Ding Tea Menu Prices Australia

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Monster Bobo Latte

Served cold.
1. Brown Sugar Boba with Fresh Milk
2. Brown Sugar Boba with Milk$8.19


1. Honey Green Tea$7.41
2. Honey Black Tea$7.41
3. Honey Milk Tea$7.41


1. Black Tea Latte$7.41
2. Green Tea Latte$7.41
3. Oolong Tea Latte$7.41
4. Taro Latte$7.41
5. Chocolate Latte$7.41
6. Jin Xuan Latte$7.67


1. Classic Chocolate$7.02
2. Vanilla Chocolate$7.41
3. Hazelnut Chocolate$7.41


1. Classic Matcha$7.02
2. Red Beans Matcha

Cream Mousse

Served cold.
1. Cream Mousse Jin Xuan$8.32
2. Cream Mousse Chocolate$8.32
3. Cream Mousse Matcha$8.32
4. Cream Mousse Taro$8.71

Fresh Tea

1. Assam Black Tea$6.76
2. Jasmine Green Tea$6.76
3. Roasted Oolong Tea$6.76
4. Top Jin Xuan Tea$7.02

Fruit Juice

Served cold.
1. Plum Lemon Juice$7.41
2. Plum Guava Juice$7.41
3. Aloe Vera Honey Lemon Juice$7.67

Milk Tea

Served cold.
1. Boba Milk Tea$7.80
2. Signature Milk Tea$7.02
3. Jasmine Green Milk Tea$7.02
4. Black Milk Tea$7.02
5. Oolong Milk Tea$7.02
6. Taro Milk Tea$7.41
7. Vanilla Milk Tea$7.41
8. Hazelnut Milk Tea$7.41

Winter Melon

Served cold.
1. Winter Melon Oolong Tea$7.41
2. Winter Melon Oolong Latte$7.41
3. Winter Melon Lemon Tea$7.67
4. Winter Melon Oolong Milk Tea$7.67

Fruit Tea

Served cold.
1. Lychee Oolong Tea$7.41
10. Kumquat Lemon Ice Green Tea$7.41
11. Lemon Iced Tea$7.15
2. Passion Fruit Green Tea$7.41
3. Strawberry Green Tea$7.41
4. Mango Green Tea$7.41
5. Kiwi Green Tea$7.41
6. Peach Black Tea$7.41
7. Grape Black Tea$7.41
8. Apple Green Tea$7.41
9. Guava Green Tea$7.41

Fruit Milk Tea

Served cold.
1. Mango Milk Tea$7.67
2. Peach Milk Tea$7.67
3. Strawberry Milk Tea$7.67
4. Passion Fruit Milk Tea$7.67

Yakult/ Yogurt

Served cold.
1. Lemon Yakult$7.67
1. Lemon Yogurt$7.93
2. Lychee Yakult$7.67
2. Lychee Yogurt$7.93
3. Strawberry Yakult$7.67
3. Strawberry Yogurt$7.93
4. Passion Fruit Yakult$7.67
4. Passion Fruit Yogurt$7.93

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