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Rocket and Parmesan Salad$6.50
Lamb Risotto (GF)
Braised pulled lamb, mushrooms, spinach, roasted capsicum and onion
Lamb Shanks
Slow cooked in a pomodoro and red wine sauce. Served with mashed potato and seasonal vegetables
Homemade cannelloni filled with spinach and ricotta, topped with Napoli sauce and parmesan cheese.
Coca Cola
385 ml bottle


Garlic Bread$7.00
Lightly fried crumbed haloumi cheese. Served with fig jam and lemon.
Arancini Balls
Rice balls filled with tomato, basil and grana padano. Served with rocket and capsicum salad and basil aioli.
Baked Mushroom
Oven baked with feta, herbs, garlic and panko crumbs.
Lightly fried calamari dusted in rice flour and lemon. Served with rocket and parmesan salad and sriracha aioli


Haloumi Salad
Lightly fried crumbed haloumi cheese, watermelon, rocket, avocado, fig jam and balsamic dressing
Classic Caesar
Grilled chicken fillets with bacon, cos lettuce, poached egg, croutons, anchovies, parmesan and caesar dressing
Cajun Chicken
Cajun spiced grilled chicken fillets with tomatoes, avocado, beetroot and honey mustard dressing


Margherita Pizza
San Marzano tomato salsa, fior di latte, basil and olive oil
Diavola Pizza
San Marzano tomato salsa, fior di latte, basil, soppressa salami and fresh chilli.
San Marzano tomato salsa, fior di latte, basil, olives, capers, anchovies and oregano
Capricciosa Pizza
San Marzano tomato salsa, fior di latte, basil, leg ham, olives, mushrooms and artichokes.
Capricciosa Pizza (Pizza)$24.00
Rucola Crudo
San Marzano tomato salsa, fior di latte, prosciutto di parma, cherry tomatoes, grana padano, basil, rocket and olive oil.
Fior di latte, Italian sausage, smoked cheese, porcini mushrooms and thyme
San Marzano tomato salsa, fior di latte, roasted eggplant, roasted zucchini, mushrooms, peppers, basil and grana padano
4 Formaggi Pizza
Fior di latte, gorgonzola, smoked cheese, grana padano and basil.
Frutti Di Mare
Fior di latte, garlic oil, finest selection of seafood, cherry tomatoes and parsley.
Zucca Pizza
Fior di latte, roasted pumpkin, goats cheese, pine nuts, cherry tomatoes and basil
Homemade pesto, marinated chicken, smoked cheese, sun-dried tomatoes
Lamb Pizza
San Marzano tomato salsa, fior di latte, marinated lamb, red onion, olives, mint yoghurt and thyme
Ham and Pineapple Pizza
San Marzano tomato salsa, fior di latte, leg ham, pineapple and basil.
San Marzano tomato salsa, fior di latte, basil, olive oil


Spaghetti and Meatballs
Pork and beef meatballs in a fresh tomato, basil and thyme sauce
Penne Pesto
Pine nuts, fresh basil, fire roasted peppers, sweet potatoes and spinach in a creamy herb sauce
Fettuccini Carbonara
Bacon, egg, onions and mushrooms in a creamy garlic sauce.
Goat’s Cheese Spaghetti
Pancetta, mushroom and goat’s cheese, tossed with olive oil, herbs and chilli.
Spanish Fettuccini
Prawns, chorizo, red peppers, capers, spanish onion, fresh tomato, garlic, olive oil and herbs.
Spanish Fettuccini (Pasta)$27.00
Spaghetti Pescatore
The finest selection of seafood, flamed in olive oil, garlic and herbs with napoli sauce.
Spaghetti Pescatore (Pasta)$29.00
Penne Pollo Funghi
Grilled chicken pieces, mushrooms and diced avocado in a cream based sauce.
Gnocchi Gorgonzola
Homemade pumpkin gnocchi in a creamy gorgonzola sauce with baby spinach and toasted walnuts
Homemade Pumpkin Gnocchi
Roasted capsicum, spanish onion, spinach, basil and mozzarella in a Napoli sauce
Cannelloni (Pasta)$24.00
Penne Matriciana
Bacon, red onion, capsicum, olives, chilli and garlic. Tossed in a spicy Napoli sauce
Spaghetti Salsiccia
Pork and fennel sausage, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, chilli, olive oil


Prawn and Scallop Risotto (GF)Tiger prawns and scallops tossed with cherry tomatoes, fresh chilli, dill and white wine$29.00
Lamb Risotto (GF) (Risotto)$25.00
Beetroot and walnut
Beetroot, toasted walnuts and a gorgonzola sauce


Veal Scaloppini (GF)
Pan cooked baby veal in a white wine sauce with mashed potato and seasonal vegetables
Chicken Max
Chicken breast rolled with camembert cheese, basil and spinach. Served with a beetroot, walnut and gorgonzola risotto
Chicken Parmigiana
Chicken breast topped with tomato and grated mozzarella cheese. Served with chips and salad.
Grilled barramundi fillet served with sweet potato mash, broccolini and a lemon and herb sauce
Pork Belly
Rolled with a pork and fennel sausage with mashed potato, spinach, red wine jus and apple and fennel chutney.
Calamari (Mains)
Lightly fried calamari dusted in rice flour and lemon. Served with chips, salad and sriracha aioli
Lamb Shanks (Mains)$31.00

The Chargrill

Char Grilled Kangaroo
South Australian kangaroo loin, char grilled medium rare with sweet potato mash, seasonal vegetables and peppered plum sauce


Beef Burger
Premium Australian beef patty, lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese and house-made herb aioli. Served with chips.


Rocket and Parmesan Salad (Sides)$6.50
Seasonal Vegetables$6.50


Nutella Pizza
Served with strawberries.


Coca Cola (Drinks)$5.00
Aranciata Flavoured Mineral Water
Santa Vittoria 250 ml
Limonata Mineral Water$4.50
Aranciata Rossa Mineral Water$4.50
Chinotto Mineral Water$4.50

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