D’elephant Thai Street Food – The Glen S/C Menu Prices Australia

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Slice Chicken Tom Yum (Single Serve)
Medium Hot
Slice Chicken Tom Yum (Large Serve)$18.90
Prawns Tom Yum (Single Serve)
Medium Hot.
Prawns Tom Yum (Large Serve)$21.90
Vegetables Tom Yum (Single Serve)$11.90
Vegetables Tom Yum (Large Serve)$18.90
Tom Jued (Single Serve)
Chicken stock clear soup with minced chicken, glass noodle, Chinese cabbage, carrot and tofu.
Tom Jued (Large Serve)$17.90

Small Bite

Vegetarian Curry Puffs
Four pieces.
Spring Roll Chicken
Three pieces.
Thai Fish Cake
Six pieces.
Prawn Rolls$10.90
Wicked Ribs
Eight pieces. Choice of spicy or non spicy.


Mhu Bhing
Six skewers. Grilled pork skewers.
Satay Gai
Six skewers. Grilled chicken satay.
Mix Grill Skewers
Three mhu bing and three satay gai.


Sliced Chicken Red Curry (Medium Hot)
Gluten free.
Beef Red Curry (Medium Hot)$18.90
Vegetable Red Curry (Medium Hot)$18.90
Sliced Chicken Green Curry (Medium Hot)$18.90
Vegetable Green Curry (Medium Hot)$18.90
Wagyu Tender Beef Massaman Curry (Mild)
Our most favorite curry with a romas of stars anise, cinnamon and tamarind.

Stir Fry

Gai Grob Pad Med Mamuang
Deep fried chicken thigh fillets, stir fried with cashew nuts, carrot, capsicum, onion and Thai chilli jam.
Khan Mhu Grob
Stir fried Chinesebroccoli with pork belly.
Pad Grapao Mince Chicken
Stir fried garlic, chili and basil.
Pad Grapao Slice Chicken$18.90
Pad Grapao Beef$18.90
Pad Grapao Vegetables$18.90
Pad Puk Chicken
Stir fried mixed vegetables with oyster sauce.
Pad Puk Beef$18.90
Pad Puk Vege$18.90
Pad Ped Chicken
Stir fried red curry paste.
Pad Ped Beef$18.90
Pad Ped Vegetables$18.90
Pad Satay Chicken
Stir fried peanut sauce.
Pad Satay Beef$18.90
Pad Satay Vegetables$18.90


Pad Thai Chicken
Noodle stir fried with pad Thai sauce, turnip, chives, bean shoot, fried tofu and egg, topped with crushed peanuts, egg strips, and slice of lemon
Pad Thai Beef$16.90
Pad Thai Prawn$18.90
Pad Thai Vegetables (Egg)$16.90
Pad Thai Vegetables (No Egg)$16.90
Pad Kee Mao Chkn
Stir fried rice noodles with fresh peppercorn, basil and chili.
Pad Kee Mao Beef$16.90
Pad Kee Mao Prawn$18.90
Pad Kee Mao Vege$16.90
Pad See Ewe Chkn
Stir fried rice noodles with special stir fry sauce, egg, Chinese broccoli, carrot and egg.
Pad See Ewe Beef$16.90
Pad See Ewe Prawn$18.90
Pad See Ewe Vegetables (Egg)$16.90
Pad See Ewe Vegetables (No Egg)$16.90
Rad Na
Stir fried rice noodle with a combination of meat and seafood, Chinese broccoli, carrot cooked with homemade gravy sauce.
Noodle Tom Yum Chicken$16.90


Pine Fried Rice Chicken
Fried rice with curry and turmeric powder, pineapple, onion, spring onion and cashew nuts.
Pine Fried Rice Beef$16.90
Pine Fried Rice Seafood$18.90
Pine Fried Rice Vegetables & Egg$16.90
Pine Fried Rice Vegetables (No Egg)$16.90
Fried Rice Chicken
Thai fried rice withonion, carrot, spring onion, cherry tomatoes, Chinese broccoli and egg.
Fried Rice Beef$16.90
Fried Rice Prawn$18.90
Fried Rice Vegetables & Egg$16.90
Fried Rice Vegetables (No Egg)$16.90
Tom Yum Fried Rice Seafood$18.90
Grapao Gai Sub (Egg on Rice)
Stir fried minced chicken with basil, garlic, chili and fried egg on rice.


Jasmine Rice$3.50
Coconut Rice$4.50
Plain Roti (Peanut Sauce)
Four peices.
Satay Sauce (Small)$3.50
Satay Sauce (Large)$6.00

Thai Specialties

Thai Iced Milk Tea$6.50
Thai Iced Red Tea$6.50
Thai Iced Black Coffee$6.50
Thai Iced Lemon Tea$6.50
Thai Iced Coffee$6.50
Coconut Juice$6.50


Orange Juice$6.00
Apple Juice$6.00

Soft Drinks & Others

390ml bottle.
Coke Zero$4.90
Orange Fanta$4.90
Still Water
Mount Franklin.
Sparkling Water$4.50

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