Daniel’s Bakery Menu Prices Australia

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Donuts (Per Piece)$3.50
Donuts (Six Pack)$18.00
Mixed Donuts$19.00

Speciality Donuts

Nz Style Fresh Cream Jam Long John$6.00

Hot Pies

Party Sausage Rolls
Per piece.
Party Pie$3.00
Nz Style Chunky Steak And Cheese Pie$6.80
Nz Style Mince And Cheese Pie$6.80
Bacon And Egg Pie$6.80
Potato Top Shepherd Pie$6.80
Steak And Curry Pie$6.80
Steak And Cracked Pepper Pie$6.50
Steak And Onion Pie$6.80
Steak And Bacon Pie$6.80
Plain Meat Pie$6.80
Steak And Mushroom Pie$6.80
Roast Lamb And Vegetable Pie$6.80
Chicken And Vegetable Pie$6.80
Chicken And Leek Pie$6.80
Vegetarian Pasty Pie
Vegetarian. Per piece.
Cornish Meat Pasty Pie$6.50
Spinach Ricotta Roll$6.80
Large Sausage Rolls$6.80

Mini Cakes

Gf Orange Almond
Gluten free.
Gf Lemon Poppy Seed$8.00
Gf New York Cheesecake (Sold Out)$8.00
Gf Nutella Cheesecake (Sold Out)$8.00
Gf Wild Berry Cheesecake$8.00
Lemon Meringue$8.00
Death By Chocolate$8.00


Vanilla Slice$6.00
French Vanilla Slice$6.00
Eclair With Fresh Cream$6.00
Match Stick With Fresh Cream$6.00
Apple Slice$6.00
Apple Cake$6.00
Apple Turnover$6.00
Black Forest Slice$6.00
Lemon Slice$6.00
Rocky Road$6.00
Mars Bar (Sold Out)$6.00

Gluten Free Range Slices

Salted Caramel Macadamia$6.00


Coffee (Large)$6.50
Coffee (Medium)$6.00
Coffee (Small)$5.00
Coke Classic (390Ml)$4.20
Coke Classic (600Ml)$5.20
Coke No Sugar (390Ml)$4.20
Coke No Sugar (600Ml)$5.20
Coke Vanilla (390Ml)$4.20
Coke Vanilla (600Ml)$5.20
Sprite (390Ml)$4.20
Sprite (600Ml)$5.20
Fanta (390Ml)$4.20
Fanta (600Ml)$5.20
Lift (390Ml)$4.20
Lift (600Ml)$5.20
Mount Franklin Water (600Ml)$4.20
Pump Water (750Ml)$5.20
Barista Bros$5.20
Mother Energy( 500Ml)$5.50

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