Masuya Suisan Menu Prices Australia

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Deluxe Teriyaki Salmon$28.80
Deluxe Pork Katsu Bento$29.80
Deluxe Steak Bento$38.80
Deluxe Chicken Katsu Bento$28.80
Deluxe Eel Bento$34.80


Chicken Katsu Donburi$15.50
Pork Katsu Donburi$16.50
Deluxe Chicken Katsu Bento (Bento)$28.80
Deluxe Ginger Pork Bento$27.80
Deluxe Steak Bento (Bento)$38.80
Deluxe Eel Bento (Bento)$34.80
Deluxe Pork Katsu Bento (Bento)$29.80
Deluxe Teriyaki Salmon (Bento)$28.80


Salmon Sushi 5pcs
Salmon sushi.
Salmon Sushi 10pcs
Salmon sashimi.
Aburi Salmon Sushi 5pcs$16.80
Aburi Salmon Sushi 10pcs$30.80

Ala Carte

Boil green soybeans.
Agedashi Tofu
Deep fried tofu with tempura sauce.
Tofu Steak
Fried tofu steak with teriyaki sauce.
Spicy deep fried chicken marinated with ginger and garlic.
Teri Vege
Stir fried mixed vegetable with teriyaki sauce.
Chicken Katsu
Deep fried chicken cutlet.
Pork Katsu
Deep fried pork loin cutlet.
Namban Chicken
Deep fried chicken. Served with sweet and sour sauce.
Seafood Udon$22.80
Wagyu Udon$21.80
Vegetable Udon$15.80
Pork Udon$18.80

Hotpot and Sukiyaki

Wagyu Snow
Garlic soy milk soup base hotpot. Inside wagyu beef slices, cabbages, vegetable, mushroom, shallot and fish balls.
Hakata Chanko
Pork soy milk soup base hotpot. Inside pork belly slices, muscle, prawns, salmon fin, scallops, cabbages, vegetable, mushroom and shallot.
Wagyu Sukiyaki
David Blackmore full blood 9+ bolar blade 500g cook in sweet soy sauce and mixed vegetables.


Salmon Sashimi 5pcs$12.80
Salmon Sashimi 10pcs$25.00

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