Dalgety’s Cafe Menu Prices Australia

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All Day Breakfast

Acai Bowl
Vegetarian. Coconut yoghurt, seasonal fruits, granola and chia.
Vegetarian. Maple syrup, oreo cookie crumbs, fresh banana, fresh strawberry.
With spreads.
Just Smashing
With beetroot hummus, dukkha and feta served on toast.
Make Your Omelette
With three fillings and Parmesan served on toast.
Chilli Scramble
Umami papi chilli oil, fresh feta, spring onion served on sourdough.
Eggs Your Way$15.00
Too Many Mushrooms
Roasted mushrooms, sauteed spinach, grilled halloumi, crispy kale poached egg and romesco sauce served on toast.
Brekkie Roll
With egg, bacon, Jarlsberg cheese and tomato relish served in a ciabatta roll.
Eggs Benedict Beef Brisket
12 hour braised beef brisket, poached eggs, smashed avo, hollandaise sauce, served on sourdough.
Eggs Benedict Smoked Salmon
House smoked salmon, poached eggs, sauteed spinach, chilli hollandaise served on sourdough.
Buttermilk Pancakes
Buttermilk pancake stack, Nutella cream, maple syrup, smashed hazelnuts, fresh berries.

All Day Menu

Southern Fried Chicken Burger
Fried chicken with house-made seasoning, chipotle mayo, coleslaw served with chips.
Meatballs with San Marzano sauce, Parmesan and basil served with crusty bread.
Bowl of Chips
Vegan, gluten free.
Brekkie Slider
With egg, bacon, cheese and tomato relish.
Ham and Cheese Croissant$8.50
Chicken Shnitty Toastie
Chicken schnitzel, mozzarella, coleslaw, mustard mayonnaise.
Chicken and Avo Toastie
Roast chicken, smashed avo, tasty cheese, mayonnaise.
Cheese and Bacon Burger
Wagyu beef, mustard aioli, cheese, bacon served with chips.
Chicken Parma
Smoked ham, cheese served with garden salad and chips.
Halloumi Burger
Vegetarian. Grilled halloumi, beetroot relish, smashed avo, spinach served with chips.
Steak Sandwich
Grilled steak, caramelised onion, capsicum, San Marzano sauce, mustard relish.
Mushroom Melt Toastie
Roasted mushroom, mozzarella, feta, spinach, chilli mayonnaise.
The Italian Job Toastie
Fresh mortadella, prosciutto, salami, roasted capsicum, pesto, mozzarella cheese.
Wagyu Pastrami Toastie
Wagyu pastrami, sauerkraut, mustard mayonnaise, Swiss cheese.


Smashed Avocado$4.00
Fresh Avocado$4.00
Mediterranean Pumpkin$4.00
Fruit Toast$3.00
Hash Brown$3.50
Grilled Tomato$3.50
Hollandaise Sauce$2.50
Smoked Salmon$4.50

Hot Beverages

Flat White$4.50
Long Black$4.20
Hot Chocolate$4.50
Double Espresso$4.00
Tea Selection$5.00

Cold Beverages

Iced Latte$5.00
Iced Long Black$4.50
Still Water
In bottle.
Sparkling Water$4.30
Juice Selection$5.00
Kombucha Selection$4.90
Soft Drinks$3.50

Sweets & Pastries

Plain Croissant
Toasted plain croissant.
Pana Cotta of the Day
House made pana cotta, different flavour every day.

Groceries & Goods

Almond Milk Lab 1 Liter$5.80
Soy Bonsoy 1 Liter$5.80
12 Eggs$6.50
Chilli Oil Umami Papi 125 G$15.00
Skim Milk 2 Liter Riverina$5.00
Full Cream 2 Liter Riverina$5.00
Oat Milk Alternative Dairy Co 1 Liter$5.80
Macadamia Milk Lab 1 Liter$5.80
Lactose Free Milk Lab 1 Liter$5.80

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