Diamond Pavillion Chinese Restaurant Menu Prices Australia

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Chinese Sausage$6.00
Curry Puff
2 pieces.
Special Spring Rolls (Beef)$6.80
Duck Spring Rolls$6.80
Sesame Prawns$6.80
Barbecued Pork$6.80
Barbecued Spare Rib$6.80
Crystal Shrimp Dumplings
4 pieces.
Homemade Dim Sim (3) (Fried)$7.10
Homemade Dim Sim (3) (Steamed)$6.80
Homemade Siu Mai (3) (Fried)$7.10
Homemade Siu Mai (3) (Steamed)$6.80
Satay Chicken on Skewer$7.50
Satay Beef on Skewer$7.50
Prawn Cutlets$7.80
Fried Wonton
8 pieces.
Mixed Entree
Deep Fried Quail$9.80
Lettuce Cup$12.00
Beef Onion Dumplings (Fried)
10 pieces per serve.
Beef Onion Dumplings (Steamed)$15.00
Pork Cabbage Dumplings (Fried)$16.00
Pork Cabbage Dumplings (Steamed)$15.00
Pork Chives Dumplings (Fried)$16.00
Pork Chives Dumplings (Steamed)$15.00
Chicken and Prawn Dumplings (Fried)$17.00
Chicken and Prawn Dumplings (Steamed)$16.00
Vegetable Dumplings (Fried)$17.00
Vegetable Dumplings (Steamed)$16.00

Dinner Box

Gf = gluten free served with steamed or fried rice.
Sweet and Sour Sauce (Fried Rice)$16.00
Sweet and Sour Sauce (Steamed Rice)$15.00
Ginger and Shallot with Vegetable (GF) (Fried Rice)
Gluten free.
Ginger and Shallot with Vegetable (GF) (Steamed Rice)$15.00
Lemon Chicken (Fried Rice)$16.00
Lemon Chicken (Steamed Rice)$15.00
Garlic Sauce with Vegetable (GF) (Fried Rice)$16.00
Garlic Sauce with Vegetable (GF) (Steamed Rice)$15.00
Honey Chicken (Fried Rice)$16.00
Honey Chicken (Steamed Rice)$15.00
Black Bean Sauce with Vegetable (Fried Rice)$16.00
Black Bean Sauce with Vegetable (Steamed Rice)$15.00
Stir-Fried Vegetable (GF) (Fried Rice)$16.00
Stir-Fried Vegetable (GF) (Steamed Rice)$15.00
Oyster Sauce with Vegetable (Fried Rice)$16.00
Oyster Sauce with Vegetable (Steamed Rice)$15.00
Szechuan Sauce with Vegetable (GF) (Fried Rice)
Gluten free. Spicy.
Szechuan Sauce with Vegetable (GF) (Steamed Rice)$15.00
Curry Sauce with Vegetable (GF) (Fried Rice)$16.00
Curry Sauce with Vegetable (GF) (Steamed Rice)$15.00
Chilli Sauce with Vegetable (GF) (Fried Rice)$16.00
Chilli Sauce with Vegetable (GF) (Steamed Rice)$15.00
Mongolian Sauce with Vegetable (Fried Rice)$16.00
Mongolian Sauce with Vegetable (Steamed Rice)$15.00

Chef's Suggestion

Gf = gluten free.
Prawn Crackers
Per bag.
Crispy Noodles$3.50
Bird's Nest
Cashew Nuts$4.00
Spice Chicken Ribs
Deep fried garlic ribs with spicy salt and chilli.
Spice Calamari
Deep fried calamari with spicy salt and chilli.
Shredded Fillet Chicken in Honey Peppercorn Sauce$23.80
Shredded Beef in Honey Peppercorn Sauce$23.80
Mongolian Sauce with Vegetables
Chunky pieces marinated and cooked in a sauce with onion and capsicum.
Rainbow Shredded Fillet Beef (GF)
Deep fried fillet of beef till crunchy and garnished with fruit sauce. Gluten free.
Cantonese Fillet Beef (GF)
Pan fried fillet of beef till golden brown and garnished with special sauce. Gluten free.
Seafood Combination in Phoenix Nest (GF)
With vegetable. Gluten free.
Peking Duck (Half (8 Pieces))$30.00
Peking Duck (Whole (16 Pieces))$58.00


Gf = gluten free.
Szechuan Beef (GF)
With vegetables. Gluten free. Spicy.
Curry Beef (GF)
With vegetables. Gluten free.
Chilli Beef (GF)$22.80
Beef with Tomato (GF)$22.80
Beef with Vegetables (GF)$22.80
Beef with Black Bean Sauce
With vegetables.
Beef with Ginger and Shallots (GF)$22.80
Beef Oyster Sauce with Mushroom$22.80
Satay Beef with Vegetables (GF)$22.80
Beef in a Tangy Brown Sauce
With vegetables. Spicy.
Beef with Vegetables and Cashew Nuts (GF)$25.80


Gf = gluten free.
Spicy Pork
Deep fried pork with spicy salt and chili. Spicy.
Satay Pork with Vegetables (GF)$21.80
Sweet and Sour Pork
Sauce on side.
Barbecue Pork in Plum Sauce$21.80
Barbecue Pork Spare Ribs in Plum Sauce$21.80
Barbecue Pork with Vegetables$21.80
Braised Pork with Oyster Sauce
And mushrooms. With vegetables.
Barbecue Pork with Cashew Nuts$24.80

Duck (Boneless)

Roasted Duck in Cantonese Style$25.80
Westlake Duck
Sweet and sour duck.


Gf = gluten free.
Chilli Prawns (GF)$24.80
Garlic Prawns (GF)$24.80
Honey Prawns$24.80
Satay Prawns (GF)$24.80
Curry Prawns (GF)$24.80
Szechuan Prawns (GF)$24.80
Prawns with Ginger and Shallots (GF)$24.80
Prawns in Light Batter, Sweet and Sour$24.80
Prawns with Vegetables (GF)$24.80
Prawns in a Tangy Brown Sauce$25.80
Prawns with Cashew Nuts (GF)$27.80


Gf = gluten free.
Satay Scallops (GF)$25.80
Fried Scallops with Spiced Salt
Deep fried scallops with spicy salt and chilli. Spicy.
Scallops with Ginger and Shallot (GF)$25.80
Braised Scallops with Vegetables (GF)$25.80
Fried Scallops in Batter
With sweet and sour sauce.


Gf = gluten free.
Vegetarian Fried Rice (GF)
Vegetarian. Gluten free.
Mixed Seasonal Vegetables
Mixed Seasonal Vegetables in Oyster Sauce$15.80
Mixed Seasonal Vegetables with Tofu$16.80
Vegetarian Omelette (GF)$17.80
Vegetarian Singapore Noodles$18.80
Vegetarian Hokkien Noodles$18.80
Vegetarian Noodles$20.80
Vegetable Soup (GF)$5.50
Vegetarian Spring Roll$7.00
Vegetarian Lettuce Cup (GF)
2 cups. Gluten free.


Gf = gluten free.
Fish Fillet in Ginger Sauce (GF)$21.80
Fish Fillet with Sweet and Sour Sauce$21.80
Fish Fillet with Vegetables (GF)$21.80
Fish Fillet with Black Bean Sauce$21.80

Poultry Chicken Breast

Gf = gluten free.
Lemon Chicken
Boneless. Sauce on side.
Garlic Chicken (GF)$21.80
Curry Chicken (GF)$21.80
Chilli Chicken (GF)$21.80
Honey Chicken$21.80
Satay Chicken (GF)$21.80
Szechuan Chicken (GF)$21.80
Cantonese Chicken (GF)$21.80
Sweet and Sour Chicken$21.80
Chicken with Plum Sauce$21.80
Chicken with Black Bean Sauce$21.80
Braised Chicken with Vegetable (GF)$21.80
Chicken with Cashew Nuts (GF)$24.80
Kung Pao Chicken
With vegetables and cashew nuts.


Satay Combination in Phoenix Nest$25.80
Diamond Combination in Phoenix Nest$25.80


Plain Rice (Large)$8.00
Plain Rice (Small)$5.00
Special Fried Rice (Large)$13.00
Special Fried Rice (Small)$11.00
Vegetarian Fried Rice - Rice$13.00
Fried Rice with Minced Beef and Lettuce$14.00
Fried Rice with Minced Chicken$14.00
Fried Rice with Minced Duck and Bean Sprouts$15.00


Singapore Noodles
Hokkien Noodles$18.80
Chicken Noodles$21.80
Beef Noodles$21.80
Braised Pork Noodles$21.80
Barbecue Pork Noodles$21.80
Prawn Noodles$25.80
Combination Noodles$25.80


Vegetable Soup - Soup$5.50
Long Noodle Soup$5.80
Wonton Soup$6.00
Sweet Chicken Corn Soup$6.00
Shredded Chicken and Mushrooms Soup$6.00
Shredded Duck Soup
Hot and Sour Soup
Combination Clear Soup$7.50


Vegetable Omelette$17.80
Chicken Omelette$20.80
Beef Omelette$20.80
Roasted Pork Omelette$20.80
Combination Omelette$22.80
Prawn Omelette$24.80


Soft Drink (375ml Can)$3.80
Soft Drink (1.25L Bottle)$6.00

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