Greenhill convinience store and cafe Menu Prices Australia

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Beverages Hot

Cappuccino (Small)$5.10
Cappuccino (Medium )$6.20
Latte (Small)$5.10
Latte (Medium)$6.20
Flat White (Small)$5.10
Flat White (Medium)$6.20
Chai Latte (Small)$5.10
Chai Latte (Medium)$6.20
Mocha (Small)$5.10
Mocha (Medium)$6.20
Dirty Chai (Small)$5.10
Dirty Chai (Large)$6.00
Short/Long Black (Small)$4.70
Short/Long Black (Large)$5.10
Short/Long Macchiato (Small)$4.70
Short/Long Macchiato (Large)$5.10
Piccolo (Small)$4.70
Piccolo (Large)$5.40
Hot Chocolate (Small)$4.90
Hot Chocolate (Medium)$6.00
Teas (Small)$4.50
Teas (Large)$5.00
Baby Chino$1.90
Wet Chai (Small)$5.50
Wet Chai (Medium)$7.10

Beverages Cold

Milkshake (Small)
Milkshake (Large)$9.70
Mixed Berry Smoothie (Small)$10.50
Mixed Berry Smoothie (Large)$13.40
Dr Pepper American Can Drink$4.20
Cherry Coca Cola American Can Drink$4.20
Strawberry Fanta American Can Drink$4.20
Arizona American Beverage
680 ml.


Brownie Slice
Gluten Free Brownie Slice
Caramel Slice$5.90
Friands - Gluten Free Cakes
Flavors to choose from
Gluten Free Friands
Blueberry, Fig & Pistachio, Orange & Poppyseed, Passionfruit & Lemon Curd, 2 Raspberry & White Chocolate)
Hedgehog Slice$5.90
Hedgehog Slice (Desserts)$5.90
Choose flavour - Blueberry / Tripple choc / Orange poppyseed / Pineapple Passionfruit / Apple cranberry & almomd
Vanilla Pudding
Lebanese Style Homemade with rosewater & rorange blossom water
Vanilla Slice$5.90

Bakery / Food

Arishe (Lebanese Riccotta cheese Pie
Lebanese Ricotta Style Cheese in a mixture of spring onion & salt

Chicken and Mushroom Lebanese Pie
Chicken & mushroom in garlic sauce, barbeque sauce & cheese
Kafta lebanese kebab with hummus and tabboulie wrap
Kebab homemade (kafta lamb mince kebab) in a wrap with homemade humus and taboulie salad
Oregano Lebanese Zaatar
Vegan & egg free dough
Oregano Pizza traditional lebanese zaatar vegan friendly
Oregano with Veggies
Vegan pizza - dough is egg free & vegan
Zaatar with veggies - tomatoes - mint - capsicum - black olives
Oregano with Cheese
Zaatar - lebanese oregano pizza with cheese
Cheese Pie
Lebanese halloumi & mozzarella cheese pie with butter
Cheese and Spinach Lebanese Pie$8.70
Vegeterian Lebanese Pied
Olives. capsicums, onions, tomatoes, cheese
Meat Lebanese Pizza
Lebanese sfiha - meat pizza
Lahme bi ajin
Sujuk Lebanese Sausage and veggie Pie
Lebanese Sausage and veggie & cheese pie
Lebanese style old riccotta cheese in a mixture of chilli, onion, capsicum & tomatoes

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