Curry Delight Menu Prices Australia

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Picked For You

Butter Chicken (Large)Marinated tandoori pieces cooked in our famous sauce.$21.00
Butter Chicken (Medium)$16.00
Butter Chicken (No Rice)$16.00
Butter Chicken (Plain Rice(Large))$21.50
Butter Chicken (Plain Rice(Medium))$20.00
Mango Chicken (Large)
Boneless chicken curry cooked in a creamy mango sauce.
Mango Chicken (Medium)$16.00
Mango Chicken (No Rice)$16.00
Mango Chicken (Plain Rice (Large))$21.50
Mango Chicken (Plain Rice (Medium))$20.00
Chicken Vindaloo (Large)
Boneless chicken curry cooked in a spicy vindaloo paste.
Chicken Vindaloo (Medium)$16.00
Chicken Vindaloo (No Rice)$16.00
Chicken Vindaloo (Plain Rice (Large))$21.50
Chicken Vindaloo (Plain Rice (Medium))$20.00
Chicken Tikka Masala (Large)
Boneless tandoori pieces cooked with fried onion and capsicum.
Chicken Tikka Masala (Medium)$16.00
Chicken Tikka Masala (No Rice)$16.00
Chicken Tikka Masala (Plain Rice (Large))$21.50
Chicken Tikka Masala (Plain Rice (Medium))$20.00
Chana Chaat$8.00

Non-Veg Curries

Butter Chicken (Large) (Non-Veg Curries)$21.00
Butter Chicken (Medium) (Non-Veg Curries)$16.00
Butter Chicken (No Rice) (Non-Veg Curries)$16.00
Butter Chicken (Plain Rice(Large)) (Non-Veg Curries)$21.50
Butter Chicken (Plain Rice(Medium)) (Non-Veg Curries)$20.00
Mango Chicken (Large) (Non-Veg Curries)$21.00
Mango Chicken (Medium (Non-Veg Curries)$16.00
Mango Chicken (No Rice) (Non-Veg Curries)$16.00
Mango Chicken (Plain Rice (Large)) (Non-Veg Curries)$21.50
Mango Chicken (Plain Rice (Medium)) (Non-Veg Curries)$20.00
Chicken Jalfrezi (Large)
Boneless chicken curry cooked with spices, onion and capsicum.
Chicken Jalfrezi (Medium)$16.00
Chicken Jalfrezi (No Rice)$16.00
Chicken Jalfrezi (Plain Rice (Large))$21.50
Chicken Jalfrezi (Plain Rice (Medium))$20.00
Chicken Vindaloo (Large) (Non-Veg Curries)$21.00
Chicken Vindaloo (Medium) (Non-Veg Curries)$16.00
Chicken Vindaloo (No Rice) (Non-Veg Curries)$16.00
Chicken Vindaloo (Plain Rice (Large)) (Non-Veg Curries)$21.50
Chicken Vindaloo (Plain Rice (Medium)) (Non-Veg Curries)$20.00
Chicken Tikka Masala (Large) (Non-Veg Curries)$21.00
Chicken Tikka Masala (Medium) (Non-Veg Curries)$16.00
Chicken Tikka Masala (No Rice) (Non-Veg Curries)$16.00
Chicken Tikka Masala (Plain Rice (Large)) (Non-Veg Curries)$21.50
Chicken Tikka Masala (Plain Rice (Medium)) (Non-Veg Curries)$20.00
Chicken Korma (Large)
Boneless chicken pieces cooked in a mild creamy cashew sauce.
Chicken Korma (Medium)$16.00
Chicken Korma (No Rice)$16.00
Chicken Korma (Plain Rice (Large))$21.50
Chicken Korma (Plain Rice (Medium))$20.00
Beef Vindaloo (Large)Beef pieces cooked in a hot Vindaloo paste.$21.00
Beef Vindaloo (Medium)$16.00
Beef Vindaloo (No Rice)$16.00
Beef Vindaloo (Plain Rice (Large))$21.50
Beef Vindaloo (Plain Rice (Medium))$20.00
Beef and Potatoes (Large)
Traditional beef and potatoes curry.
Beef and Potatoes (Medium)$16.00
Beef and Potatoes (No Rice)$16.00
Beef and Potatoes (Plain Rice (Large))$21.50
Beef and Potatoes (Plain Rice (Medium))$20.00
Beef Korma (Large)
Beef pieces cooked in with mild creamy cashew sauce.
Beef Korma (Medium)$16.00
Beef Korma (No Rice)$16.00
Beef Korma (Plain Rice (Large))$21.50
Beef Korma (Plain Rice (Medium))$20.00
Beef do Piazza (Large)Beef curry cooked with spices and fried onion.$21.00
Beef do Piazza (Medium)$16.00
Beef do Piazza (No Rice)$16.00
Beef do Piazza (Plain Rice (Large))$21.50
Beef do Piazza (Plain Rice (Medium))$20.00
Lamb Madras (Large)
Lamb pieces cooked in a spicy tomato based curry.
Lamb Madras (Medium)$16.00
Lamb Madras (No Rice)$16.00
Lamb Madras (Plain Rice (Large))$21.50
Lamb Madras (Plain Rice (Medium))$20.00
Lamb Roghan Josh (Large)
Lamb curry cooked with a rich tomato base.
Lamb Roghan Josh (Medium)$16.00
Lamb Roghan Josh (No Rice)$16.00
Lamb Roghan Josh (Plain Rice (Large))$21.50
Lamb Roghan Josh (Plain Rice (Medium))$20.00
Lamb Korma (Large)Lamb pieces cooked in a mild creamy cashew curry.$21.00
Lamb Korma (Medium)$16.00
Lamb Korma (No Rice)$16.00
Lamb Korma (Plain Rice (Large))$21.50
Lamb Korma (Plain Rice (Medium))$20.00
Lamb Vindaloo (Large)Lamb pieces cooked in a hot vindaloo paste.$21.00
Lamb Vindaloo (Medium)$16.00
Lamb Vindaloo (No Rice)$16.00
Lamb Vindaloo (Plain Rice (Large))$21.50
Lamb Vindaloo (Plain Rice (Medium))$20.00
Lamb do Piazza (Large)$21.00
Lamb do Piazza (Medium)$16.00
Lamb do Piazza (No Rice)$16.00
Lamb do Piazza (Plain Rice(Large))$21.50
Lamb do Piazza (Plain Rice(Medium))$20.00

Vegetarian Curries

Mix Vegetables (Large)
Mixed vegetable curry.
Mix Vegetables (Medium)$14.00
Mix Vegetables (No Rice)$14.00
Mix Vegetables (Plain Rice(Large))$19.50
Mix Vegetables (Plain Rice(Medium))$18.00
Lentils (Dhal) (Large)
Mixed lentils curry.
Lentils (Dhal) (Medium)$14.00
Lentils (Dhal) (No Rice)$14.00
Lentils (Dhal) (Plain Rice(Large))$19.50
Lentils (Dhal) (Plain Rice(Medium))$18.00
Eggplant and Potatoes (Large)
Fried eggplant with potatoes with spices.
Eggplant and Potatoes (Medium)$14.00
Eggplant and Potatoes (No Rice)$14.00
Eggplant and Potatoes (Plain Rice(Large))$19.50
Eggplant and Potatoes (Plain Rice(Medium))$18.00
Chick Peas (Large)
Chickpeas curry.
Chick Peas (Medium)$14.00
Chick Peas (No Rice)$14.00
Chick Peas (Plain Rice(Large))$19.50
Chick Peas (Plain Rice(Medium))$18.00
Vegetable Korma (Large)
Mild creamy vegetable curry.
Vegetable Korma (Medium)$14.00
Vegetable Korma (No Rice)$14.00
Vegetable Korma (Plain Rice(Large))$19.50
Vegetable Korma (Plain Rice(Medium))$18.00

Entree and Snacks

Tandoori Chicken
Quarter piece.
Tandoori Tikka
Four pieces.
Vegetable Samosa
Vegetable Pakora$1.50
Samosa Chaat$8.00
Chana Chaat (Entree and Snacks)$8.00


Plain Naan$2.50
Garlic Naan$4.50
Cheese Naan$5.00
Cheese and Garlic Naan$5.50
Chicken Tikka Naan$6.00
Aloo Kulcha (Potato Naan)$5.50
Peshawari Naan (Cashew)$5.50


Plain Rice (Large)$5.50
Plain Rice (Medium)$4.00
Chicken Biryani (Large)$10.00
Chicken Biryani (Medium)$8.00


Mango Lassi$3.50
Gulab Jamun
Three pieces.


Coke (375mL)$3.50
Coke (390mL)$4.50
Coke (600mL)$6.00
Mt Franklin Water$3.50
Coke Zero (375mL)$3.50
Coke Zero (390mL)$4.50
Coke Zero (600mL)$6.00
Vanilla Coke (375mL)$3.50
Vanilla Coke (600mL)$6.00
Fanta (375mL)$3.50
Fanta (600mL)$6.00
Sprite (375mL)$3.50
Sprite (600mL)$6.00
Lift (375mL)$3.50
Lift (600mL)$6.00

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