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Eggs Benedict
Free range poached eggs over bacon, mushroom, grilled tomato, grilled cornbread and topped with hollandaise sauce.
Grilled Corn Bread
Serves two people.
Arepa Con Guacamole (V)
Grilled cornbread with guacamole, feta cheese and crispy potato.
Grilled Chorizo (GF)Adelaide hills grilled chorizo served with citrus salsa and cassava flour.$13.00
Arepa Bruschetta (V)Cornbread topped with tomato, capsicum, onion, feta cheese, olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette.$16.00

Tapas Shared Plates

Empanadas (GF)
Serves three people. Corn pockets filled with various fillings.
Peruvian Ceviche (GF)
Peru national dish consisting of SA kingfish, cured in citrus juice herbs and plantain chips.
Serves three people. Brazilian dumplings filled with chicken and cream cheese.
Halloumi Bruschetta
Grilled halloumi cheese topped with chopped vegetable, balsamic vinegar, honey and Murray River salt.
Mexican Tacos
Filled with chicken, avocado and sour cream.
Brazilian Meat Balls
Kibes. Wagyu beef minced with bulgur wheat and South American spices. Served with spicy criolla sauce.
Corn Bread (GF)
Arepa with dukkah and fig syrup.
Grilled Chorizo (GF) (Tapas Shared Plates)$13.00
Pork Belly Ceviche (GF)
Roasted and tender pork belly tossed in citrus juice and plantain chips.
Vieiras (GF)
Grilled SA scallops and Spanish morcilla. Served on pea and basil puree.
Beef Skewers
Serves two people. Owen roasted Colombian marinated beef skewers and served on bean salad.

Main Course

South American Paella (GF)
Bomba saffron rice, chorizo and chicken mixed well with South American herbs and spices.
From the Sea (GF)SA scallops and SA prawns sauteed in coconut and criolla salsa. Served with grilled cornbread.$28.00
Crispy Skin Atlantic Salmon
Oven roasted Atlantic salmon. Served with quinoa salad and drizzled with honey and aged balsamic dressing.
Argentinian Steak
Grilled wagyu scotch fillet rub with South American spices. Served with roasted vegetables and chimichurri sauce.
Grilled Chicken (GF)Peruvian marinated grilled chicken thigh. Served with salsa verde, potatoes, sour cream and lime.$23.00
Garlic Prawns
Sauteed SA prawns marinated in garlic and chilli sauce.
Pork Belly
Oven roasted pork belly served with roasted vegetable and drizzled with jus.


Big Breakfast
Latin American breakfast, consisting of free range fried eggs, bacon, bean, mushroom, avocado and grill tomato. Served with grilled cornbread.
South American Breakfast Bowl
Consisting of free range fried eggs, chorizo and beans in a criollo sauce topped with cassava flour.
Scrambled Eggs (V)Grilled cornbread and topped with free range scrambled eggs, sweet corn, chopped tomato and spring onion.$15.00
Mexicana Bowl (V)Mixed beans, avocado, lime sour cream, tomatoes, corn and served with spicy salsa.$17.00
Lima Bowl (V)
Quinoa, beans, cherry tomato, avocado, feta cheese and chipotle salsa.
Corn Bread (GF)(Breakfast)
With free range fried eggs and bacon.
Empanadas (GF)(Breakfast)
Serves three people. Cheese, beef and chorizo.
Bacon and Egg Roll$12.00
Eggs Benedict (Breakfast)$17.00
Vegetarian Omelette (V)
Open omelette with tomato, sweet corn, mushroom and spring onion.
Granola (V)
Served with almond milk, fruit and berries.

Corn Bread

Grilled Corn Bread (Corn Bread)$8.00
Arepa Belly
Cornbread with smashed avocado, pork belly and spices salsa.
Vegio (V)
Cornbread with roasted pumpkin, feta cheese and Kangaroo Island fig syrup.
Arepa Bruschetta (V) (Corn Bread)$16.00
Arepa Con Guacamole (V) (Corn Bread)$15.00
Arepa Beef
Cornbread topped with pulled beef, avocado and sour cream.
Arepa Prawns
Cornbread with guacamole, SA king prawn, crushed plantain and topped with a citrus dressing.
Arepa Chorizo
Cornbread with grilled chorizo and halloumi cheese.

Hot Beverages

Flat White$3.50
Cafe Latte$3.50
Long Black$3.50
Chai Latte$3.50

Cold Beverages

Iced Black Espresso$5.00
Iced Latte$5.00
Pineapple Juice$5.00
Watermelon Juice$5.00
Coconut Lemonade$5.00

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