Green Chillies Darwin Menu Prices Australia

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Seafood Spring Rolls
Four pieces.
Thai Fish Cake$9.99
Chefs Chicken Wings$9.99
Vegetable Spring Rolls (4 Pieces)$9.99
Beef Spring Rolls$9.99
Vegetable Samosa (4 Pieces)$9.99
Chicken Dim Sim
Steamed dim sims (3 pieces).
Pork Dim Sim$9.99
Satay Chicken
Two pieces.
Chicken 65$13.99
Stuffed Prawns (3 Pieces)
chicken, onion, prawns.
Fish and Chips$14.99
Chicken Nuggets With Chips
Six pieces.
Buffalo Wings$14.99


Tom Yum$13.00
Thai Laksa$15.00
Spicy Paneer Laksa

Chicken - Curries & Stir Fries

Butter Chicken$24.99
Chilli Chicken$23.99
Cashew Chicken$24.99
Honey Chicken$19.99
Chicken Korma$24.99
Green Chicken Curry$19.99
Red Chicken Curry$19.99
Panang Chicken Curry$19.99
Basil Chicken Stir Fry$19.99
Jungle Chicken Stir Fry$19.99
Ginger Chicken Stir Fry$19.99
Lemongrass Chicken$19.99

Beef - Curries & Stir Fries

Beef Vindaloo
Beef Massaman$24.99
Red Beef Curry$24.99
Green Beef Curry$24.99
Panang Beef$24.99
Beef Black Bean Stir Fry$24.99
Jungle Beef Stir Fry$24.99
Basil Beef Stir Fry$24.99
Ginger Beef Stir Fry$24.99
Mongolian Beef$24.99

Pork - Curries & Stir Fries

Kang Kung Pork Belly$24.99
Jungle Pork Belly$24.99
Basil Pork Belly$24.99
Pork Ribs
Deep fried with garlic sauce.
Red Pork Curry$24.99
Panang Pork Curry$24.99
Ginger Pork Stir Fry$24.99
Green Pork Curry$24.99


Lamb Rogan Josh$25.99


Red Duck Curry$26.99


Salt and Pepper Squid$23.99
Basil Seafood Stir Fry$24.99
Seafood Chilli Basil$24.99


Garlic Pepper Prawn$24.99
Ginger Prawn Stir Fry$24.99
Basil Prawn Stir Fry$24.99
Jungle Prawn Stir Fry$24.99
Kang Kung Prawn Stir Fry$24.99
Prawn Chu Chee$24.99
Prawn Korma$24.99
Prawn Curry (Indian)$24.99

Fish - Local Wild Caught Barramundi

Chu Chee Fish Curry$29.99
Barramundi Fish Curry (Indian)
Mild Indian curry.

Noodle & Fried Rice

Pad Thai
Stir fried traditional Thai style thin rice noodles - comes with egg, please make a note if you don't want egg.
Hokkien Noodles$17.00
Pad See Ew
Stir fried flat rice noodles - comes with egg, please make a note if you don't want egg.
Fried Rice
comes with egg, please make a note if you don't want egg.

Vegetable - Curries & Stir Fries

Kangkung Stir Fry$16.50
Mixed Vegetable Stir Fry$16.50
Jungle Vegetable Stir Fry$16.50
Vegetable Black Bean Stir Fry$16.50
Chilli Basil Vegetable Stir Fry$16.50
Aloo Gobi$16.50
Chickpea Masala$16.50
Mixed Vegetable Curry (Indian)$16.50
Paneer Butter Masala$16.50
Palak Paneer$16.50
Vegetable Korma$16.50
Green Vegetable Curry
Red Vegetable Curry$16.50


Jasmine Rice$4.99
Basmati Rice$5.99
Jeera Rice
Basmati rice cooked with cumin, fresh coriander, mint leaves.
Coconut Saffron Rice$5.00
Roti Bread$5.99
Garlic Naan$5.50
Plain Naan$5.50
Garlic Cheesy Naan$6.99
Papadam 3 Pcs$6.99


Milk Shake$6.99
Mango Juice$6.99
Mango Smoothie$6.99
Banana Smoothie$6.99
Cans Of Drink$3.99
Bottle Of Drink 1. 1 - 1. 25L$5.99
Bottle Water 1 Lit$4.50

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