GRAIN’D Menu Prices Australia

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Latte (Small)$5.05
Latte (Large)$5.55
Flat White (Small)$5.05
Flat White (Large)$5.55
Cappuccino (Small)$5.05
Cappuccino (Large)$5.55
Mocha (Small)$5.45
Mocha (Large)$6.10
Long Black (Small)$5.05
Long Black (Large)$5.55
Chai Latte (Small)$5.45
Chai Latte (Large)$6.10
Hot Chocolate (Small)$5.20
Hot Chocolate (Large)$5.45
Belgium Hot chocolate (Small)$7.80
Belgium Hot chocolate (Large)$9.10

Chilled Coffee

Freddo Latte$7.80
Freddo Black$7.15
Espresso Frappe$7.80
Mocha Frappe$9.10
Caramel Frappe$9.10
Iced Coffee$7.80
Iced Mocha$8.45
Iced Chocolate$8.45


Hazelnut Syrup$0.65


Earl Grey$5.85
English Breakfast$5.85
Oolong Rose$5.85
Green Tea$5.85


Chocolate (Kids)$5.20
Chocolate (Large)$6.50
Vanilla (Kids)$5.20
Vanilla (Large)$6.50
Strawberry (Kids)$5.20
Strawberry (Large)$6.50
Caramel (Kids)$5.20
Caramel (Large)$6.50
Banana (Kids)$5.20
Banana (Large)$6.50

Ice Blended Drinks

Mixed Berries$8.45
Lemon Mint$9.10
Tim Tam$10.40
Cookies and Cream$10.40

Cold Drinks

Bottled Water$3.25
Soft Drinks$5.20


Fresh Juice (Kids)$7.15
Fresh Juice (Large)$9.75
Feel Good Juice (Kids)
Pineapple, orange, watermelon and mint.
Feel Good Juice (Large)$9.75
Super Troot (Kids)
Carrot celery, apple, orange ginger and beetroot.
Super Troot (Large)$9.75
Green Juice (Kids)
Cucumber, kale. celery, apple and lemon.
Green Juice (Large)$9.75


Build your Own (Scrambled)$10.40
Build your Own (Sunny side Up)$10.40
Build your Own (Poached)$10.40
Build your Own (Fried)$10.40
Build your Own (Sourdough)$11.70
Build your Own (Soy Linseed)$11.70
Build your Own (White )$11.70
Build your Own (Turkish)$11.70
Build your Own (Pita)$11.70
Build your Own (Rye)$11.70
Build your Own (Gluten Free)$11.70
Mediterranean Plate
Your choice of eggs with sujuk, labneh, veggies, olives, feta, haloumi and bread
with a zaatar toastie and garnish Salad.
Spanish Omelette
Pan fried eggs calzone filled with cheese, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and olives
served on top of sourdough bread, with garnish salad.
Sujuk And Eggs
Eggs scrambled with Turkish spicy sausage (sujuk) served with pitta bread and
garnish salad.
Open Grill
Cheese and tomato open melt on sourdough.
Smashed Avocado
Toasted sourdough bread topped with freshly mashed avocado, crumbed feta cheese and cherry tomatoes topped with garnish salad.
Ottoman Eggs
Toasted Turkish bread topped with labneh, sauteed spinach poached eggs, spicy olive oil and topped with garnish salad.
Aussie Breakfast
Your choice of eggs and bread, with chorizo sausage beef rashes, baked beans, hash brown, sauteed mushroom, grilled tomatoes served with a jam and butter.
Poached eggs in a Turkish style tomato sauce, with sujuk and spices, served with Turkish bread.
Eggs Benedict
Toasted English muffins topped with sauteed spinach, smoked salmon and poached eggs topped with hollandaise sauce alongside gamish salad.
Breakfast Burger
Fried egg, haloumi, avocado greens, beef rashers and spicy mayo, served on a brioche bun with a side hash brow.
A├žai Bowl
Topped with farmer Joe's granola, chia seeds, goji berries and coconut flakes served with seasonal fruits.
With seasonal fruits, fairy floss, served with ice cream and maple syrup.


Eye Fillet
(300 grams) eye fillet cooked to your liking served with roast vegetables and mushroom sauce.
Lamb Kofta
Our house made lamb kofta patty, grilled and served on top of grilled tomatoes, with potato wedges, Mediterranean salad and tomato and molasses sauce.
Lamb With Hommos
Pan fried diced lamb served on top of creamy chickpeas and tahini dip (hommos). with pita bread and a mediterranean salad.
Mixed Platter
Three shish skewers of grilled lamb chicken and kofta served on top of chips, with fattoush salad, garlic and hommos dip and pita bread.
Creamy Chicken
Grilled chicken breast fillet with creamy mushroom sauce, served with your choice of chips and salad or veggies and mash.
Samkeh Harrah
Grilled barramundi, with spicy tahini sauce, infused with lemon garlic capsicum and coriander, served with your choice of spiced onion rice and salad or chips and salad.
Atlantic Salmon
Grilled atlantic salmon, served with chips and salad, with a lemon and butter sauce.
Vegetarian Moussaka
Eggplant zucchini, potato, capsicum, napolitana sauce and bechamel.
Chicken Burger
Spicy fried or grilled chicken breast, slaw, spanish onion, sliced tomatoes cheese, giherkins and chilli mayo on a brioche bun served with chips.
Angus Beef Burger
Homemade Australia Angus beef patty, tasty cheese, mix lettuce, beef rashers, caramelized onions, gherkins, tomatoes, BBQ and mayo sauce on a brioche bun served with chips.
Garlic and Chili Prawn
Garlic, spring onion, fresh chili, herbs, cream and Parmesan cheese.
Garlic mushroom, herbs, cream and Parmesan cheese.
Mushroom, grilled chicken, spring onion, herbs, cream and Parmesan cheese.
Traditional house made tomato based sauce.


Cucumber, tomato, cos lettuce, radish, onion, capsicum, mint, parsley and pomegranate dressing.
Mix lettuce tomato, cucumber, spanish onion, kalamata olives, capsicum, danish feta and italian dressing.
Cos lettuce, shaved parmesan cheese boiled eggs and caesar dressing.
Grain'd Special
Mix lettuce spanish onion, avocado, honey coated walnuts, danish feta cheese with a balsamic glaze.

For The Little Ones

Chicken Nuggets and Chips$12.00
Fish and Chips
Deep fried NZ cod with chips.
Penne pasta
With napolitana sauce.


Extra Skewer$6.50
Mash Potato$5.50
Lamb Skewer$10.50
Grilled Chicken (1)$6.50
Roast Veggies$6.50
Steamed Veggies$6.50
Grilled Prawns$10.50

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