Dainty Sichuan Menu Prices Australia

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Set Meal

Sichuan Chilli Chicken
with Rice; with Soup
Kong Pao Chicken$19.30
Kong Pao Prawns$21.30
Fish Slices with Pickled Veggie$24.30
Hot and Spicy Fish Slices$24.30
Double Cooked Pork Belly$19.30
Sichuan Style Pork Belly$20.30
Fish-flavoured Pork Threads$20.30
Pork Threads with Black Fungus$19.30
Stewed Pork Belly$22.30
Pork Threads with Tea Three Mushrooms$20.30
Pork Threads with Garlic Scapes$19.30
Pork Threads with Dried Tofu$19.30
Beef Threads with Pickled Chilli$20.30
Beef Threads with Dried Tofu$19.30
Beef Threads with Garlic Scapes$19.30
Beef Slice with Eryngii Mushroom$19.30
Stewed Beef and Beef Tendon$22.30
Stewed Lamb Ribs$20.30
Lamb Slices with Leek$22.30
Cumin Lamb Slices$22.30
Stir-fried Baby Cabbage$19.30
Dry Stir-fried Bean$19.30
Ma Po Tofu$19.30
Sour and Spicy Potato Threads$18.50
Sweet and Sour Cabbage$19.30
Extra Rice$4.50
Seasonal Vegetables$6.50

Stir-fried Rice

Sichuan Stir-fried Rice
with Soup
Stir-fried Rice with Preserved Ham$19.30
Beef Fried Rice with Pickled Veggie$19.30
Beef Fried Rice with Lettuce$19.30


Thread Cake$17.50
Chongqing Pork Bun
2 pcs
Glutinous Rice Cakes
8 pcs
Dainty Pumpkin Cakes
6 pcs

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