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Garlic Bread
Wood fired roll with garlic and parsley.
Herb Bread
Wood fired roll with mixed herb butter.
Garlic Pizza$8.00
Herb Pizza$8.00
Bruschetta con Pomodoro
Tomatoes, basil and Spanish onion on wood fired ciabatta.
Bruschetta Pizza$15.00
Wood Fired Bread
Served with olive oil and balsamic.
House Marinated Olives
Italian black and green olives marinated in lemon and herbs.
Prosciutto Grissini
Salted grissini breadsticks wrapped in prosciutto, served with parmigiano.
Chilli Mussels
South australian black mussels in a tomato, garlic, chilli, and white wine sauce.
Gamberi All'aglio
Prawn cutlets in a rich garlic and tomato sauce.
Salt & Pepper Calamari
Tender fresh squid shallow fried in a housemade spice mix.
Calamari Fritti
Tender crumbed and deep fried calamari.
Fritelle Nanata
Baby white bait fritters with fresh herbs, breadcrumbs, egg, and Parmesan cheese.
Char Grilled Baby Octopus
Baby octopus marinated in garlic, lemon and balsamic.
Garlic King Prawn & Scallops
King prawns and fresh scallops sautéed in a garlic, chilli and napoli sauce.
Antipasto Board
Prosciutto, parmigiano, pickled vegetables, garlic mushrooms, Italian sausage, chilli mussels, house marinated olives and wood fired bread.


Insalata Italiano
Mixed lettuce, tomato, cucumber, olives, capsicum, Spanish onion with balsamic dressing.
Insalata di Pomodoro
Mixed tomatoes, black olives, Spanish onion, basil and feta with Italian dressing.
Insalata di Rucola
Rocket, parmigiano and walnuts with balsamic dressing.
Insalata Marina Lunga
Rocket, pear, prosciutto, parmigiano, honey roasted walnuts and wood fired balsamic tomatoes.


Wood Fired King Prawns
King prawns topped with bacon, Parmesan cheese, breadcrumbs, and napoli sauce, baked in our wood fire oven, served with chips and salad.
Chilli Octopus
Baby octopus cooked in a chilli napoli sauce, served on a bed of rice with roasted vegetables.
Bruschetta Barramundi
Grilled barramundi cooked in a lemon butter sauce and topped with a tomato bruschetta reduction, served with chips and salad.
Zuppa di Mare
Hearty Italian seafood stew in a rich tomato broth served with wood fired bread.
Misto di Mare (for 2)
A variety of fresh seafood including scallops, calamari, barramundi, king prawns, octopus and black mussels cooked in a garlic and chilli napoli sauce served with wood fired bread.
Grilled King Prawn Insalata
Gourmet lettuce, cherry tomato, Spanish onion, diced cucumber avocado, basil and grilled garlic king prawns with a lemon aioli dressing.

Traditional Pizza

Marina Lunga Special (Small)
Ham, cabanossi, olives, mushroom, onion, pineapple, and roasted capsicum.
Marina Lunga Special (Medium)$19.00
Marina Lunga Special (Large)$22.00
Capricciosa (Small)
Ham, mushroom, olives, and anchovies.
Capricciosa (Medium)$19.00
Capricciosa (Large)$22.00
Pepperoni (Small)
Spicy pepperoni, tomato base and mozzarella cheese.
Pepperoni (Medium)$19.00
Pepperoni (Large)$22.00
Ham & Pineapple (Small)
Ham slices and pineapple.
Ham & Pineapple (Medium)$19.00
Ham & Pineapple (Large)$22.00
Austrliana (Small)
Ham slices and egg.
Austrliana (Medium)$19.00
Austrliana (Large)$22.00
Margherita (Small)
Tomato base, mozzarella cheese and oregano.
Margherita (Medium)$19.00
Margherita (Large)$22.00
Vegetarian (Small)
Mushroom, pineapple, olives, onion, roasted capsicum.
Vegetarian (Medium)$19.00
Vegetarian (Large)$22.00
Napolitana (Small)
Anchovies, olives, tomato base, and mozzarella cheese.
Napolitana (Medium)$19.00
Napolitana (Large)$22.00
Mexicana (Small)
Pepperoni, onion, roasted capsicum, and chilli.
Mexicana (Medium)$19.00
Mexicana (Large)$22.00
4 Seasons (Small)
Ham, mushroom, roasted capsicum, and prawns.
4 Seasons (Medium)$19.00
4 Seasons (Large)$22.00
Mixed Meats (Small)
Ham, bacon, pepperoni, and cabanossi.
Mixed Meats (Medium)$19.00
Mixed Meats (Large)$22.00

Gourmet Pizza

No. 1 Gourmet Pizza (Small)
Chicken, roasted capsicum and sun-dried tomato.
No. 1 Gourmet Pizza (Medium)$21.00
No. 1 Gourmet Pizza (Large)$24.00
No. 2 Gourmet Pizza (Small)
Smoked salmon, artichoke and Spanish onion.
No. 2 Gourmet Pizza (Medium)$21.00
No. 2 Gourmet Pizza (Large)$24.00
No. 3 Gourmet Pizza (Small)
Sun-dried tomato, grilled eggplant, artichoke, roasted capsicum, onion and asparagus.
No. 3 Gourmet Pizza (Medium)$21.00
No. 3 Gourmet Pizza (Large)$24.00
No. 4 Gourmet Pizza (Small)
Bocconcini, bacon, basil and peas.
No. 4 Gourmet Pizza (Medium)
Bocconcini, bacon, basil, and peas.
No. 4 Gourmet Pizza (Large)$24.00
Pollo Italiano (Small)
Marinated chicken, rocket, cherry tomato, olives, garlic and oregano.
Pollo Italiano (Medium)$21.00
Pollo Italiano (Large)$24.00
Marinara (Small)
Smoked salmon, prawns and anchovies.
Marinara (Medium)$21.00
Marinara (Large)$24.00
BBQ Pollo (Small)
BBQ sauce base, chicken, onion, and mushroom.
BBQ Pollo (Medium)$21.00
BBQ Pollo (Large)$24.00
Mediterranean (Small)
Chorizo sausage, rocket, roasted capsicum, olives, crumbled feta and oregano.
Mediterranean (Medium)$21.00
Mediterranean (Large)$24.00
Prosciutto (Small)
Fresh tomato slices on our traditional mozzarella base topped with fresh rocket, prosciutto and grana padano Parmesan cheese.
Prosciutto (Medium)$21.00
Prosciutto (Large)$24.00
Quattro Formaggi (Small)
Mozzarella, Parmesan, bocconcini, and provolone cheese.
Quattro Formaggi (Medium)$21.00
Quattro Formaggi (Large)$24.00
Di Patate (Small)
Garlic butter base, sliced potato, provolone cheese, and rosemary.
Di Patate (Medium)$21.00
Di Patate (Large)$24.00

Nutella Pizza

All made on our traditional 11" pizza base.
Pizza base topped with nutella, honey and hazelnut gelato.
Nuts About Nuts
Pizza base topped with nutella, almonds, walnuts, pistachios, and vanilla gelato.
Pizza base topped with nutella, sliced banana, salted caramel sauce and vanilla gelato.
Marshmallow Dream
Pizza base topped with nutella, wood fired marshmellows and hazelnut gelato.

Vitello & Pollo

Choose between pan seared veal scaloppini or grilled chicken fillets with any sauce. Veal and chicken dishes served with either salad or vegetables.
Black olives and oregano in a tomato sauce.
Avocado slices in a brandy cream sauce.
Layered eggplant and mozzarella cheese in a napoli sauce.
Layered ham and mozzarella cheese in a napoli sauce.
Frutti di Mare
Prawns, calamari, fish, and mussels in a brandy crème sauce.
Al Limone
Tangy lemon butter, white wine and herb sauce.
Sautéed mushrooms in a sweet marsala cream sauce.
Mushroom and ham in a garlic cream sauce.
Sautéed mushrooms in a brandy cream sauce.
Sautéed mushrooms and onion in a rich napoli sauce.
Cotoletta (Schnitzel)
Freshly crumbed and shallow fried.


Penne Napolitana
Rich homemade tomato sauce.
Penne Siciliana
Grilled eggplant in a napoli sauce.
Penne al Pollo
Chicken, mushroom and sun-dried tomato in pink sauce.
Penne Salmon
Tasmanian smoked salmon and asparagus in a brandy cream sauce.
Penne Arrabbiata
Crispy bacon and chilli in a napoli sauce.
Spaghetti Bolognese
Traditional bolognese meat sauce.
Spaghetti Carbonara
Bacon, egg and Parmesan in a white wine cream sauce.
Spaghetti Marinara
Sautéed fresh seafood with garlic and white wine in a napoli sauce.
Risotto Marinara$22.50
Spaghetti Chilli Mussels
Fresh black mussels in a chilli napoli sauce.
Fettuccine Boscaiola
Leg ham and mushrooms in a cream sauce.
Fettuccine Vegetarian
Fresh field vegetables in a napoli sauce.
Fettuccine Chilli Gamberi
Prawn cutlets with garlic and chilli in a napoli sauce.
Spaghetti King Prawn e Avocado
Sautéed king prawns in a brandy cream sauce topped with avocado.
Risotto Pollo e Funghi
Chicken, mushroom and arborio rice in a creamy sauce.
Gnocchi al Pesto
Fluffy potato dumplings in a basil pesto and Parmesan cream sauce.
Wood Fired Beef Lasagne
Traditional meat ragu' and béchamel lasagna.
Ravioli Bolognese
Beef filled pasta pockets in a bolognese sauce.
Wood Fired Spinaci e Ricotta Cannelloni
Pasta tubes filled with a creamy spinach and ricotta mix topped with napoli sauce and mozzarella.


Traditional Tiramisu
Layers of espresso soaked sponge and mascarpone cream espresso.
Vanilla gelato topped with fresh espresso.
Cinnamon Cream Rice
Creamy rice pudding topped with sticky poached pears and honey walnuts.
Wood Roasted Apple Crumble
Topped with vanilla gelato. Deliciously baked in our wood fire oven.
Sticky Date Slice
Warm date slice with caramel sauce, vanilla gelato and almond praline.
Berry Mascarpone Triffle
Layered citrus sponge, mascarpone cream, berry compote, and pistachio crumb.


Seasonal Vegetables$6.00
Rosemary Roasted Potatoes$6.00
Garlic & Tomato Sautéed Mushrooms$6.00


Flat White$3.50
Hot Chocolate$3.50
Long Black$3.50
Iced Coffee$4.90
Iced Chocolate$4.90


Italian Soda$4.00
Lemon Lime Bitters$4.50
Mineral Water (Still)$4.90
Mineral Water (Sparkling 500ml.)$4.90

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