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Damasquino Meal
Two kebab, two shish tawook, one shiha, two falafel, cabbage salad, rice, hummus and garlic cream.
Falafel (VG) (GF)
Chickpeas, onion, garlic and spices.
Damasquino Vegan Meal
Mujadara, Spinach, Rice, Itch, Cabbage salad, rice, Hummus, Muhammara, Green beans, 2 Fatayer, 2 Falafel.
Mum's Meal (VG)(GF)
Eggplant, zucchini, tomato, garlic and rice.
Spinach With Rice (VG) (GF)
Spinach, coriander, garlic, olive oil and rice.


Falafel (VG) (GF) (Appetisers)$29.00
Cabbage Salad (VG (GF)
Cabbage, dried mint, garlic, lemon sauce and olive oil.
Itch Salad (VG)
Bulgul, parsley, tomato, onion, olive oil and red pepper pomegranate sauce.
Hummus (VG) (GF)$12.00
Khilat (V) (GF)
Beetroots, tahini, garlic and yoghurt.
Muhammara (VG)Red peppers, crushed bread crumbs, pomegranate sauce, olive oil and spices.$15.00
Garlic Cream (GF)Garlic, olive oil, milk and corn flour.$15.00

Main Dishes

Damasquino Meal (Main Dishes)$54.00
Damasquino Vegan Meal (Main Dishes)$54.00
Kebab (GF)
Beef meat, onion, parsley with spices. Three sticks with sides rice, cabbage salad and hummus.
Shish Tawook (GF)
Grilled chicken with spices. Two sticks with sides, rice, cabbage salad and garlic cream.
Pastry stuffed with beef meat, vegetable and spices. Three pieces with sides, cabbage salad and hummus.
Fatayer (V)
Pastry stuffed with cheese, thyme mix, hot sauce, or spinach.
Choice of Preparation
Cheese 0
Thyme Mix 0
Hot Sauce 0
Chicken in Clay Pot (GF (Small)
Chicken, potato, lemon, garlic and spices.
Choice of Size
Small 19
Large 29
Chicken in Clay Pot (GF) (Large)$29.00
Mum's Meal (VG) (GF) (Main Dishes)$32.00
Mujadara (VG)(GF)
Lentils, rice, onion and olive oil with side cabbage salad.
Spinach With Rice (VG) (GF) (Main Dishes)$25.00

Sandwiches and Wraps

Falafel Wrap (VG)$20.00
Kebab Wrap$20.00
Shish Tawook Wrap$20.00


Harisa (V)
Semolina, sugar, milk, tahini and almond.
Gazarieh (VG)(GF)
Crushed carrot balls with sugar and coconut.
Date with almond and chocolate (V) (GF
Date with almond and chocolate


Turkish Tea$4.00
Turkish Coffee$5.00
Juices from Damascus
Choice of Flavour
Lemon Juice 0
Tamarind 0
Rose Water 0

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