bean))$5.70
Latte (Raspberry Candy Blend (Coffee Bean))$6.20
Latte (Decaf)$6.20
Latte (Extra Shot)$6.00
Latte (Mocha)$6.00
Chai Latte$5.10
Hot Chocolate$5.10
Organic Honey Chai (Large)$6.90
Long Black
Ona coffee - singleorigin beans.

Cold Drinks

Coke Zero$4.50
Mount Franklin Still Water
Mount Franklin Lightly Sparkling Water
Fanta Orange
330ml glass bottle
Coke (Cold Drinks)$4.00
Fuze Peach and Black Tea$4.80
Keri Apple Juice
Sprite (Cold Drinks)

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