Maya Da Dhaba Menu Prices

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Most Popular

Egg Curry
Boiled egg gravy in onion and tomato sauce with a touch of ginger and garlic slices finished with fresh coriander.
Aloo Tikki Chat
Crisp fried potatoes,along with curried chickpeas,yoghurt and tamarind chutney and topped with chat masala, onion and coriander.


Steamed long grain basmati rice.
Butter Chicken
Chicken Makhani. A mild dish cooked in a rich creamy, tomato based sauce with spices and cream.
100% organic wholemeal flour.


Dhaba Platter
Serves two people. Tender chicken fillets marinated in yoghurt with dry herbs, spices and char grilled in tandoor.
Vegetarian Platter
Serves two people. Onion bhaji, kaju kebab and vegetable samosa.


Vegetable Samosa
Lightly spiced potatoes and peas filling wrapped in homemade pastry and served crisp.
Onion Bhaji
Sliced onion coated in spiced besan (chickpea flour) batter and served crisp.
Tandoori Paneer Shashliq
Cottage cheese (paneer) marinated with herbs, spices, capsicum and onion skewered and char grilled in tandoor.
Vegetable Cutlet
Seasoned mashed vegetables with paneer (cottage cheese) then coated with semolina and deep fried.
Kaju Kebab
Seasoned pureed potato kebab, mixed with paneer, coated with crushed cashew nuts and served crisp.
Mixed Pakoras
Seasonal vegetables rubbed with turmeric, chilli, dipped in chickpea batter and crispy fried.
Chooza Tikka
Tender chicken fillets marinated in yoghurt with dry herbs, spices and char grilled in tandoor.
Adraki Lamb Chops
Four pieces. Lamb cutlet marinated overnight with Kashmiri spices, garlic and ginger. Skewered and grilled in tandoor.
Seekh Kebab
Minced lamb, infused with chopped chillies, ginger, garlic, coriander then skewered and cooked in tandoor.
Fish Tikka
Fish fillets marinated in mild spices and grilled in the tandoor.
Masala Calamari
Strips of calamari dipped in flour, spices, chilli and served crisp.
Tandoori Prawns
King prawns marinated with whole spices, herbs, yoghurt, skewered with onions, capsicum and char grilled in tandoor.
Tandoori Prawns (Entrees)$24.90
Prawns Gulnar
Succulent king prawns, coated in garlic, dipped in spiced batter and crispy fried.
Prawns Gulnar (Entrees)$24.90
Malai Tikka
Tender chicken fillets marinated with cardamon, mace, cream cheese, white pepper, garlic, black salt and char grilled in tandoor.
Amritsari Fish
Fish fillets marinated in special blend of spices, coated with chickpea flour and served crisp.
Tandoori Chicken
Chicken on the bone marinated in yoghurt, traditional spices and cooked in tandoor.
Tandoori Chicken (Entrees)$9.90
Chicken 65
Chargrilled chicken strips cooked in south Indian style with curry leaves and coconut cream with fresh chilies and coriander.
Chicken 65 (Entrees)$19.90


Paneer Ka Salan
Strips of paneer (cottage cheese) sauteed with capsicum, onions, spices and finished with fresh tomatoes and coriander.
Paneer Makhani
Paneer and peas simmered in creamy tomato based sauce.
Saag Paneer
Perfect combination of creamed English spinach cooked with fresh tomatoes, mild spices and homemade cottage paneer.
Saag Paneer (Vegetarian)$14.90
Najuk Kofta
Croquettes of cottage cheese, potato, cashew nuts and spices, simmered in a sauce of crushed tomatoes, almond meal and cream sauce.
Navrattan Korma
Fresh seasonal vegetables, cashew nuts, raisins and cubes of sauteed paneer simmered in almond meal sauce and finished off with a touch of cream.
Dal Makhani
Lentils cooked Maya Dhaba style.
Dal Makhani (Vegetarian)$13.90
Channa Jhor Garam
Kashmiri style hot and spicy chickpeas prepared with fresh herbs, garlic, tomatoes and onions and tossed in a spicy sauce with lemon juice and green chillies.
Punjabi Baingan
Baby eggplant pan fried and cooked with onions, tomato, chilies and then finished with coriander.
Shabnam Curry
Fresh mushrooms and peas simmered in cashew and almond meal sauce and topped up with a touch of cream.
Bombay Aloo
Potatoes tempered with cumin seeds, aromatic spices, tomatoes and coriander.
Khumb Palak
Sauteed mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, and ginger with aromatic spices and finished with wilted spinach.
Aloo Matar
Peas and potatoes slow cooked in a savory sauce of tomatoes, onion, herbs and tempered with roasted cumin and fenugreek.
Aloo Gobi Masala
Potatoes and cauliflower sauteed with onion, tomatoes and herbs.
Dal Tadka
Yellow lentils cooked with a touch of red chilli and cumin seeds in ghee.
Kadai Paneer$14.90

Specialities and Makhani Dishes

Chicken Chettinad$16.90
Goat Masala
On the bone goat cooked traditional Punjabi style with whole spices, tomatoes, onions and coriander.
Kadai Chicken
Chicken cooked with capsicum, onions and finished with tomatoes and coriander.
Goan Fish Curry
Fish fillets cooked goan style with a touch of coconut milk.
Butter Chicken (Specialities and Makhani Dishes)$16.90

Bhuna and Tikka Masala Dishes

Bhuna Dish
A medium hot dish cooked with tomato, capsicum and onion in a thick sauce.
Rogan Josh
A medium North Indian style dish cooked with fresh spices and garnished with tomatoes, onions and coriander.
Chicken Jhalfrezi
A mild dish cooked with tomatoes, onions, mixed vegetables and finished with lemon juice.
A mild dish with ground cashew nuts and fresh cream sauce.
Tikka Masala
Cooked with capsicum, onions and shallots, sauteed with crushed tomatoes, fenugreek and black peppers.

Saag Dishes

A medium hot dish cooked with fresh English spinach, fenugreek, onions and garlic.
Vindaloo Dishes
A fairly hot spicy dish cooked Goan Style, with vinegar and chillies .
Malabar Dishes
A medium to hot curry, cooked with aromatic spices, mustard seeds and finished in coconut milk.
Lamb Madras
Lamb cooked in rich sour medium hot gravy with a delicate blend of aromatic spices.
Chicken Madras
Chicken cooked in rich sour medium hot gravy with a delicate blend of aromatic spices.
Prawn Madras
Prawn cooked in rich sour medium hot gravy with a delicate blend of aromatic spices.

Side Dishes

Diced Cucumber and Onion Salad$3.50
Cucumber Raita$3.90
Mango Chutney$3.90
Mixed Pickle$3.90
Sliced Salad$6.90
Pappadams (Side Dishes)$2.50


Naan (Breads)$2.90
Roti (Breads)$2.90
Assorted Bread Basket
Roti, garlic naan, aloo paratha, cheese naan and Kashmiri naan.


Pulao (Rice)$2.90
Jeera Pulao
Rice cooked flavoured with cumin seeds and peas.
Kashmiri Pulao
Rice cooked with saffron, dried fruit and nuts.
Dum Vegetable Biryani
Rice cooked with seasonal vegetables, whole spices, saffron and mint.
Dum Chicken Biryani
Rice cooked with chicken, whole spices, saffron and mint.
Dum lamb Biryani
Rice cooked with lamb in dum pukht style (slow fire cooking).
Dum Goat Biryani
On the bone goat marinated overnight with whole spices and cooked with rice, saffron and mint.
Prawn Biryani$24.90

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