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Australian Black Mountain
Earthy with bracing hints of tobacco and walnuts, this coffee makes good espresso. Grown on the atherton tablelands in queensland, which are at high altitude with beautiful rich volcanic soil. These coffees are exported worldwide.
Australian Gold
Well-rounded caramel flavour with a hint of cocoa and a lovely syrupy mouthfeel. Grown in mareeba on the atherton tablelands in queensland, which are at high altitude with beautiful rich volcanic soil. These coffees are exported worldwide.
Brazil Moka
A heavier roast on a softer bean results in a gentle take on the traditional moka. It's a little chocolatey, with a delicate acidity and full sweet body. Worth trying if you like your coffee strong and gentle all at the same time. Minas gerais, Brazil.
Colombian Dark
This coffee is dark, rich and creamy. When made espresso style, cocoa and roasted nut flavours give way to a full-bodied sweet finish. This is about as strong as you can get without more pronounced bitterness. It gives a beautifully thick crema.
Colombian Medium
Complex and juicy with the flavours of tropical fruits and cocoa.
East Timor Organic
Organically grown. A sweet, brandied coffee, happy with any method of brewing. Makes a zesty, crisp, luscious cup. Notes of honey and black tea. It has a full, creamy body and long-lasting finish.
Ethiopia Arsi
This arsi is an aromatic bean with a full, rich and creamy body. Expect a sweet, vivacious coffee with chocolate overtones and lashings of lemonade, peach, raspberry, and spices. Our seasonal ethiopians are always favourites and this one is no exception. It produces a thick luscious cream.
Our roaster's latest accomplishment. Beans from estates in Brazil, Nicaragua and Colombia are blended and light roasted for a cup that's flavourful without being too strong. It's a sparkly, citrus and tropical fruit blend with undertones of toffee that come out in the finish. The trend in melbourne coffee has certainly been towards citrus and fruit flavours. This coffee fits right in, but with a fuller body than most other fruity beans. Brazil, Nicaragua, Columbia.
Goroka Cafe Roast
Goroka coffee is sourced from village and small plantation growers of the Eastern highlands province of Papua New Guinea, who are paid a premium price. Have fun looking for flavours - this is a gamey, wild, show-off bean with a full bouquet. Certified organic by nasaa.
Goroka Espresso
A big bodied, bracing espresso, with brandy, and tobacco flavours. Goroka coffee is sourced from village and small plantations growers of the Eastern highlands province of Papua New Guinea, who are paid a premium price. Certified organic by nasaa.
The Honduras bean has everything going for it, in a "too good to be true" sort of way. This is basically the 'bachelor of the year' of coffees. Both organic and ethically sourced, it's grown by farmers from a small fair trade collective in las copucas (Western Honduras) called cocafcal. On the palette, this is one of the cleanest cups you'll have. Immediately noticeable is it's silky mouthfeel as it rolls over your tongue (not dissimilar to the famed Jamaican blue mountain). The flavours are neatly defined: a rich buttery base, followed by a ch
Italian Espresso
Our strongest! A full on espresso coffee, dark roasted with good bite. Flavours of dark chocolate and walnuts with a bright, crisp acidity and subtle creamy finish. A coffee to put hair on your chest and a spring in your step. Brazil, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea.
Jane's Blend
Jane's blend is a favourite in our queen victoria market store. Dreamt up by a much loved employee, it's a swirl of rich, thick flavours. A smooth and bold, jane's blend is ideal for a plunger and drip.
La Mattina
A strong mix of beans from Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and Brazil, la mattina is a balance of strength and softness. With a full body and a powerful flavour, la mattina mavoids the bitter edge of some other strong blends. A perfect morning coffee. Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Brazil.
Mciver's Caf
Two top-tier organic beans make up the beloved blend on the espresso machine in our caf: Mexican and East timor. We are consistently impressed with just how well this mix performs in latts and long blacks. Both coffees are full bodied and rich. The malty and creamy texture of the Mexican makes up the base, giving warm comforting first impression. Meanwhile the zestier notes from the East timor dance around the mouth to give an array of sweet, organic flavours to grab onto. Milk really makes this even more memorable and brings out the richer fla
Mexican Decaf
Notes of orange and chocolate with a hint of caramel. Smooth strong body and a sweet finish. This coffee is decaffeinated by ethyl acetate. This process is often referred to as "naturally decaffeinated", as ethyl acetate is a chemical found naturally in many fruits. The caffeine extracted in the process is then used in other products, such as medicines, and soft drinks, thus reducing waste. High grown, Mexico.
Mexican Organic
Full in the mouth with a luscious, creamy, chocolatey finish. Voluptuous and comforting. Beautifully balanced deep flavour. Chiapas, Mexico.
New Guinea Gold
Our top choice when your first adjective is sweet. A clean, sweet, well-balanced cup with notes of blackcurrant and a bright acidity. A medium but not shy roast. Kalanga ax, Papua New Guinea.
Panama 'Gran Del Val' Rainforest Alliance
This coffee is strong and satisfying, full in the cup but not at all bitter. This bean has remarkable earthiness, with low acidity and notes of black cherry. The rainforest alliance eco-label guarantees the coffee was grown on farms that meet both social and environmental standards, as verified by experienced inspectors. Not fully certified organic, but on the way there.
Papua New Guinea Organic Dark Roast
A dark chocolate brew with notes of blackcurrant. Quite heavy of body, but rich and sweet in finish. New Guinea coffees are high grown and naturally low in caffeine and acidity.
Royal Superior Dark
Royal superior dark is our most popular and versatile blend, a favourite with customers at our queen victoria market store for years. A rich, smooth espresso blend, it's at the stronger end of the spectrum, but without any bitterness or acidity. Most notable are its bold flavours of dark cocoa and tropical fruit, followed by coffee blossom, honey, and a hint of spice. It's a full and creamy coffee that behaves beautifully as espresso, in a plunger, a cold brew, a filter or anything else you can throw at it.

Black Tea

Assam Dejoo Estate
A sweet, malty, long-leaf tea with developed dried fruit flavours, this tea works beautifully by itself but will graciously accommodate the traditional "milk + 1". This is a long leaf tea, which gives you enough leeway with brewing time to make your own decision about strength. From the dejoo estate in Assam, India.
Australian Favourites Tea Pack
This is five of our favourite australian teas - black herbal and green - all packaged neatly into one special mciver's bag. Lemon myrtle, cinnamon myrtle, aniseed myrtle, mountain pepper leaf and berry, rosella.
Bolshie Brew
This tea is a little smokey on the nose, like a good morning fire, but the flavour is pure "get on with it" tea, loaded with the strength and fortitude you need to take on the world and make it a better place. A blend of Chinese lapsang souchong and Indian long leaf teas.
Bushfire Lemon Myrtle
A blend of pesticide-free australian black tea, with organically grown lemon myrtle, which is native to sub-tropical queensland. The flavour, a blend of lemon, lime, and lemongrass, adds a summery zest to this soft black tea. May be drunk hot or iced. Perfect for an afternoon slump.
Ceylon Broken Orange Pekoe
The term "broken" refers to the method of cutting the tea leaves to obtain a shorter leaf, leading to a bolder flavour and faster brewing time. This tea is a classic and a beautiful example of broken orange pekoe style. For australians of a certain generation, "tea" meant ceylon broken orange pekoe. One of the most common requests we get at the market is for "a tea like the one i grew up with. " this is probably it.
Ceylon Orange Pekoe
"Orange pekoe" refers to a high-grade uncut, long leaf tea. It takes longer to brew but gives you more leeway to customise your cup, from very delicate, to full strength. Ideal for the household with divided opinions on tea strength. This high grown tea is bright and strong.
The daintree tea company is located on the cubbagudta plantation, situated in the heart of the daintree rainforest and wilderness area in North queensland. The plantation was established in 1978 by the nicholas family, who still own and operate the business. Daintree tea is grown pesticide free. Low in tannin and caffeine, this is the perfect afternoon cup.
Daintree Teabags (25)$5.00
This lightly oxidised darjeeling is well suited to the australian palate. It has the muscatel finish usually associated with darjeeling teas. From the thurbo estate, darjeeling.
Earl Grey
Ceylon black tea with a hefty dose of real bergamot oil. There are no artificial flavours here. This version of earl grey tea is perfect if you like your earl grey loud and proud.
Earl Grey Blue Flowers
Earl grey blue flowers is 'earl grey light', a black tea gently flavoured with bergamot, mellowed with mallow flowers and cornflowers (similar to "lady grey"). The floral additions gives it a little tweak on a classic.
Earl Grey Teabags$8.50
English Breakfast
A robust, short leaf, classic sri lankan blend. Breakfast teas, as the name implies, are intended to be a good wake up call. Traditionally English breakfast tea would have been drunk with milk and sugar. This is a rich, full-bodied gem.
French Earl Grey
Fruity and floral, delicate and soft. A tea that's both calming and energising, to help you get on with loving life. It contains black tea, hibiscus flowers, flavour, sunflower petals, rose petals and mallow blossoms.
Irish Breakfast
This robust blend is a perfect cold morning heart-starter, but also works for that odd phenomenon of a hot cup of tea cooling you down. It will give you the strength to get up and out the door on a chilling morning or give you the strength to keep going through the suffocating heat of midsummer afternoon. A blend of Indian and sri lankan black teas.
A full bodied slightly smoky cup of tea that will easily stand up to milk. Of course you can make it as strong or as light as you like if you are drinking it black. A tea with plenty of character.
Kenya Tea
A lovely, strong kenyan CTC. Full of flavour but a long brew won't ruin your cuppa. CTC's are very forgiving of the forgetful tea maker. Don't be put off by the small pellets. They are full of flavour and don't go bitter in the pot.
Lapsang Souchong
An FBOP (flowery broken orange pekoe) - long leaf black tea smoked over pine chips. Lapsang souchong is an unmistakable, unique brew. For the lapsang souchong lover, this one here is the fully smoked experience. Black tea grown in China.
Market Chai
Afternoon pekoe, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, black pepper, star anise, red pepper. This is our classic chai. Spicy as a pumpkin pie and just as good for what ails you. Our market chai is blended (unsweetened) in brunswick. Brew it strong and serve it with sugar and lots of milk for that classic chai experience. For those of you wanting something a little racier, here's how to make a chai latté like the ones we serve at our café: brew 10 teaspoons of market chai with 500ml. of boiling water for 5-10 minutes strain the mixture and use the water/s
Miner's Tea
This is just the tea for a foggy yorkshire morning when life dictates that you must leave your bed and perhaps do something for which you are not quite in the mood. A blend of African, Papua New Guinea, sri lankan, and Indian ctc teas, all sweet little heart-starters.
Mum Assam
We use this smooth, strong Assam ctc is often in other tea blends, but we think it stands up just fine on its own as well. The quality of this single estate tea is perfect for the scottish breakfast brew lover (or any other strong breakfast blend). The ctc (crush, tear, curl) method is common in India and africa and produces a fine, balanced cup.
Organic Black Tea
A beautiful organic broken orange pekoe from Sri Lanka. This ceylon tea has an earthy body with a moderate tannin profile.
Piece of Cake
We stumbled on this blend on the way to something else entirely, but put it aside in a little bowl just sitting there saying "make me! " when we finally fleshed out the blend, this lovely concoction emerged. Our ethical tea partnership pekoe with organically grown orange peel, cinnamon, lemon peel, and vanilla direct from a bougainville farm to us.
Prince of Wales
Prince of wales is traditionally an afternoon tea. It's a blend of Chinese black teas. One full-bodied and the other a lighter, brighter variety. They meld magically into a complex yet mild cup. Our prince of wales has a little sri lankan orange pekoe just to top it off perfectly.
Queen Mary
The young tips of the leaf give this tea a sweetness through the whole cup not often found in black teas. The ideal companion for the full scones with jam and cream, cucumber sandwiches high tea ceremony. A blend of Chinese, Indian and sri lankan orange pekoe.
Rosie Grey
What a sublime brew. Rosie grey soothes the spirit with the sparkle of a light earl grey, enveloped by aromas of vanilla and rose. Slightly sweet, rosie grey is perfect iced or hot for cold winter days. Black tea, pink rose petals and flavouring.
Russian Caravan
Russian caravan was originally named for the camel caravans that were used to transport tea through Russia on its six month journey from China. Our Russian caravan is not a smoked tea, but has the naturally smoky undertones imparted by keemun. A blend of Chinese teas.
Ruth Crow Tea
Humanitarian, environmentalist and social activist ruth crow am (1916-1999) believed that when people came together over a cup of tea, they could go on to do great things. This tea’s gentle smoked flavour infused with vanilla harkens back to a period of rapid growth and burgeoning industry in North melbourne, ruth’s home. This special blend honours her legacy of just urban planning and salutes all community champions who ‘fight the good fight’ for a resilient future. A blend of ethical tea partnership black tea with organically grown vanilla be
Ruth Crow Teabags (25)
This tea’s gentle smoked flavour infused with vanilla harkens back to a period of rapid growth and burgeoning industry in North melbourne, ruth’s home. This special blend honours her legacy of just urban planning and salutes all community champions who ‘fight the good fight’ for a resilient future. A blend of ethical tea partnership black tea with organically grown vanilla beans and rose petals. A little smoky, a little floral, with a smooth vanilla undertone.
We blended tramtracker in honour of our café and bulk store in West brunswick, located right on the 55 tramline. This tea is exactly what we love. It is a flavourful, delicious, no-nonsense heart-starter. It has quickly grown into one of our most popular offerings and is a staff favourite to boot. A blend of Indian and sri lankan CTC broken orange pekoe.
Vanilla Tea
Our delicious Indian ctc (which stands for "crush, tear, curl" – a method of processing long leaf into short leaf tea), here blended with whole ground vanilla pods straight from a small farm in bougainville. A massive hit of vanilla laden pleasure, this is not your average "potpourri" scented variety of vanilla tea. It is the real thing, with delicious depth of flavour and no sickly sweetness. Indian black tea with vanilla pods from Papua New Guinea.
Vic Market Mornings
Foggy, cold, dark. We love to cup our hands around a big mug of this tea. Delicious with or without the milk and sugar treatment. A blend of ethical tea partnership black teas from Sri Lanka.
The yunnan province in China prides itself as being the home to some of China's most prized teas. It is said that to take a journey along this part of the silk road all you need to do is sample a cup of yunnan black tea. This is a long-leafed tea with golden threads throughout, imparting a rich in flavour without bitterness. A truly imperial brew. Black tea grown in China.

Green Tea

Australian Favourites Tea Pack (Green Tea)$29.00
Australian Sencha
Green tea. A sencha style green tea grown in the victorian alps, where the geography is perfect suited to Japanese style tea growing. This is a truly premium tea that is primarily exported to Japan and we are so lucky to have it grown just up the road and available to us. Fresh, fresh, fresh. Loaded with anti oxidants and catechins, it has that blend of bitter, and sweet we love, cradled in a grassy, green aroma. Brew at 80°c to get the best from your cup.
Australian sencha green tea blended with toasted Japanese rice. The nutty flavour of toasted rice with the grassy aroma of sencha green tea make genmaicha unique. It has a soft quality that is refreshing, particularly after a long day. Originally this was considered a poor people's tea – the toasted rice being a filler to stretch out the precious tea leaves. Those days are long gone and genmaicha is now a prized blend in its own right.
Jasmine Pearls
White tea, jasmine. White tea, carefully rolled up with jasmine into marble-sized pearls. This is a truly authentic jasmine tea experience. White tea refers to the young spring pickings of the green tea plant. It's more delicate than green tea, less refined and more rich in anti-oxidants. White tea leaves are rolled into small 'pearls' and dried with jasmine. The smooth, sweet taste of white tea is the perfect backdrop for natural jasmine. Jasmine pearls are delicate and beautiful way to experience jasmine tea.
Matcha Tea
Powedered Japanese green tea. Matcha is powdered Japanese green tea. It's a delicious, frothy, anti-oxidant rich brew. Because you don't strain the powder before drinking matcha, all of the usual beneficial properties of green tea are amplified in a matcha brew. Matcha tea is incredibly rich in antioxidant compounds and is also nature's premiere source of L-Theanine - a molecule well studied for its relaxing, anti-anxiety properties. So sit back, relax and enjoy a matcha.
Organic Green Tea
Ingredients: sri lankan green tea.
Organic Moroccan Mint Green Tea
Organically grown. German spearmint and Chinese gunpowder tea. The honeyed smoke of gunpowder tea loves the wake up call of spearmint. Traditionally it is brewed with the added sparkle of sugar and fresh mint and served in small glasses. However as with all our teas - however you like it is the right way. We love this one iced.
Rainforest Lemon Myrtle
Our stunning victorian-grown sencha, with lemon myrtle from Northern N.S.W. This is slightly citrusy green treat says beaches and rainforests. Misty mornings and hot, hazy afternoons. Bright, soft, earthy.
White Tea Pai Mu Tan
A lovely soft, complex tea from the same plants as the fujian province silver needles. White peony is picked a little later in spring. The least processed of all teas, white tea is purported to have all kinds of health benefits and is rich in anti-oxidants, with none of the astringency found in some green teas. It has a soft delicate flavour and aroma and can be brewed (at 80 degrees) multiple times - with each infusion completely different to the one before. Discover and enjoy.

Herbal Tea

Berry Berry
Caffeine free. Hibiscus, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, berry leaves, cornflower, blue rosehip, cut apple, sultana. The tea so nice we named it twice! This is an aromatic little tea. Hibiscus with strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, apple, and sultana - it's a fruit smoothie. It tastes sweet (fruit, duh) and tart (hibiscus). It's super refreshing iced on a hot day. Try it plain-jane or with honey and milk!
Cate's Sleepytime
Organically grown - caffeine free. Passionflower, spearmint, chamomile, and wild-crafted lime blossoms, blended in brunswick. This blend has given even our most dedicated insomniacs a break. A liquid lullaby of sweet spearmint and chamomile. Cate's sleepytime is delicious and according to our customers, very effective.
Dutch Cocoa (250 g.)
Dutch cocoa. Dutch cocoa from Belgium. Dutch or "dutched" cocoa is actually just cocoa that has been processed in a specific way to have its acidity neutralised. This gives the cocoa a smooth, earthy flavour, and a rich, dark colour.
Jilungin Bush Tea
Jilungin is a bush tea native to the dampier peninsula, North of broome. It is wild harvested by the nyul nyul people then sun-dried in sacks on a wooden platform (which doubles as a star gazing platform) the tea contains the leaf, stem and bark so that all the properties of the plant stay in the tea.
Lemon Myrtle
Lemon myrtle is the highest natural source of citral, the compound that gives lemons and lemongrass their distinctive scent. Amazing. Perfect all by itself. People ascribe all kinds of health benefits to this tea but for us the main criteria is will you drink it.
Lemon Myrtle & Ginger
Lemon myrtle from Northern nsw and nepalese ginger. A lively mciver's version of an old standard. This is a zingy, citrusy concoction that works hot or cold. It refreshes our neighbours up North in tropical queensland and warms us down here in the wintery South.
Organic Chamomile
Organically grown - caffeine free. Chamomile flowers from Egypt. Our organic egyptian chamomile is world class and goes down a treat.
Organic Hibiscus
A 2008 study showed that drinking as little as two to three cups of hibiscus tea from the hibiscus sabdariffa flower each day can lower your blood pressure. (read more here) hibiscus is too tart for some but the rest of us find it wonderfully rich and syrupy. Hot or iced, sweetened, or naturally tart, this tisane has a way of simply making you feel better. Plus, this proud local tea is loaded with vitamin c. Organically grown hibiscus flowers. Product of Australia.
Organic Lavender
Organically grown - caffeine free. Lavender. Product of France. The finest organically grown French lavender. Provence in a cup. Pure and simple.
Organic Licorice Tea
Organically grown - caffeine free, cut licorice root, organically grown in Egypt. A favourite of Chinese medicine, this herb is reputed to be anti-inflammatory, expectorant and diuretic. It is naturally sweet and slippery on a sore throat.
Organic Peppermint
Organically grown - caffeine free. Peppermint. Product of Germany. Peppermint tea is a favourite the world over. It's an ancient remedy for indigestion, heartburn and soothing sore throats. Our peppermint tea is organically grown and world class. A fresh and refreshing mixture of cut and long leaves.
Organic Raspberry Leaf
Organically grown - caffeine free. Raspberry leaf. Organically grown in Germany yes it is from the raspberry plant but there are no berry flavours in this tisane. This is a therapeutic beverage made from the leaves only. T has a light, pleasant, grassy herbal flavour.
Organic Snack in the Grass
Organically grown - caffeine free. Peppermint, spearmint, star anise, fennel, pink peppercorn, and licorice root of various origins, blended in brunswick. Seemingly innocent with a sneaky bite. The mouth-watering delight of fresh mint is amplified by the heady power of star anise, while pink peppercorns add a hint of spice. Drink this one hot or cold. Snack in the grass makes you feel as if every molecule in your body is vibrating at the same frequency.
Waltzing Myrtle
Lemon myrtle, cinnamon myrtle, aniseed myrtle, mountain pepper leaf and berry, rosella.
Organically grown - caffeine free. Peppermint, spearmint, hibiscus, lavender, and blue mallow flowers. Blended in brunswick.
Organic Licorice & Peppermint
Organically grown - caffeine free just like a peppermint lolly but without the sugar. The licorice sweetens the peppermint to make a healthy, moreish treat.


Chai Like it Hot
South African "red bush tea" with organically grown Indian spices make a caffeine free chai for the spice addict. You can simmer it in milk on the stove, brew it like a regular tea, ice it, or sweeten it up with soy and honey. The options are endless. This blend has a little chilli kick to keep things interesting. Organically grown rooibos blended with organically grown spices of various origin.
Organic Rooibos
Made from the South African red bush, rooibos tea is the perfect alternative for tea drinkers looking for a caffeine-free tea substitute. Ours is a premium grade, long-cut, certified (by ecocert) organic rooibos imported directly from South Africa. Rooibos has no caffeine and very little tannin. It is rich in antioxidants and provides all the benefits of tea, minus the caffeine. You can drink it plain or with and sugar if you wish. Most importantly though, rooibos gives you that miraculous "all's right with the world" sensation we crave from a
Rooibos Earl Grey
Rooibos earl grey is a zesty twist on a classic earl grey tea. South African rooibos is infused with the citrusy zing of bergamot oil. Rooibos can be brewed like black tea, but is naturally caffeine free. You can drink it black (well, actually red), or add milk and sugar or lemon to taste. Brew with boiling water. Also delicious iced.
Rooibos Rosey Grey
We made this to match our rosie grey black tea. Here the base is rooibos, which is naturally caffeine free, low in tannin and has plenty of anti-oxidants. Rose petals and vanilla round out the bouquet and flavour. Delicious with milk and honey for a truly decadent treat before bed. This is our own blend of organic rooibos, bergamot, organic rose petals and vanilla sourced by direct trade from bougainville.
Rooibos Vanilla
Because we blend our own we use no artificial flavours. The result is a subtle and warm symphony. The vanilla hides its true depth until brewed. This is no flurry of fake flavouring. Just rich good vanilla on a quality rooibos base. Premium South African organic rooibos with our vanilla beans sourced directly from farmers in bougainville.

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