Da Moose Menu Prices Australia

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Hot Drink

Latte (Large)$5.10
Latte (Medium)$4.40
Latte (Small)$3.70
Capuccino (Large)$5.10
Capuccino (Medium)$4.40
Capuccino (Small)$3.70
Flat White (Large)$5.10
Flat White (Medium)$4.40
Flat White (Small)$3.70
Long Black (Large)$5.10
Long Black (Medium)$4.40
Long Black (Small)$3.70
Dirty Chai (Large)$5.20
Dirty Chai (Small)$4.50
Tea (Large)$5.10
Tea (Medium)$4.40
Tea (Small)$3.70
Golden Late (Large)$5.70
Golden Late (Small)$5.00
Chai Late (Large)$5.40
Chai Late (Medium)$4.70
Chai Late (Small)$4.00

Ice Drink

Energy drink (Large)$6.20
Energy drink (Small)$5.20
Iced tea
Iced tea
Orange Juice (Large)$6.00
Orange Juice (small)
Small bottle of juice
Soft drink 250ml
Can of soft drink
Soft drink 600ml
Bottle of soft drink
Ice Tea$6.50
Milk Shake
Choc, vanilla, caramel.

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