Dakshas Cakes Menu Prices Australia

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Cupcakes (12 Pack)$45.00
Cupcakes (6 Pack)$24.00


Caramel Mud$6.50
Carrot Cake$6.50
Chocolate Mud$6.50
French Slice$6.50
Red Velvet$6.50
Salted Caramel$6.50


Can 375ml Coke$3.50
Can 375ml Coke No Sugar$3.50


Black Forest (Large)$65.00
Black Forest (Medium)$45.00
Black Forest (Small)$35.00
Caramel Mud (Large)$65.00
Caramel Mud (Medium)$45.00
Caramel Mud (Small)$35.00
Chocolate Mud (Large)$65.00
Chocolate Mud (Medium)$45.00
Chocolate Mud (Small)$35.00
Chocolate Sponge (Large)$65.00
Chocolate Sponge (Medium)$45.00
Chocolate Sponge (Small)$35.00
Cookies and Cream (Large)$65.00
Cookies and Cream (Medium)$45.00
Cookies and Cream (Small)$35.00
Marble Mud (Large)$65.00
Marble Mud (Medium)$45.00
Marble Mud (Small)$35.00
Rainbow Sponge (Large)$68.00
Rainbow Sponge (Medium)$48.00
Rainbow Sponge (Small)$38.00
Red Velvet (Large)$65.00
Red Velvet (Medium)$45.00
Red Velvet (Small)$35.00
Strawberry Gateau (Large)$65.00
Strawberry Gateau (Medium)$45.00
Strawberry Gateau (Small)$35.00
Vanilla Sponge (Large)$65.00
Vanilla Sponge (Medium)$45.00
Vanilla Sponge (Small)$35.00
White Mud (Large)$65.00
White Mud (Medium)$45.00
White Mud (Small)$35.00

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