Master Wok Chinese Restaurant Menu Prices Australia

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Chicken & Chinese Mushroom Soup$5.50
Chicken & Sweet Corn Soup$5.50
Combination Soup$8.00
Fish Soup$6.50
Noodle Soup (Long Soup)$5.50
Seafood Hot & Sour Soup$8.50
Shark Fin Soup$11.00
Won Ton Soup (Short Soup)$6.50

Chef's Suggestion

Master Wok Special Combination
Fresh king prawns, scallops, roast pork, chicken, beef, water chestnuts, bamboo shoots and seasonal vegetables.
Cantonese Eye Fillet Steak
Pieces of fillet steak marinated and gently cooked in Cantonese wok garnished with seasonal vegetables.
Seafood Combination
King prawns, scallops, served with sliced fish, water chestnuts and seasonal vegetables.
Hot & Spicy Squid
Freshly selected squids deep-fried with chilli and pepper.
Steak with Hot Chilli
Sliced fillet steak and vegetables served in chef’s special mixed sauce made with Chinese dry chilli, garlic, sesame, and spring onion.
Fish with Hot Chilli
Sliced fish and vegetables served in chef’s special mixed sauce made with Chinese dry chilli, garlic, sesame, and spring onion.
Fried Singapore Noodle
Chinese noodle, wok-fried with mixed shrimps, shredded roast pork and bean shoots. Can be served mild or hot with chilli or curry powder.
Malaysian Satay Steak on Skewer
Slices of tender steak, barbecued on skewer and served with the famous Malaysian satay sauce. Prepared from coconut milk curry, chilli, ginger, peanut sauce, and home grown spices, mild or hot as you specify.
Golden Bird Nest
Diced chicken, beef, roast pork, and seafood sautéed with vegetables, water chestnuts, and bamboo shoots, served in golden brown nest.
Grandma Bean Curd (Spicy)
Traditional szechuan style dish, minced chicken and diced bean curd served in spicy supreme sauce.
King Prawns with Wine Flavoured Sauce
Fresh king prawns prepared in best Chinese wine and served on sizzling hot plate.
Bioki Steak
Sliced fillet steak served with pineapples, shredded capsicums, and onions, finished in a pineapple.
Szechuan Steak (Spicy)
Sliced fillet steak and onion served on sizzling hot plate with spicy flavours.
Shanghai Steak
Sliced fillet steak served with shredded bamboo shoots, onion and carrot. Finished with garnishing of peanuts.
Szechuan Chicken (Spicy)
Sliced chicken and shredded onions on sizzling hot plate with spicy flavours.
Szechuan Prawns (Spicy)
Jumbo prawns and shredded onion served on sizzling hot plate with spicy flavours.
Peking Pork
Pieces of pork chop in light batter, cooked with peking sauce.
Traditional Peking Duck (Half)
A world famous dish, peking duck wrapped in pancake with spring onion and Chinese pickled vegetables in chef’s special duck sauce.


BBQ Pork with Plum Sauce$7.50
B.B.Q. Spare Ribs with Plum Sauce$7.50
Chicken Spring Roll (with Pork)$4.50
Chinese Sausage (2 Per Serve)$6.00
Crab Claw$9.50
Curry Puff$4.50
Dim Sim$1.00
Fried Noodle$3.50
Fried Won Ton (Meat Patties, 8 Pcs)$6.00
Garlic Prawns$13.00
Lettuce Delight "San Choy Bow" (2 Per Serve)$12.00
Mini Spring Rolls (4 Per Serve)$7.00
Prawn Crackers (Per Bag)$3.50
Prawn Cutlets - 2 on a Plate$9.00
Satay Chicken on Skewer (2 Sticks)$6.50
Satay Prawn on Skewer (2 Sticks)$9.00
Satay Steak on Skewer (2 Sticks)$6.50
Sesame Prawn (2 Per Serve)$8.50
Siu Mai (Homemade Dim Sim) 3 on a Plate$6.50
Vegetarian Spring Rolls (2 Per Serve)$8.00
Vegetarian Curry Puff$4.50


Chicken Omelette$14.50
Combination Omelette$19.00
King Prawn Omelette$22.00
Mixed Vegetable Omelette$13.00
Plain Omelette$12.00
Roast Pork Omelette$14.50


Garlic Prawns (Prawns)$25.50
Honey Prawns in Batter$22.00
King Prawns with Bean Shoots$22.00
King Prawns with Black Bean Sauce$22.00
King Prawns with Chilli Sauce$25.50
King Prawns with Curry Sauce$22.00
King Prawns with Plum Sauce$22.00
King Prawns with Satay Sauce$22.00
King Prawns with Seasonal Vegetables$22.00
King Prawns with Tomato Sauce$22.00


Fish with Bean Shoot$17.00
Fish with Black Bean Sauce$17.00
Fish with Curry Sauce$17.00
Fish with Seasonal Vegetables$17.00
Pan-Fried Whole Barramundi$30.00
Whole Spicy Flounder$32.00


Scallop with Bean Shoot$24.00
Scallop with Black Bean Sauce$24.00
Scallop with Curry Sauce$24.00
Scallop with Ginger & Spring Onions$27.00
Scallop with Seasonal Vegetables$24.00


Boiled Rice - Large$6.50
Boiled Rice - Small$5.50
Special Fried Rice - Large$9.50
Special Fried Rice - Small$8.00
Vegetarian Fried Rice$9.50


Chicken with Plum Sauce (Boneless)$14.50
Crispy Skin Chicken$16.50
Chicken with Bean Shoot$14.50
Chicken with Black Bean Sauce$14.50
Chicken with Cashew Nut$16.00
Chicken with Curry Sauce$14.50
Chicken with Ginger & Onion$16.00
Chicken with Oyster Sauce$14.50
Chicken with Satay Sauce$14.50
Chicken with Seasonal Vegetables$14.50
Honey Chicken$16.00
Lemon Chicken (Boneless)$14.50


BBQ Pork with Bean Curd$14.50
BBQ Pork with Bean Shoot$14.50
BBQ Pork with Plum Sauce (Pork)$14.50
BBQ Pork with Seasonal Vegetables$13.50
BBQ Spare-Ribs with Plum Sauce$14.50


Steak with Bean Shoot$14.50
Steak with Black Bean Sauce$14.50
Steak with Cashew Nut$16.00
Steak with Curry Sauce$14.50
Steak with Oyster Sauce$14.50
Steak with Peking Sauce$16.00
Steak with Satay Sauce$14.50
Steak with Seasonal Vegetables$14.50
Steak with Tomato Sauce$14.50
Honey & Pepper Eye Fillet Steak$23.00
Mongolian Beef (Spicy)$16.00

Sweet & Sour

BBQ Pork Sweet Sour with Pineapple$14.50
Chicken Sweet & Sour with Pineapple$14.50
Combination Sweet & Sour$19.00
Sweet & Sour Chicken in Batter$14.50
Sweet & Sour Fish in Batter$17.00
Sweet & Sour Pork in Batter$14.50
Sweet & Sour Prawn in Batter$22.00
Sweet & Sour Scallop in Batter$24.00


BBQ Pork Chow Mein$15.50
Combination Chow Mein$20.00
Curry Chicken Chow Mein$15.50
Sliced Chicken Chow Mein$15.50
King Prawn Chow Mein$23.00
Sliced Fish Chow Mein$18.00
Sliced Steak Chow Mein$15.50
Stir Fried Ho Fun with Beef$13.50
Char Kwai Teow$13.50


Duck with Lemon Sauce in Batter$20.50
West Lake Duck$20.50
Steamed Duck with Oyster Sauce$20.50
Steamed Duck with Seasonal Vegetables$20.50
Roast Duck Meat with Vegetables$23.00

Vegetarian Main Courses

Mixed Vegetables - Large$13.00
Mixed Vegetables - Small$11.00
Fried Bean Curd with Oyster Sauce$13.50
Bok Choi with Chinese Mushroom$15.50
Chinese Broccoli with Oyster Sauce$13.50
Spicy Fried Bean Curd with Salt & Pepper$13.50


Banana Fritter with Ice Cream$6.00
Banana Split$6.00
Fried Ice Cream$7.00
Pineapple Fritter with Ice Cream$6.00
Mango Pudding$6.00

Soft Drinks

Coke (Per 375ml. Can)$2.80
Lemonade (Per 375ml. Can)$2.80
Fanta (Per 375ml. Can)$2.80
Coke (Per 1.25 L)$5.00
Lemonade (Per 1.25 L)$5.00

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