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Box of 4 Cupcakes
Red velvet, salted caramel, devil’s food chocolate and raspberry white chocolate.
Box of 6 Cupcakes
Two red velvet, two salted caramel and two vanilla vanilla.
Box of 12 Cupcakes
Two red velvet, two salted caramel, two raspberry white chocolate, two devil’s food chocolate, two vanilla vanilla and two cookies and cream.


Box of 4 Cupcakes (Cupcakes)$17.00
Box of 4 Assorted Cupcakes
Random selection of daily specials.
Box of 6 Cupcakes (Cupcakes)$25.00
Box of 6 Assorted Cupcakes$25.00
Box of 12 Cupcakes (Cupcakes)$50.00
Box of 12 Assorted Cupcakes$50.00
Box of 15 Assorted Babycakes
Random selection of daily selection

Single-Use Items


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