Maple Leaf Chinese & Malaysian Restaurant Menu Prices Australia

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Omelette Dishes

Chicken Omelette$18.50
Beef Omelette$18.50
Prawn Omelette$22.50
BBQ Pork Omelette$18.50
Combination Omelette$19.50


Seafood Rolls$5.80
Chinese Barbeque$6.80
Chicken Wings$5.80
Satay Skewers$11.50
Sesame Prawns$5.80
Curry Puff$3.80
Chinese Sausage$5.15
Crab Claw$8.50
Spring Roll$2.50
Homemade Dim Sims$1.90
Prawn Crackers$4.50
Lo Bak$5.80
Fried Wan Ton$5.80
Deep Fried Quail$7.50
Crispy Fried Noodle$4.50


Long Soup$5.80
Short Soup$5.80
Egg Flower Soup$5.80
Sweet Corn Soup$5.80
Mushroom Soup$5.80
Combination Soup$5.80
Hot & Soup Soup$5.80

Rice & Noodles

Special Fried Rice$8.80
Steamed Rice$4.00
Singapore Fried Noodles
Fine threads of rice noodles tossed with pork, shrimps, pork, egg, vegetable, and curry powder.
Mee Goreng
Fresh yellow noodles fried with bean curd, shrimps, pork, tomatoes, and hot spices.
Cha Kueh Teow
Fried rice noodle with shrimps, Chinese sausages, egg, and BBQ pork.
Cha Hor Fun$16.50
K.L Hokkien Mein$16.50
Curry Laksa$16.50
Mauritian Noodles
Fried egg noodles tossed with shrimps, Chinese sausages, egg, and BBQ pork.

Chinese Noodle Dishes

Crispy noodle or soft egg noodle or rice.
Chicken & Vegetable$18.50
Beef & Vegetable$18.50
Prawns & Vegetable$22.50
Combination & Vegetable$19.50
Vegetarian Noodle$16.50


Chicken & Cashew Nuts$19.50
Chicken & Chop Suey$17.00
Chicken & Chinese Vegetable$17.00
Chicken & Mushroom$17.00
Chicken & Black Bean$17.00
Chicken Oyster Sauce & Vegetable$17.00
Szechuan Chicken$17.00
Satay Chicken & Onion$17.00
Curried Chicken Vegetables$17.00
Lemon Chicken$17.00
Mango Chicken$17.00
Honey Chicken$17.00
Chicken Ginger Scallion$17.00
Sambal Chicken$17.00

Vegetarian Dishes

Mixed Seasonal Vegetable$16.00
Mushroom & Bean Curd$16.00
Mini Sweet Corn & Mushroom$16.00
Buddha's Feast$16.00

Steak & Pork

Shredded Beef$20.50
Honey Pepper Steak$20.50
Beef & Cashew Nuts$19.50
Beef & Mushroom$18.00
Beef & Chop Suey$18.00
Beef & Chinese Vegetable$18.00
Beef & Black Bean$18.00
Beef & Tomato$18.00
Beef Oyster Sauce & Vegetable$18.00
Beef Sambal$18.00
Beef Szechuan$18.00
Beef Satay & Onion$18.00
Beef Ginger Scallion$18.00
Curried Beef with Vegetables$18.00
Roast Pork & Bean Curd$18.00
Roast Pork & Chinese Vegetable$18.00


Lemon Duck$24.50
Mango Duck$24.50
Westlake Duck Sweet & Sour$24.50
Duck & Mushrooms$24.50
Duck & Black Bean$24.50
Roast Duck$29.50
Peking Duck$33.50


Prawns & Mushroom$22.50
Prawn & Chop Suey$22.50
Prawn & Chinese Vegetable$22.50
Curried Prawns & Vegetable$22.50
Prawn & Black Bean$22.50
Honey Prawns$22.50
Satay Prawns$22.50
Sambal Prawns$22.50
Garlic Prawns$22.50
Szechuan Prawns$22.50
Seafood Combination$22.50

Scallops & Fish

Scallops & Mushroom$22.50
Scallops & Chop Suey$22.50
Satay Scallops$22.50
Sambal Scallops$22.50
Ginger Scallops$22.50
Curried Scallops$22.50
Fish & Black Bean$19.50
Fish & Vegetable$19.50
Sambal Fish$19.50

Sweet & Sour

Pork in Batter$17.00
Chicken in Batter$17.00
Prawns in Batter$22.50
Scallops in Batter$22.50
Fillet of Fish in Batter$19.50
Combination Sweet & Sour$19.50

Malaysian Style Dishes

Lamb Curry$18.50
Nasi Goreng$12.80
Beef Rendang$18.50
Sambal Prawns (Malaysian Style Dishes)$22.50
Sambal Fish (Malaysian Style Dishes)$19.50
Malaysian Curry Chicken$18.50
Roti Canai$4.50

Maple Leaf Special

Chinese Fillet Mignon
Tender steak marinated in wine and spices that captures the distinct flavours of canton.
Peking Chicken
Prime diced chicken with succulent honey soy sauce topped with cashew nuts.
Sizzling Fish
Fish fillet sealed in a light delicate batter, comes with a delightful pungent sauce.
Sizzling Garlic Prawns
King prawns, cooked in a traditional garlic sauce.
Lo Bak (Maple Leaf Special)
Minced pork and vegetable rolled in a crispy thin pastry.
Combination Vegetable
Mixed meat and seafood with seasonal vegetable.
Maple Leaf Lettuce
Fresh lettuce cup filled with chopped barbecue pork, finely sliced mushrooms.
Bird Nest
A selection of meat and seafood presented in an edible potato basket.
Pork in Brown Bean Sauce
Barbecue pork stir fried in a brown bean sauce.
Spicy Roast Pork
Sliced roast pork, spring onions, and onions cooked in a delicious sweet spicy, BBQ sauce.
Pork Spare Ribs
Pork, spring onions, and onions cooked in a delicious sweet spicy, BBQ sauce.
Chilli Pork
Sliced BBQ pork cooked with onion and sambal served with salad.


Fried Ice Cream$6.00
Pineapple Fritter$6.00
Banana Fritter$6.00
Lychees & Ice Cream$6.00
Vanilla Ice Cream
Topping: chocolate, strawberry, caramel.

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