Max’s Corner Menu Prices

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Soup of the Day
Soup with home made bread rolls.
Served with napoli sauce and shaved parmesan.
On woodfired garlic pizza base topped w/diced fresh tomato, basil & bocconcini - drizzled w/ balsamic reduction.
Calamari Fritti
Served w/ fresh roquette & aioli, lemon & a side of chips.
Bowl of Chips
Served w/ max's homemade gravy.
Bowl of Seasoned Wedges
Served w/ sour cream & sweet chilli sauce.
Garlic and Herb Pizza$12.00
Spicy Buffalo Wings
Served w/ fresh roquette and your choice of dipping sauce; blue cheese or southern.
Corn chips, mild tomato salsa, cheese, jalapeno topped w/ sour cream & guacamole.


Greek Salad
Mixed lettuce, danish fetta, cucumber, tomato, red onion & olive w/ oil balsamic dressing.
Caesar Salad
Cos lettuce, croutons, bacon, anchovie, egg, parmesan & homemade caesar dressing.
Garden Salad
W/ mixed lettuce, cucumber, onion, tomato, olive & balsamic dressing.
Beetroot and Spinach
W/ cherry tomato, red onion & e. V. O dressing.
Kale Salad
W/ avocado, broccoli, mung sprouts, green chilli, pumpkin seeds, & goji berries.

Wraps and Focaccia's

Chicken Wrap
Chicken, avocado, lettuce, aioli served w/ side of chips.
Lamb Wrap
Mixed lettuce, cheese, onion, tomato, cucumber & tzatziki served w/ side of chips.
Chicken Caesar Wrap
Chicken schnitzel strips w/ lettuce, bacon, cheese & aioli served w/ side of chips.
Proscuito Parma Foccacia
San danielle proscuitto, roquette & bocconcini served w/ side of chips.
Chicken Schnitzel Foccacia
Lettuce, tomato, cheese, onion & aioli served w/ side of chips.
Max's Veggie Foccacia
Capsicum, red onion, pesto, roasted pumpkin & spinach served w/ side of chips.

Burgers & Souvlakis

Mississippi Chicken Burger
Buttermilk fried chicken, cheese, avocado, jalapeno, cabbage & carrot slaw with spicy mayo served with chips.
American Dream Beef Burger
Bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion rings and cheese topped w/ spicy bbq sauce and side of chips.
Pulled Pork Burger
With coleslaw, cheese & bbq sauce - served w/ side of chips.
Slow Cooked Lamb Burger
With roquette, grilled red pepper, , onion, cheese and a moroccan sauce served with chips.
Vegetarian Burger
With homemade veggie pattie, roquette, avocado, onion, halloumi topped w/ southern sauce & served wi side of chips.

Pasta & Risotto

Napoli (Fettuccine)
Homemade peeled tomato sauce w/ fresh basil.
Napoli (Gluten Free Casarecce)$26.00
Napoli (Gnocchi)$22.00
Napoli (Penne)$22.00
Napoli (Spaghetti)$22.00
Bolognese (Fettuccine)
Traditional homemade beef bolognese.
Bolognese (Gluten Free Casarecce)$26.00
Bolognese (Gnocchi)$22.00
Bolognese (Penne)$22.00
Bolognese (Spaghetti)$22.00
Carbonara (Fettuccine)
Spring onion, pan fried bacon in cream sauce topped w/ egg yolk and shaved parmesan.
Carbonara (Gluten Free Casarecce)$27.00
Carbonara (Gnocchi)$23.00
Carbonara (Penne)$23.00
Carbonara (Spaghetti)$23.00
Pollo Funghi (Fettuccine)
Pan-fried chicken, mushroom & spring onion in a cream sauce.
Pollo Funghi (Gluten Free Casarecce)$27.00
Pollo Funghi (Gnocchi)$23.00
Pollo Funghi (Penne)$23.00
Pollo Funghi (Spaghetti)$23.00
Pescatore (Fettuccine)
Mixed fresh seafood, diced tomato & spring onion cooked in white wine, garlic & e. V. O.
Pescatore (Gluten Free Casarecce)$31.00
Pescatore (Gnocchi)$27.00
Pescatore (Penne)$27.00
Pescatore (Spaghetti)$27.00
Alle Vongole (Fettuccine)
Sauteed fresh clams w/ chilli, fresh diced tomato & parsley in white wine, garlic & e. V. O.
Alle Vongole (Gluten Free Casarecce)$29.00
Alle Vongole (Gnocchi)$25.00
Alle Vongole (Penne)$25.00
Alle Vongole (Spaghetti)$25.00
Chicken and Mushroom Risotto (Fettuccine)
Pan fried chicken, mushroom & spring onion topped with shaved parmesan.
Chicken and Mushroom Risotto (Gluten Free Casarecce)$26.00
Chicken and Mushroom Risotto (Gnocchi)$22.00
Chicken and Mushroom Risotto (Penne)$22.00
Chicken and Mushroom Risotto (Spaghetti)$22.00
Vegetarian Risott (Fettuccine)
Mixed roasted vegetables and spinach tossed in napoli w/ touch of garlic.
Vegetarian Risott (Gluten Free Casarecce)$26.00
Vegetarian Risott (Gnocchi)$22.00
Vegetarian Risott (Penne)$22.00
Vegetarian Risott (Spaghetti)$22.00
Alla Sorrentina (Fettuccine)
Napoli sauce topped w/ bocconcini.
Alla Sorrentina (Gluten Free Casarecce)$27.00
Alla Sorrentina (Gnocchi)$23.00
Alla Sorrentina (Penne)$23.00
Alla Sorrentina (Spaghetti)$23.00
Gnocchi Gratinati Zucca (Fettuccine)
Au gratin homemade potato gnocchi sauteed in pumpkin sauce w/ mozzarella & parmesan.
Gnocchi Gratinati Zucca (Gluten Free Casarecce)$28.00
Gnocchi Gratinati Zucca (Gnocchi)$24.00
Gnocchi Gratinati Zucca (Penne)$24.00
Gnocchi Gratinati Zucca (Spaghetti)$24.00
Lasagna Tradizionale
Traditional homemade beef lasagna.

Souv and Schnitz

Chicken Parmigiana
Grilled chicken schnitzel topped w/ napoli, mozzarella cheese - w/ your choice of sides.
Chicken Schnitzel
Grilled crumbed chicken breast served w/ your choice of sides.
Open Chicken Souvlaki
Grilled chicken on open pita bread w/ garden salad & tzatziki & side of chips.
Open Lamb Souvlaki
Grilled lamb on open pita bread w/ garden salad & tzatziki & side of chips.
Open Mixed Souvlaki
Grilled lamb & chicken on open pita bread w/ garden salad & tzatziki & side of chips.

Woodfired Pizza (Red Base)

Margherita Pizza
Tomato base, bocconcini, basil, e. V. O.
Napoletana Pizza
Tomato base, bocconcini, capers & anchovies.
Hawaiian Pizza
Tomato base topped w/ ham, pineapple & bocconcini.
Cheeky Max's Pizza
Tomato base topped w/ ham, spinach, red onion, olive, bocconcini & feta cheese.
Tomato base, calabrese salami & bocconcini.
Capricciosa Pizza
Tomato base topped w/ ham, mushroom bocconcini, artichoke & olives.
Bbq Chicken Pizza
Tomato base, grilled chicken, bocconcini & bbq sauce.
Tandoori Chicken
Tomato base, bocconcini, roquette, red onion & tzatziki.

Woodfired Pizza (White Base)

Max's Lamb Pizza
Lamb, fresh roquette, diced tomato, onion & tzatziki.
Bosca Pizza
Italian pork sausage, bocconcini & porcini mushroom.
San Daniele Proscuitto Pizza
Bocconcini, roquette, cherry tomato, san daniele proscuitto & shaved parmesan.
Potato and Rosemary Pizza
Bocconcini, roasted potato, pork pancetta, rosemary & onion.
Veggie Sensation Pizza
Topped w/ seasonal roasted veg & bocconcini cheese.

Kids Menu

Kids Chips
Served w/ side sauce.
Kis Wedges$10.00
Battered Flathead Fillet
Served w/ side of chips.
Kids Ham and Pineapple Pizza$14.00
Kid Margherita Pizza$14.00
Kids Beef Lasagna$14.00
Kids Penne Pasta
Served with a selection of bolognese or napoli.


Apple Crumble
Homemade. Served wi a scoop of gelato ice cream.
Strawberry | bananna | caramelised apple served w/ your choice of gelato ice cream.
Chocolate Mousse$14.00
Nutella Pizza
Topped w/ fresh strawberries and served w/ your choice of gelato ice cream.


Soft Drinks$4.50
Vittoria Sparkling Water (Large)$8.50
Vittoria Sparkling Water (Small)$4.50
Santa Vittoria Flavoured Drinks$4.50

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