Great North Seafoods Menu Prices Australia

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Featured Items

Fish Cocktails$1.30
Seafood Sticks$1.60
Crab Claws$2.00
Prawn Cutlets$1.90
Calamari Rings$1.30
Battered Fish$7.70
Grilled Fish$6.70
Crumbed Fish$6.90
Potato Scallops$1.20
Fish Cakes$1.90
Battered Sausage$1.90
Chiko Roll$2.80
Spring Roll$2.80
Dim Sim$1.50
Pine Fritter$1.80
Attack Pack
3 fish cocktails, three calamari one crab claw, one seafood sticks, one prawn cutlet and chips.
Seafood Pack
Two battered fish, eight calamari, two seafood sticks, two prawn cutlet and small chips and salad.
Family Pack
4 battered fish, 10 calamari, four seafood sticks, four prawn cutlet + large chips, salad, drink.


Plain Burger$5.90
Burger with the Lot$8.90
Chicken Burger$6.90
Bacon & Egg Roll$4.90
Steak Sandwich$7.90
Grilled Fish Burger$6.90

Fried Packs

Fish & Chips$9.90
Battered Fish (Fried Packs)
Chips and salad.
Crumbed Fish & Chips$9.90
6 Calamari & Chips$9.99
4 Prawn Cutlets & Chips$9.90
6 Fish Cocktails & Chips$9.90
Snack Pack
3 fish cocktails, three calamari rings and chips.

Grilled Packs

Chips and salad.
Grilled Fish (Grilled Packs)$13.90
Grilled Prawns (5)$17.90
Salmon Fillet$17.90
Snapper Fillet$17.90
Whiting Fillets$16.90

Grilled Seafood Platters

Grilled Seafood Platters
1 grilled fish, two calamari rings, one prawn kebab, two octopus and chips and salad.

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