Maya Vegetarian Menu Prices

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Tuesday Specials

Saag Methi Mushroom (Large)$16.90
Saag Methi Mushroom (Medium)$13.90
Saag Methi Mushroom (Small)$8.90
Maharani Dal (Large)$16.90
Maharani Dal (Medium)$13.90
Maharani Dal (Small)$8.90
Aloo Gobi (Large)$16.90
Aloo Gobi (Medium)$13.90
Aloo Gobi (Small)$8.90
Paneer Capsicum (Large)$16.90
Paneer Capsicum (Medium)$13.90
Paneer Capsicum (Small)$8.90

$10 Dish

Bread Pakora (2)
Vegan. Medium. Much loved snack of deep fried and savory bread fritters, stuffed with mashed potato and dipped in a spiced batter of gram flour, served with tamarind chutney.
Sesame Crusted Croquettes (3)
Mild. Mildly spiced potato and cottage cheese croquettes stuffed with raisins and cashews, rolled in toasted sesame seeds, served with chutney.


Vada Pav (2)
Medium. Vegan option available. Spicy potato patty served in a tasty bun, with home style chutneys & crispy fried green chili.
Spiced eggplant wedges
Vegan. Gluten Free. Medium. Crispy, delightful wedges of warmly spiced eggplant, served with tamarind chutney.
Idli (3)
Vegan. Mild. A healthy meal! A bowl of tangy lentil and tamarind broth served with steamed savory rice and lentil cakes. Tomato and coconut chutneys too!
Idli and Vada Combo (3)
Vegan. Gluten Free. Mild. A delicious combo of idli and savory doughnut style vada, served with tangy lentil and tamarind broth with chutneys on the side.
Vada Sambhar (3)
Vegan. Gluten Free. Mild. Delicious savory doughnut style vadas, served with tangy lentil and tamarind broth with chutneys on the side.
Kale and Onion Bhaji
A classic with a twist! Crunchy fritters bound together with lightly spiced and fragrant batter. Served with tamarind sauce.
Pav Bhaji (2)
Medium. A famous street food delight! Colorful curry of mixed vegetables, served with crusty pan-fried pav bread to lap up every mouthful.
Samosa (2)
Vegan. India’s answer to the pie! A golden, hand rolled pastry, generously stuffed with a spicy potato and pea mix, served with tamarind chutney.
Kurkuri Bhindi
Vegan. Gluten Free. Spicy, crispy okra, tempura style, served with a mint and coriander chutney…simply delicious!
Veg Kathi Roll (2)
From the streets of Kolkata! A delightful filling of potato, cottage cheese and spices, wrapped in a flaky paratha bread.
Gobi Manchurian
Vegan. Mild. Popular Indo-Chinese appetizer made with cauliflower, tossed in cornflour and Asian spices, fried and coated with a sweet and sour Manchurian sauce.
Rasam Soup
Vegan. Gluten Free. Spicy. South Indian lentil soup – a tasty bowl of tomato and tamarind goodness, tempered with chili, pepper and cumin, served with papadum.


Punjabi Thali
Medium. Northern India’s finest flavors. Four fragrant, seasonal curries, fluffy basmati rice, 2 tandoor baked rotis, pickle, a side of salad, plus a classic rice pudding.
South Indian Thali
Medium. Intensely satisfying! Three traditional curries, served with two tangy south Indian favorites -rasam & sambar, 2 golden puries, fluffy basmati rice, pappadum, pickle, herbed yoghurt, salad and dessert.
Vegetarian Sizzler Platter
Medium. India on a platter! An assortment of our classics: samosa, sesame croquette, tandoori paneer tikka and naan bread. Served with a salad of crunchy green peppers and onion.
Channa Bhatura
Medium. A mouth-watering & visual wonder, enjoy our rich and spicy Punjabi chickpea curry served with 2 puffed golden pillows of leavened bread, pickle and onion salad.
Masala Dosa
Vegan. Gluten Free. Huge rice and lentil crispy crepes, filled with delicious spiced potato stuffing. Served with sambar (vegetable and lentil curry) and coconut chutney.
Vegetable Biryani
Gluten Free. Medium. Comfort in a bowl! A nourishing medley of seasonal vegetables and hand blended spices, steamed in layers of fragrant basmati rice. Served with herbed yoghurt.
Aloo and Poori Thali
Mild. A flavorsome tomato based curry with chunky potato, herbs and spices. All to be mopped up with 3 puffy pooris. Served with herbed yoghurt, pappadum, pickle and rice pudding.


Means ‘to taste’ or ‘to lick’. Crispy, fresh, spicy, tangy and sooooo addictive!
Pani Puri Chaat (6)
Vegan. Medium. A street food favorite! Crispy golden shells filled with a tempting mix of potato, chickpeas and garden herbs. Served with a tangy cumin, tamarind water.
Bhel Puri
Vegan. Gluten Free. A healthy salad of puffed rice, potato, chopped onion & fresh herbs, gently tossed with our vibrant tamarind and mint chutneys,
Samosa Chaat
Medium. Spiced samosa, smothered with a rich chickpea curry, chopped onions, salad, drizzled with yoghurt and chutneys.
Papri Chaat
Mild. Crisp & crunchy, these pastry crackers are generously topped with mashed potato, chickpeas, fresh herbs, drizzled with yoghurt, tamarind and mint chutneys.
Aloo Tikki Chaat
Medium. Ever popular! Spiced potato patties, smothered with a rich chickpea curry, chopped onions, salad, drizzled with yoghurt and chutneys.

Artisan Breads

Stuffed Kulcha
Mild to medium. Two per serve. Plain flour stuffed bread. Served with herbed yoghurt and pickle. Choose your filling: aloo (Potato), gobi (cauliflower), paneer (cottage cheese).
Stuffed Paratha
Mild to medium. Two per serve. Wholemeal flour stuffed bread. Served with herbed yoghurt and pickle. Choose your filling: aloo (Potato), gobi (cauliflower), paneer (cottage cheese).
Plain Naan
Mild. Our specialty flatbread, tandoor baked to perfection.
Garlic Naan
Mild. Naan with aromatic garlic.
Cheese Naan
Mild. Baked fresh, cheesy & delectable.
Cheese Garlic Naan
Mild. Handmade wheat flour unleavened bread, freshly rolled and baked.
Vegan. Mild. Loved by all, puffy wheat flour, golden puffed bread.


Cucumber and Mint Raita
A refreshing classic, cool as a cucumber.
Papadums (4)
Vegan. Mild. Gluten Free. Crispy, golden and moreish. Four lightly spiced treats.
Steamed Basmati Rice
Vegan. Mild. Gluten Free. Traditional basmati rice, perfectly steamed.
Jeera Matar Pulao
Vegan. Mild. Gluten Free. Fragrant basmati rice, seasoned with cumin seeds and baby peas.
Vegan. Mild.
Mixed Pickle
Medium. Seasonal handcrafted pickles to take your dish up a notch.


A traditional home made treat! Our rich and creamy pistachio or mango flavored ice cream.
Gulab jamun (2)
A popular dessert! Delicious dumplings in syrup.


Masala Chai
A splendid infusion of fragrant tea leaves, whole spices and milk.
Sweet Lassi
A refreshing yoghurt drink.
Mango Lassi$5.90
Plain Lassi
Slightly salty. A refreshing yoghurt drink.
Cola (Can)$2.95
Diet Cola (Can)$2.95
Lemon-Lime (Can)$2.95

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