Mayfield Hotel Menu Prices

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Moroccan Pumpkin Salad
Moroccan roasted pumpkin, fresh greens, chickpeas, onion, capsicum with a balsamic dressing
Thai Salad
Mixed green leaf, fresh chili, tomato, onion, capsicum, cucumber, fresh mint and coriander. Thai style dressing.
Garden Salad(V)(GF)
Greens, tomato, onion and cucumber with dressing. Gluten free and vegetarian.


Garlic Bread
Four pieces.
Lamb Meatballs
House made lamb meatballs. Green salad garnish & Tzatziki dipping sauce.
Salt and Pepper Squid
Salt and Pepper Squid, Lemon wedge and Aioli
Satay Chicken Skewers (4)
Chicken tenders skewered with satay sauce.
Sweet Potato Fries
Sweet Potato Fries with herb aioli.
Chicken Wings
Eight wings served with ranch dressing.
Loaded Fries
Pulled cola brisket, mozzarella cheese, liquad cheese & shallots on a bed of seasoned fries.
Seasoned Chips$8.00
Seasoned Vegetables(V)(GF)
Vegetarian and gluten free.


Chicken BLT
Grilled Chicken Tenders, lettuce, tomato, bacon, cheese with BBQ sauce and Aioli on a Turkish Roll.
Seasoned chips.
Pulled Brisket Burger
Pulled Cola Brisket, slaw, pickles & BBQ Bourbon sauce. Seasoned chips.
The Mayf Burger
Grille Wagyu Beef Pattie, cheese, bacon, pineapple, lettuce, tomato, beetroot, pickles & smokey BBQ sauce. Seasoned chips.
Vegetarian Burger
Grilled plant based pattie, chunky avocado, lettuce & tomato salsa. Seasoned chips


250g Rump Steak
250g Black Angus Rump Steak cooked medium rare. Seasoned chips.
350g T-Bone Steak
350g T-Bone Steak with your choice of chips and salad or mash and vegetables.
California Chicken
Marinated Chicken Maryland, mango sauce, chips & salad.
Chicken Schnitzel
250g. Panko crumbed chicken breast and seasoned chips and salad.
Pulled Cola Brisket, corn chips, chunky avocado and tomato salsa, melted mozzarella cheese & topped with sour cream & shallots.
Pork Riblets
400g Pork Riblets in our BBQ Bourbon sauce with seasoned chips and slaw.
Roasted Pork Belly
Roasted Pork Belly, potato bake, sautéed baby spinach & gravy.
Chicken Parmigiana
Panko crumbed chicken breast with napolitana sauce, double smoked ham and melted cheese, seasoned chips and salad.


Salt and Pepper Squid (Main)
Salt & Pepper Squid, chips, lemon wedge and Aioli.
Beer Battered Flathead Fillets
Seasoned chips, lemon wedge and tartare sauce.


Gluten free.
Cream Garlic Prawns(GF)$6.00

Soft Drinks

375ml Can of Soft Drink
375ml can of Coke
Coke No Sugar
375ml can of Coke No Sugar
Diet Coke
375ml Can of Diet Coke
375ml can of Fanta
375ml can of Lift
375ml can of Sprite

Kids Meals

All come with a Busy Nippers Activity Pack
Cheeseburger and Chips$12.00
Chicken Nuggets and Chips$12.00
Grilled Chicken Tenders. Mash and Vegetables$12.00

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