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Pan fried pork and cabbage dumplings.
Chicken Katsu Curry rice$16.00
Miso Shiru
Traditional soya bean soup.
Boiled soybeans on the pod.


Gyoza (Entree)$12.00
Beef Tataki
Raw beef slices in garlic and wine sauce served with the raw egg.
Mini seafood spring rolls.
Chicken skewers with teriyaki sauce.
Agedashi Tofu
Crispy fried tofu. Served with shaved bonito in ginger and light soy sauce.
Octopus ball topped with Japanese BBQ sauce, mayonnaise and shaved bonito.
Prawn, fish and vegetables in light batter.
Tuna Tataki
Lightly seared fresh tuna slices with garlic and wine sauce.
4 pieces. Fresh oysters with lemon ponzu sauce.
Cold spinach with sesame sauce topped with bonito flakes.
Soft Shell Crab Karaage
Deep fried soft shell crab in the light batter. Served with salad and chilli mayonnaise.
Kaki Fry
Deep fried crumbed oyster with Japanese BBQ sauce and mustard.
Deep fried vegetable potato cake with Japanese BBQ sauce.
Ika Geso Age
Deep fried spicy squid tentacles.
Vinegared sliced octopus topped with seaweed salad.
Grilled slices of ox tongue.
Salmon Collars (2pcs with rice)
Pan fried crispy salmon collars with steam rice

Main Course

Traditional Japanese meal box. Served with chicken, tempura, sashimi, rice, and other delicacies.
Seafood Bento
A variety of seafood served in a Japanese meal box.
Seafood Teppanyaki
Prawns, scallop, fish, mussel, and squid cooked in garlic butter served on hot plate.
Wafu Steak
Succulent beef eye fillet cooked in fruity wafu sauce served on hot plate.
Teriyaki Chicken
Tender thigh fillet cooked in teriyaki sauce.
Teriyaki Beef
Sliced porterhouse beef cooked in teriyaki sauce.
Thick tender pork loin coated with breadcrumbs served with salad.
Chicken Karaage
Chicken thigh fillet deep fried and seasoned in a ginger batter served with salad.
Prawn Tempura
Eight pieces.
Tofu Steak
Fried bean curd cooked in teriyaki sauce with mushrooms and onion served on hot plate.
Crumbed chicken served with salad

Sushi and Sashimi

Sushi Entree
Chefs selection of assorted or salmon only nigiri and maki rolls.
Sushi Main$27.00
Sashimi Entree
Assorted (or salmon only) raw fish slices with wasabi and soya.
Sashimi Main$30.00
Combination of sushi, sashimi, and seaweed rice rolls.
Unagi Sushi
6 pieces grilled eel on top of vinegared rice.
Inari Sushi
Four pieces of sweet bean curd with seasoned vinegared rice.

Sushi Maki

California Roll
Crab meat, cucumber, avocado, carrot and mayonnaise.
Deluxe California Roll
Fresh salmon, cucumber, avocado, flying fish roe and mayonnaise.
Matsu Maki
Eight pieces inside out rolls with fresh tuna, cucumber, avocado and flying fish roe.
Spicy Salmon Roll
Six pieces inside out rolls with fresh salmon, cucumber, avocado and spicy mayonnaise.
Avocado Ebi Roll
Inside out rolls with prawn, cucumber, avocado and mayonnaise.
Teriyaki Chicken Roll
Teriyaki chicken, cucumber and avocado.
Tempura Prawn Roll
Inside out rolls with tempura prawn, cucumber, avocado, flying fish roe and mayonnaise.
Hoso Maki
Small vegetable seaweed rice rolls.
Matsu maki(salmon)
8pcs inside out rolls with salmon, cucumber, avocado&flying fish roe
Avocado Maki$5.00
Sake maki
Small salmon seaweed rice roll
Kappa Maki
Small vegetable seaweed rice roll with cucumber
vegetarian california roll
carrot, avocado,cucumber seaweed rice rolls

Rice and Noodles

Una Don
Grilled eel on rice with a thick and sweetened soya sauce.
Gyu Don
Sliced beef, onion, and carrot cooked with sukiyaki sauce on rice.
Yakiniku Don
Tender beef slices and onion with fruity wafu sauce on side.
Beef Curry Rice
Sliced beef, carrot, and potato cooked in Japanese curry on rice.
Katsu Don
Crumbed pork, egg and onion cooked with sukiyaki sauce on rice.
Beef Curry Udon
Japanese beef curry on udon noodle.
Stir fried thick noodle with vegetables in Japanese noodle sauce.
Chicken Katsu Curry rice (Rice and Noodles)$16.00
Chicken Katsu Curry Udon$17.00
Teriyaki chicken on rice
Vegetarian Curry Rice
carrot, potatoes, and bean curds in Japanese curry on rice.
Pork Katsu curry
Crumbled pork ,carrot, potato with Japanese curry
vegetarian yakisoba
stir fried thick noole with vegetables in japanese noodle sauce.
Chicken Don
Crumbed chicken , egg, and onion cooked with sukiyaki sauce


Miso Shiru (Soup)$4.00
Osuimono Soup
Fish, chicken, seaweed and mushroom clear soup.

Side Orders

Edamame (Side Orders)$5.00
Yasai Itame
Stir fried mixed vegetables.
Kaiso Salad
Japanese seaweed salad.
House Salad
Mixed greens with wafu dressing.
Ika Salad
Spicy squid salad.
Teppanyaki fried rice with egg.
Steamed rice.


Japanese rice cake with assorted fillings. Served with vanilla ice cream and fruit.
Japanese red bean pancake. Served with vanilla ice cream and fruit.
Tempura Banana and Vanilla Ice Cream$8.00
Fresh Fruit Platter$8.00
Dessert Moriawase
Vanilla ice cream with red bean paste, agar jelly, Japanese rice cake and fruit.
Green tea ice cream$4.80
Black sesame ice cream$4.80


Japanese flavored lemonade(peach)$4.50
Ice Tea(green tea no sugar)$4.50
Calpico grape soda$4.50
Calpis Milky Soda$4.50
coke (drinks)$4.50
coke zero$4.50
coke diet$4.50
Japanese flavored lemonade (blue hawahii)$4.50
Japanese flavored lemonade(melon)$4.50
Ice tea(peach)$4.50
Ice tea(lemon)$4.50
Mount frankin watwer$2.50

Single-Use Items


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