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V- vegetarian vv-vegan vvo-vegan option gf gtuten free n-contains nuts.
Indo Chinese spicy and tangy paneer cubes
Samosa (V, VVO) 2pcs
Pomegranate & green mango powder spiced potato, peas, crisp pastry, chutney.
Tandoori Chicken GF 4pcs
chicken marinated in tandoori masala & mint chutney
Onion Bhaji (GF, V, VV) 4pcs
Crispy onion fritters with homemade chutney.
Soya Chaamp (GF, V) 6pcs
Morsels of soya marinated with tangy green coriander and mint paste.
Papdi Chaat ( V ,VVO)
Masti Style nachos with lip-smacking chutneys, a must try
Honey Chili Cauliflower (V, VVO. GFO) 6pcs
Crisp cauliflower coated with sesame seed, honey, chilli, spring onion.
Bhatti Ka Paneer (GF, V) 6pcs
Cottage cheese marinated with home ground spices cooked over glowing embers.
Amritsari Fish (GF) 5pcs
Batter fried fish from amritsar, the answer lies in it’s ‘marination‘.
Chicken Tikka (GF) 3pcs
Free range boneless chicken fillets marinated in spices.

Curries -500ml

V- vegetarian vv-vegan vvo-vegan option gf gtuten free n-contains nuts.
Aloo Baingan GF, V, VV
Potato Eggplant curry, very popular North Indian vegan dish.
Chickpea Vindaloo GF, V, VV
Chickpea in Goan style, yes it's Vegan!
Dal Tadka GF, V, VV
Masoor, split red lentils, classic and amazingly delightful.
Khatta Meeta Kaddu GF, V, VV
Butternut pumpkin cooked with roast cumin and green mango dust.
prawn in onion, tomato, cashew spiced curry sauce. Crowd-pleasing curry
Punjabi Butter Chicken (GF)
Tender chicken pieces in makhani sauce, traditional style.
Chicken Tikka Masala (GF, N)
Roasted chicken in onion, tomato, cashew spiced curry sauce. Crowd-pleasing curry.
Lamb Rogan Josh (GF)
Leg of lamb, fennel seed, black cardamom, bay leaf and cloves.
Lamb Madras (GF)
Leg of lamb tempered with curry leaves and coconut.
Beef Vindaloo (GF)
Beef simmered with garlic & apple cider vinegar. Goan style.
Beef Bombay (GF ,N)
Tender beef in cashew enrich gravy with yukon gold potato.
House Dal (GF, V)
Black lentils, ginger, garlic & garm masala slow sillered.
Anjeer Kofta (GF, V, N)
Fig & pomegranate kofta, cashew & shallot curry. Certainly not just for vegetarians.
Bhindi Do Pyaza (GF, V, VV)
Spicy indian stir-fried okra and onion, a delectable veggie marriage made in heaven.
Palak Paneer (GF, V)
Soft cottage cheese cubes in a mild spiced smooth spinach sauce.
Khadai Paneer (GF, V)
Paneer cooked with bell pepper, tomato, coriander seeds.
Diwani Handi (GF, V, VV)
Harmony of mixed baby vegetables with assorted spices.


Vegan Butter Naan$5.00
Vegan Chive Naan$5.00
Vegan Garlic Naan$5.00
Vegan Garlic Naan (VEGAN NAAN)$5.00
Vegan Green Chilli Naan$5.00
Vegan Onion Seed Naan$5.00
Vegan Red Chilli Naan$5.00
Vegan Seaseme$5.00
Vegan Plain Naan$5.00


V- vegetarian vv-vegan vvo-vegan option gf gtuten free n-contains nuts.
Roti Vegan
Wholemeal flat tandoori bread.
Naan ( (Vegan Option )
Plain floor tandoori bread.

Naan (Vegan Option )
Choice of butter, garlic, chive, sesame, onion seed or chili naan (red or green).
Masala Kulcha
Stuffed bread with spiced peas, potatoes & cottage cheese.
Spiced Lamb Kulcha
Stuffed bread with lamb mince.
Lacha Prantha
Wholemeal layered butter bread.
Kashmiri Naan
Stuffed bread with almond, raisin & coconut.
Cheese Naan
Stuffed with onion, cheddar cheese, chilli.
Rosemary Naan
Naan stuffed with beetroot, goat cheese, rosemary.
Gluten Free Roti
Rice & lentil flour with psyllium husk.

Sweet Talk

Gulab Jamun
Indian donuts.
Mango Lassi GF
Saffron mango & cardamom lassi.


500 ml containers
Rice (GF)
Saffron rice.
Coconut Pulao (GF ,N)
Sweet pulao loaded with the goodness of coconut and dry fruits.
Veg Biryani (GF)
Seasonal vegetable, steam rice, mint, spices and saffron.
Dum Biryani Chicken (GF)
Basmati rice, boneless chicken marinated with herbs & spices, cooked on dum. A classic dish of mughal era.
Dum Biryani Lamb (GF)
Basmati rice, boneless lamb marinated with herbs & spices, cooked on dum. A classic dish of mughal era.

Soft Drinks



Garden Salad

Lettuce, cucumber, tomato, carrot, onion with dash of lemon
Masala Fries$10.00
Masala Onion Salad

onion, chat masala, black salt, coriander
Raita -280ml

Yogurt with cucumber, roasted cumin

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