Crunch Gourmet Pizzeria Menu Prices Australia

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Gourmet Pizza

1. Crunch Gourmet (Small)
Spanish onion, mushrooms, ham, olives, prawns and garlic.
1. Crunch Gourmet (Large)$18.00
1. Crunch Gourmet (Family)$22.00
2. Crunch Meat Deluxe (Small)
Smoked ham, hot salami, chorizo, spiced beef, bacon and BBQ sauce base.
2. Crunch Meat Deluxe (Large)$18.00
2. Crunch Meat Deluxe (Family)$22.00
3. Surf and Turf (Small)
Prawns, sausages, bacon, roast chicken.
3. Surf and Turf (Large)$18.00
3. Surf and Turf (Family)$22.00
4. Crunch Spicy Prawns (Small)
Tomato base, roasted capsicum, feta, sliced tomato, marinated prawns, chilli flakes and spring onions.
4. Crunch Spicy Prawns (Large)$18.00
4. Crunch Spicy Prawns (Family)$22.00
5. Garlic Prawns (Small)
Tomato and garlic base, marinated prawns, roast capsicum, feta cheese, spring onion.
5. Garlic Prawns (Large)$18.00
5. Garlic Prawns (Family)$22.00
6. Chicken Supreme (Small)
Chicken, mushrooms, bacon, Spanish onion, smoked BBQ sauce.
6. Chicken Supreme (Large)$18.00
6. Chicken Supreme (Family)$22.00
7. Cajun Chicken (Small)
Chicken, Cajun spices, spring onion, feta, cheese, mushrooms and sour cream.
7. Cajun Chicken (Large)$18.00
7. Cajun Chicken (Family)$22.00
8. Tandoori Chicken (Small)
Capsicum, sliced tomato, tandoori chicken, spinach and yoghurt.
8. Tandoori Chicken (Large)$18.00
8. Tandoori Chicken (Family)$22.00
9. Pumpkin and Feta (Small)
Roasted pumpkin, feta, olives, Spanish onion, mozzarella and baby spinach.
9. Pumpkin and Feta (Large)$18.00
9. Pumpkin and Feta (Family)$22.00
10. Crunch Mediterranean (Small)
Grilled zucchini, eggplants, olives, roasted capsicum, Spanish onion, feta and basil aioli.
10. Crunch Mediterranean (Large)$18.00
10. Crunch Mediterranean (Family)$22.00
11. Moroccan Lamb Pizza (Small)
Baby spinach, Spanish onion, jalapeño, Moroccan spiced lamb and mint yoghurt.
11. Moroccan Lamb Pizza (Large)$18.00
11. Moroccan Lamb Pizza (Family)$22.00
13. Mediterranean Seafood (Small)
Prawns, calamari rings, capsicum, onions, mushroom, chargrilled capsicum, olives and cheese on a tomato sauce with garlic aioli.
13. Mediterranean Seafood (Large)$18.00
13. Mediterranean Seafood (Family)$22.00
14. Mount Vesuvius (Small)
Smoked ham, hot salami, garlic, chargrilled capsicum, capers, chilli.
14. Mount Vesuvius (Large)$18.00
14. Mount Vesuvius (Family)$22.00
15. Pepperoni's Deluxe (Small)
Tomato, mozzarella, feta cheese, loads of hot pepperoni, grilled peppers.
15. Pepperoni's Deluxe (Large)$18.00
15. Pepperoni's Deluxe (Family)$22.00
16. Chicken and Avocado (Small)
Chicken, mushroom, spinach, Spanish onion, avocado.
16. Chicken and Avocado (Large)$18.00
16. Chicken and Avocado (Family)$22.00
17. Volcano (Small)Salami, bacon, beef, chicken, feta cheese and BBQ sauce.$14.00
17. Volcano (Large)$18.00
17. Volcano (Family)$22.00

Traditional Pizza

16. Margherita (Small)
Tomato base, cheese and oregano.
16. Margherita (Large)$14.00
16. Margherita (Family)$18.00
17. Hawaiian (Small)
Ham, pineapple, cheese on a tomato sauce.
17. Hawaiian (Large)$14.00
17. Hawaiian (Family)$18.00
18. Veggie Lovers (Small)
Mushrooms, capsicum, onion, olives on a tomato base.
18. Veggie Lovers (Large)$14.00
18. Veggie Lovers (Family)$18.00
19. Pepperoni (Small)
Pepperoni and cheese on a tomato sauce.
19. Pepperoni (Large)$14.00
19. Pepperoni (Family)$18.00
20. Aussie (Small)Bacon, egg, onion and cheese on a tomato sauce.$10.00
20. Aussie (Large)$14.00
20. Aussie (Family)$18.00
21. Capricciosa (Small)
Ham, mushrooms and olives on a tomato sauce.
21. Capricciosa (Large)$14.00
21. Capricciosa (Family)$18.00
22. BBQ Chicken (Small)
Chicken, mushrooms, onion, cheese and BBQ sauce.
22. BBQ Chicken (Large)$14.00
22. BBQ Chicken (Family)$18.00
23. Spicy Mexican (Small)
Ham, hot salami, capsicum, olives, jalapeño, chilli.
23. Spicy Mexican (Large)$14.00
23. Spicy Mexican (Family)$18.00
24. Seafood Marinara (Small)
Selection of delicious seafood mix.
24. Seafood Marinara (Large)$14.00
24. Seafood Marinara (Family)$18.00
25. Meat Lovers (Small)
Ham, beef, hot salami, bacon on tomato sauce.
25. Meat Lovers (Large)$14.00
25. Meat Lovers (Family)$18.00
26. Neapolitan (Small)
Anchovies, cheese, tomato and garlic.
26. Neapolitan (Large)$14.00
26. Neapolitan (Family)$18.00
27. Ned Kelly (Small)
Ham, beef and onion on tomato sauce.
27. Ned Kelly (Large)$14.00
27. Ned Kelly (Family)$18.00
28. Garlic Pizza (Small)
Garlic and extra cheese.
28. Garlic Pizza (Large)$14.00
28. Garlic Pizza (Family)$18.00
29. Mountain (Small)
Tomato, mozzarella, ham, mushrooms, capsicum, olives, pineapple, hot pepperoni, hot chilli.
29. Mountain (Large)$14.00
29. Mountain (Family)$18.00
30. Spanish (Small)Tomato, mozzarella, marinated chicken, sausage, capsicum, onion, garlic, hot chilli.$10.00
30. Spanish (Large)$14.00
30. Spanish (Family)$18.00
31. Hot American (Small)
Tomato, mozzarella, hot chilli, capsicum, hot pepperoni.
31. Hot American (Large)$14.00
31. Hot American (Family)$18.00

Gluten Free

18. Gluten-Free Margherita$18.00
19. Gluten-Free Hawaiian$18.00
20. Gluten-Free Veggie Lovers$18.00
21. Gluten-Free Pepperoni$18.00
22. Gluten-Free Aussie$18.00
23. Gluten-Free Capricciosa$18.00
24. Gluten-Free BBQ Chicken$18.00
25. Gluten-Free Spicy Mexican$18.00
26. Gluten-Free Seafood Marinara
Gluten free.
27. Gluten-Free Meat Lovers$18.00
29. Gluten-Free Ned Kelly$18.00
30. Gluten-Free Garlic Pizza$18.00
31. Gluten-Free Mountain$18.00
32. Gluten-Free Spanish$18.00
33. Gluten-Free Hot American$18.00
Gluten-Free Crunch Gourmet$20.00
Gluten-Free Crunch Meat Deluxe$20.00
Gluten-Free Cajun Chicken$20.00
Gluten-Free Chicken and Avocado$20.00
Gluten-Free Chicken Supreme$20.00
Gluten-Free Crunch Mediterranean$20.00
Gluten-Free Crunchy Spicy Prawns$20.00
Gluten-Free Garlic Prawns$20.00
Gluten-Free Mediterranean Seafood$20.00
Gluten-Free Moroccan Lamb$20.00
Gluten-Free Mount Vesuvius$20.00
Gluten-Free Pepperonis Deluxe$20.00
Gluten-Free Pumpkin and Feta$20.00
Gluten-Free Surf and Turf$20.00
Gluten-Free Tandoori Chicken$20.00
Gluten-Free Volcano$20.00

Burgers and Schnitzels

Beef Burger$12.90
OMG Beef Burger$17.90
Plain Chicken Schnitzel$13.90
Chicken Parma$15.90
Crispy Chicken Burger$12.90
Mexican Chicken Parma$17.90

Ribs and Wings

Chicken Wings (6 Pieces)$12.00
Chicken Wings (12 Pieces)$19.00
BBQ Lamb Ribs$13.00
Ribs and Wings Combo$23.00


Lasagne Bolognaise$12.90
Spaghetti Bolognaise$12.90
Fettuccine Carbonara$12.90

Kid's Favourites

Kid's Chicken Nuggets with Chips$12.00
Small Chips$5.90
Large Chips$7.90
Garlic Bread$5.00


Greek Salad$9.00
Garden Salad$8.00


Chocolate Mousse$5.90
Gelato 500 ml$7.90


Coke 1.25 ltr$5.00
Diet Coke 1.25 ltr$5.00
Sprite 1.25 ltr$5.00
Fanta 1.25 ltr$5.00
Lift 1.25 ltr$5.00
Coke Can$2.50
Coke Zero Can$2.50
Diet Coke Can$2.50
Sprite Can$2.50
Lift Can$2.50
Fanta Can$2.50
Water 500 ml$3.00
Orange Juice$4.00


Deal 1
Two large traditional pizzas, 1.25 ltr soft drink, one garlic bread.
Deal 2
One largetraditional pizza, 1.25 ltr soft drink, one garlic bread.
Deal 3
Three large traditional pizzas.
Deal 4
One large gourmet pizza, 1.25 ltr soft drink, one garlic bread.
Deal 5
Three family traditional pizzas.
Deal 6
One large traditional pizza, one large gourmet pizza, two chocolate mousse.
Deal 7
One family traditional pizza, 1.25 ltr soft drink, one garlic bread.
Gourmet Special$46.00

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