Dais Golden Crown Restaurant Menu Prices Australia

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Combination Omelette$18.00
Vegetable Omelette$17.50
King Prawn Omelette$23.50
Chicken Omelette$17.50


Cream of Seafood Soup$10.00
Sweet Corn & Crab Meat Soup$6.50
Sweet Corn & Chicken Soup$6.50
Hot & Sour Soup$7.50
Combination Bean Curd Soup$7.50
Wonton Soup$6.50
Clear Noodle Soup$5.50
Combination Wonton Soup$16.00
Combination Noodle Soup$16.00

Chow Mein & Rice Noodles

Seafood Chow Mein$21.50
Combination Chow Mein$18.50
King Prawns Chow Mein$23.50
Braised Chicken Chow Mein$17.50
Sliced Beef Chow Mein$17.50
Sliced Beef & Rice Noodles$17.50

Sweet & Sour

Sweet & Sour Combination$18.50
Sweet & Sour Pork$17.00
Sweet & Sour Chicken$17.50
Sweet & Sour Deep Fried Duck$18.50


Crispy Skin Chicken$15.50
Fillet Chicken
With lemon or plum sauce.
Braised Chicken with Cashew Nuts$17.50
Braised Chicken & Assorted Vegetables$17.00
Braised Chicken with Snow Peas$17.00
Chicken Fillet with Hoi Sin Sauce$17.00
Braised Chicken Szechuan Style$17.00

Bean Curd

Grandma Bean Curd$16.00
Combination Bean Curd$18.50
Light Fried Bean Curd Peking Style$18.00


Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables$14.00
Stir Fried Bean Sprouts with Chilli
Steamed Vegetables with Oyster Sauce$13.00
Bean Curd with Assorted Vegetables$14.50
Stir Fried Vegetables with Crab Meat Sauce$14.50


Mongolian Sliced Beef$17.50
Sliced Beef with Black Bean Sauce$17.50
Sliced Beef & Cashew Nuts$18.00
Sliced Beef & Baby Corns$17.50
Sliced Beef Szechuan Style$17.50
Sliced Beef with Snow Peas$17.50


BBQ Pork
With honey or plum sauce.
BBQ Pork with Black Bean Sauce$17.50
Pork Ribs Szechuan Style$17.50
Hot & Spicy Pork Ribs$17.50


Fish Fillets with Imperial Sauce$18.00
Fish Fillets in Lemon Sauce$18.00
Sliced Fish & Broccoli$18.00
Sliced Fish with Ginger & Shallots$18.00


Crispy Skin Duck$19.00
Deep Fried Duck$18.50
Steamed Duck with Crab Meat Sauce$18.50
Steamed Duck with Mushroom$18.50


Braised Scallops with Ginger & Shallots$25.00
Braised Scallops in Garlic Sauce$25.00
Satay Scallops in Hong Kong Style$25.00
Honey Scallops$25.00


Honey King Prawns$23.50
Braised King Prawns with Ginger & Shallots$23.50
King Prawns in Snow Peas$23.50
Szechuan King Prawns$23.50
Braised King Prawns & Cashew Nuts$24.00
Braised King Prawns & Baby Corns$23.50
Garlic King Prawns$23.50
King Prawns Salt & Pepper$23.50


Special Fried Rice$9.00
Nasi Goreng$11.50
Minced Beef Fried Rice$11.00
Boiled Rice$2.20


Sang Choy Bow (4 Pcs)$15.00
Deep Fried Seafood Rolls (4 Pcs)$14.00
King Prawn Cutlets (4 Pcs)$16.00
Lamb Pancake (4 Pcs)$10.00
Deep Fried Sesame Prawns (4 Pcs)$10.00
Scallop Fritters$13.50
Dim Sim (4 Pcs)$6.80
Gow Gee (4 Pcs)$8.80
Mini Spring Rolls (4 Pcs)$6.80
Mermaid's Tresses$8.50
Beef Satay Sticks (4 Pcs)$11.20
Pork Satay Sticks (4 Pcs)$11.20
Chicken Satay Sticks (4 Pcs)$11.20
Prawn Cocktail$9.00

Malaysian Specials

Chicken Sambal$17.50
Beef Sambal$17.50
King Prawn Sambal$23.50
Curried Chicken$17.00
Curried Beef$17.00
Curried King Prawns$23.50
Beef Rendang (Malaysian Style)$18.00
Kapitan Prawn$23.50
Kapitan Chicken$17.00
Gado Gado (Vegetables with Peanut Sauce)$14.00
Malaysian Chilli Squid$18.50
Chicken Laksa$13.00
Prawn Laksa$21.50
Hokkien Chow Mein$16.00
Singapore Noodles$16.00
Kwai Teow$16.00
Hainan Chicken & Rice$16.50
Combination Hokkien Mein (Penang Style)$17.00
Mein Goreng$16.50

Pekinese Special

Chilli King Prawns Peking Style$23.50
Pagoda King Prawns$26.00
Steamed Aromatic Ginger Chicken$16.50
Deep Fried Boneless Chicken with Peking Sauce$17.00
Crispy Boneless Chicken with Brown Sauce$17.00
Imperial Crispy Beef$18.00
Sliced Beef with Shallots & Onions$17.50
Pork Ribs Peking Style$17.50
Fillet Steak with Imperial Sauce$20.50
Scramble Egg with King Prawns$23.50
Plain Pekinese Pancakes (6 Pcs)$4.20

Specialities of the House

Golden Crown Chicken$17.50
Mongolian Lamb$18.00
Peking Picnic Chicken$18.50
Black Pepper Steak Peking Style$20.50
Imperial King Prawns$23.50
Princess King Prawns$23.50
Seafood Combination$21.00
Steamed King Prawns in Garlic$26.00
Peking Duck$55.00


Fruit Platter$6.80
Vanilla Ice Cream with Toppings$7.50
Fresh Strawberries & Ice Cream$8.00
Banana Split & Ice Cream$8.00
Lychee & Ice Cream$8.00
Banana Fritters & Ice Cream$8.50
Deep Fried Ice Cream$8.80
Toffee Apple$13.80
Toffee Banana$13.80


Chinese Tea$2.80
Percolated Coffee$3.50
Ceylon Tea$3.50
Vienna Coffee$4.00

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