Dirty Bird Menu Prices Australia

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Popular Items

Big Bird Pack
Three wings, three tenders and three boneless thigh with three sauces.
8x Potato Scallops$8.00
Dirty Bird Burger
Tennessee style chicken thigh, coleslaw and ranch sauce.
Cheesy Chicken Burger
Huraideu chicken tenders, six cheese and bacon sauce.
Wagyu Beef Burger
American cheddar, lettuce and tomato, db burger sauce.
Bird of Prey Burger
Tennessee style chicken thigh, lettuce, buffalo sauce and jalapeno popper.
Thigh Pack
Four boneless chicken thigh.
Crispy Bird Salad
Tennessee chicken tenders, kale and cranberries, pecans and honey mustard.
Haloumi Salad
Grilled haloumi, rocket and sun dried tomatoes, olives and ranch dressing.


Crispy Bird Salad (Salads)$16.00
Haloumi Salad (Salads)$14.00


All served with fries and slaw on the side.
Dirty Bird Burger (Burgers)$16.00
Cheesy Chicken Burger (Burgers)$18.00
Bird of Prey Burger (Burgers)$17.00
Shroom Burger
Crumbed portobello mushrooms, rocket and taleggio cheese.
Wagyu Beef Burger (Burgers)$21.00

Fried Chicken

Tennessee style spiced fried chicken or Korean style huraideu chicken full wing, tenderloin and boneless thigh.
Little Chick Pack
Chicken tenderloins, french fries and apple juice.
Tenders Pack
Three chicken tenderloins.
Wings Pack
Four full chicken wings.
Thigh Pack (Fried Chicken)$13.00
Bantam Pack
Two wings and two tenders.
Dirty Bird Pack
Two wings, two tenders and two boneless thigh with two sauces.
Big Bird Pack (Fried Chicken)$28.00
Extra Piece of Chicken$3.50
Loaded Bird Pack
Three chicken tenderloins topped with a six cheese and bacon topper sauce.


Honey Mustard$1.50
Buffalo Sauce$1.50
Extra Hot Buffalo$1.50
Phoenix Extra Extra Hot$1.50


French Fries$6.50
8x Potato Scallops (Sides)$8.00
3x Jalapeno Poppers$5.00
Crispy Battered Broccolini & Cauliflower$10.50
Coleslaw (Sides)$6.00

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