Croydon Bake House Menu Prices Australia

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Pies, Cakes, Doughnuts, or Pizza Rolls

Pie Plain$4.70
Pie Steak Mushroom$5.00
Pie Steak Chunky$5.10
Pie Chunky Cheese$5.40
Pie Steak Bacon$5.00
Pie Cheese Bacon$5.00
Pie Steak Pepper$5.00
Pie Steak Onion$5.00
Pie Steak Chilli
Pie Steak Cheese$5.00
Pie Tomato Onion$5.00
Pie Steak Curry$5.00
Pie Chicken and Corn$6.40
Pie Party$1.70
Pie Steak Family$11.50
Pasties Meat$4.30
Pasties Vegetable
Sausage Rolls Normal$3.90
Sausage Rolls Party$1.70
Quiche Spinach and Cheese$4.90
Quiche Egg and Bacon$4.90
Carrot Cake Family$11.30
Banana Cake Family$11.30
Banana Cake Sliced$3.80
Tea Cake Apple$7.20
Tea Cake Blueberry$7.20
Tea Cake Lemon$7.20
Doughnut Ring Cinnamon$1.80
Doughnut Ring Strawberry$1.80
Doughnut Ring Chocolate$1.80
Danish Apple$4.20
Danish Blueberry$4.20
Lemon Tart - 2.5 Inches$2.15
Raspberry Tart - 2.5 Inches$2.15
Cupcake (Strawberry Icing)$0.30
Cupcake (Chocolate Icing)$3.00
Cupcake (White Icing)$3.00
Pizza (Cheese)$3.20
Pizza (Bacon Cheese)$3.85
Pizza (Veggie)$4.10
Pizza (Bacon Pineapple)$4.30
Pie (Apple)$4.55
Pie (Blueberry)$4.70
Apple Cake$4.40
Custard Tarts$3.95
Lamingtons (With Jam)$3.60
Lamingtons (With Jam and Fresh and Cream)$4.20
Apple Turnover (With Jam)$4.45
Apple Turnover (With Jam and Fresh and Cream)$5.00


Vienna (Wholemeal Small)$4.40
Vienna (Large Plain White)$5.80
Pasta Dura$5.75
French Stick$4.55
Loaf (Plain White)$4.60
Loaf (Wholemeal)$4.60
Loaf (Multigrain)$5.00
High Tin White$5.00


Dim Sim$1.85
Hash Brown$1.60
Potato Cake$1.60
Spring Roll Large$3.60
Hot Dog (Regular)$5.75
Hot Dog (With Cheese)$6.50
Salad Rolls$8.65
Rice Paper Rolls - 3 Per Tray$9.30
Vietnamese Pork Rolls (Regular)$10.80
Vietnamese Pork Rolls (With Extra Pork)$12.95
Croissant with Ham and Cheese$10.30


Lemon Slice$4.45
Hedgehog Slice$3.70
Tim Tam Slice$4.70
Peppermint Slice$4.45
Caramel Slice$4.70
Salted Caramel Slice$4.70
Carrot Cake Slice$4.70


Orange and Almond$5.00
Lemon and Poppy Seed$5.00

Cookies and Biscuits

Biscuits (Yo-Yo)$3.00
Biscuits (Smiley Face)$3.60
Gingerbread Man$3.60


V Drink (250 Ml)$3.85
V Drink (300 Ml)$4.20
V Drink (500 ML)$5.40
Red Bull (250 Ml)$3.80
Red Bull (473 Ml)$5.40
Powerade - 600Ml$4.80

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