Destination Roll Ultimo Menu Prices Australia

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Most Popular

Beef Pho Roll$7.50


Spicy Chicken Roll$7.50
Chicken Roll
Bread roll.
3 Plain Roll
Crispy Pork Roll$6.00
BBQ Pork Roll$6.00


Three Chicken Wings$2.00
Bacon and Egg Meal
Bread roll, three wings, and iced coffee.
Bacon and Egg Roll$6.00
BBQ Pork Meal$9.00
BBQ Pork Roll (Mains)$6.00
Chicken Meal$9.00
Chicken Meal (Mains)$9.00
Chicken Roll (Mains)$6.00
Crispy Pork Meal$9.00
Crispy Pork Roll (Mains)$6.00
Meatball Meal$9.00
Meatball Roll$6.00
Pork Meal$9.00
Pork Roll$6.00
Pork Roll (Mains)$6.00
Steak Meal$9.00
Steak Roll$6.00
Steak Roll (Mains)$6.00
3 Plain Roll (Mains)$2.00
Spicy Chicken Roll Meal$11.00
Beef Pho Roll Meal$11.00

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