Great TUT Menu Prices Australia

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Salted Popcorn (Small)
Choice of Size
Small 0
Medium 9
Mega Large 15
Choice of Flavour
Salt 0
Salt and Vinegar 0
Nacho Cheese 0
Pizza Supreme 0
BBQ Chicken 0
Peri Peri Chicken 0
Mexican BBQ 0
Sweet Chill 0
Sour Cream and Sweet Chilli 0
Sour Cream and Chives 0
Honey Mustard 0
Butter 0
Honey 0
Butter 0
Cheese 0
Salted Popcorn (Medium)$9.00
Salted Popcorn (Mega Large)$15.00
Sweet Popcorn (Small)
Choice of Size
Small 0
Medium 9
Mega Large 15
Choice of Flavour
Caramel 0
Chocolate 0
Sweet Corn 0
Caramel Apple 0
Sweet Popcorn (Medium)$9.00
Sweet Popcorn (Mega Large)$15.00
Pringles Original 53g$3.50
Choice of Flavour
Twisties Cheese$3.50


Ritter Sport Chocolate
Choice of Flavour
Dark 0
Milk 0
Hershey's Cookies and Cream$5.50
Milky Way 53g$2.80
Kitkat 45g
Choice of Variant
Gold 0
Double Cookies and Cream 0
Snickers 18g$1.10
Chocolate Coins 80g$4.75
Wizz Fizz$4.20
M and M 25g
Choice of Flavour
Peanuts 0
Chocolate 0
Smarties 25g$0.80
Choc Rocs Natural 25g$0.80
Hershey's Milk chocolate$5.50
2 peanut Butter cups
Milky Bar 50g$2.80
Choc Aniseed Rings 25g$0.95


Fairy Floss
Choice of Flavour
Plain 0
Sassy Apple 0
Banana 0
Strawberry 0
Vanilla Pink 0
Cherry Berry 0
Bubblegum 0
Lemon 0
Orange 0
Blue Raspberry 0
Watermelon 0
Leapin’ Lime 0
Chocolate Fairy Floss$6.00


Possum Poop$0.50
Unicorn Balls$0.50
Heart Lollipop 25g$0.80
Swizzels Love Hearts$2.15
Giant Fizzers$2.15
Double Dip Orange and Cherry$2.20
Sour Gecko$1.75
Wonka Nerds$3.15
Poop Pops$4.50
Lol Dispenser
Choice of Variant
Pez 0
Gummi Pasta$4.50
Eclipse Chewy Mints$3.15
Sour Heads$5.50
Tropical Fruit Drops$6.25
Paint Splash$4.50
Werther's Original$3.15
Dr Delicious$4.30
Mega Sour Tower$4.50
Trolli Pizza$1.85
Radical Storm Multicolour 25g$0.80
Pineapples 25g$0.80
False Teeth 25g$0.80
Black Cats 25g$0.80
Mega Snacks 50g$1.60
Frogs 25g$0.80
Brite Crawlers 25g$0.80
Lips 25g$0.80
Strawberries and Cream 25g$0.80
Jelly Beans Assorted Colours 25g$0.80
Extra Sour Balls
Choice of Variant
Bulls 0
Camels 0
Emoji Candy Dispenser$6.85
Lollipop Licky Loot$3.00
Candy Necklace$2.15
Wonder Park Egg$4.00
Candy Watch$2.15
Party Mix 25g$0.80
TNT Sour Ice Pop$2.85
Radical Storm 25g
Choice of Flavour
Strawberry 0
Blueberry 0
Watermelon 0
Octopus 25g$0.80
Flat Feet 25g$0.80
Sour Lizard 25g$0.80
Groovy Mix 25g$0.80
Strawberries 25g$0.80
Chicken Feet 25g$0.80
Blue Sharks 25g$0.80
Banana 25g$0.80
Honey Bears 25g$0.80
Egg 25g$0.80
Sour Ears 25g$0.80
Snacks 25g$0.80
Chickos 25g$0.80
Liquorice 25g$0.80
Aniseed Sparkle 25g$0.80
Sugar Coated Almond 25g$0.95
Spearmint Discs 25g$0.80
Mentos 25g$0.80
Sweetworld Lollipop 25g$0.90
Musk Sticks 25g$0.80
Bigboss Fruit Sticks 25g$0.80
Snow Mint 25g$0.80
Jelly Baby 25g$0.80
Bigboss Dynamite Caramel 25g$0.80
Freckles 25g$0.80
Jubes 25g$0.80
Sour Peach Hearts 25g$0.80
Mixed Berries 25g$0.80
Fantales 25g$0.80
Black Beans 25g
Cola flavour.
Chocolate Straps 25g$0.80
Gummy Bear 25g$0.80
Fantasy Belts 25g$0.80
Fizzy Soda Bottle 25g$0.80
Sour Strap 25g
Choice of Flavour
Strawberry 0
Blue Raspberry 0
Cola Bottle 25g$0.80
Raspberry Twister 25g$0.80
Piglets 25g$0.80
Aniseed Balls 25g$0.90
Jelly Filled Strawberry 25g$0.80
K and H Duch Licorice Salmiak Rocks 25g$0.80
Mix Sweet Confectionery 25g$0.80
Turbo Sour Multicolour 50g$1.60
Frozen Ii Flashing Character with Candy$8.85
Mentos Pure Gum
Choice of Flavour
Spearmints 0
Strawberry 0
Smile Pops$5.25
Jaffas 25 gram
choc orange in crispy shell
Finni Roller fizz
fantasy 20g
Jelly Filled Crocodiles 25 g$0.80
Ghost Drops$0.30
Magic Potion$4.25
Lollipop 80 g$4.15
Lollipop 50 g$3.40
Triple Dippers$2.05
Twist Pop 60 g$3.90
1 meter Raspberry Liquorice wheel$5.50
Milk Chocolate Bullets$6.80
Flavoured Fruit Bites$6.80
Ring Pop$3.35
Mega sour Slim
Mega sour Slim (LOLLIES)
Blue Raspberry
Jersey Caramel 25g$0.80
Gumballs purple shimmer bubble gum flavor 25g$0.80
Gumballs silver shimmer bubble gum flavor 25g$0.80
Gumballs blue shimmer blueberry flavor 25g$0.80
Gumballs yellow banana flavor 25g$0.80
coated blue and white stars 25g$0.80
sour mandarin 25g$0.80
Tic Tac
Choice of Flavour
Orange 0
Fruits 0
Mint 0


Dr Pepper$5.20
Fruity Ice$1.25
Arizona Iced Tea with Peach$5.20
Arizona Original Green Tea with Honey$5.20
CocaCola classic$5.20
Coca-Cola Cherry$5.20
A and W Cream Soda$5.20
Fanta Pineapple$5.20
600 mm Spring water
600 mm Spring water

Christmas treats

candy cane$2.60
Choc eclairs$0.90

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