Midori Japanese Takeaway Menu Prices Australia

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Soup, Steamed Rice

Homemade Miso Soup$3.50
Steamed Rice$3.00

Nigiri Sushi & Sashimi

Nigiri Sushi Mix (8 Pieces)$7.50
Nigiri - Salmon & Tuna (4 Pieces)$7.50
Nigiri - Salmon & Prawn (4 Pieces)$7.50
Nigiri - Tuna & Prawn (4 Pieces)$7.50
Nigiri - Salmon (8 Pieces)$7.50
Nigiri - Tuna (8 Pieces)$7.50
Nigiri - Prawn (8 Pieces)$7.50
Sashimi - Tuna & Salmon (8 Slices)$10.00

Big Roll

Seafood California Roli (8 Pieces)
Prawn, salmon, vegetables, and mayonnaise.
Teriyaki Chicken Roll (8 Pieces)
Teriyaki chicken, vegetables and mayonnaise.
Futomaki (8 Pieces)
Prawn, salmon, vegetables, egg and wasabi.
Vegetarian Roll (8 Pieces)Vegetables and mayonnaise.$7.00
Hot Tuna Roll (8 Pieces)
Prawn, tuna, vegetables, and mayonnaise with chili.
Teriyaki Beef Roll (8 Pieces)
Teriyaki beef, vegetables and mayonnaise.

Small Roll (Wasabi Taste)

Seafood Hosomaki (Wasabi Taste
Salmon, tuna and prawn.

Tuna Hosomaki (Wasabi Taste)$14.50
Salmon Hosomaki (Wasabi Taste)$14.50
Prawn Hosomaki (Wasabi Taste)$14.50
Vegetarian Hosomaki (Wasabi Taste)
Cucumber, avocado and Japanese pickles.


Half Nigiri Sushi & Half Sashimi (4 Pieces)$15.00
Half Nigiri Sushi & Half California Roll (4 Pieces)$15.00
Half Nigiri Sushi & Half Teriyaki Chicken Roll (4 Pieces)$15.00
Inari Sushi (4 Pieces)
Topping with egg, prawn, tuna and seaweed salad.
Inari Sushi - (4 Pieces of Inari)$10.00
Chirashi Sushi
Sushi rice topped with seafood.

Hand Roll

Every hand roll is rolled with avocado and mayonnaise.
Teriyaki Chicken$3.20
Teriyaki Beef$3.20
Fresh Salmon$3.20
Cooked Prawn$3.20
Tempura Prawn$3.60
Fresh Tuna$3.20
Cooked Tuna$3.20
Seaweed Salad$3.20
Inari (Fried Beancurd)$3.20
Tobiko (Flying Fish Roe)$3.20
Seafood California
Salmon, prawn and vegetables.

Big Platter

Party Nigiri (24 Pieces)$42.00
Party Roll (8 California Rolls & 40 Small Rolls)$38.00
Party Roll - All Small Rolls (56 Pieces)$38.00
Party Sushi Mix - Nigiri Sushi & Sushi Roll$38.00
Party Sushi & Sashimi$42.00
Party Hand Roll - 8 Hand Rolls (32 Pieces)$24.00

Hot Menu (with Rice) - Chicken

Teriyaki Chicken Don
Teriyaki chicken with rice.
Chicken Oyako Don
Chicken, onion and egg with rice.
Chicken Curry with Rice$10.00

Hot Menu (with Rice) - Eel

Una Don - Grilled Eel with Rice$11.00

Hot Menu (with Rice) - Beef

Teriyaki Beef Don - Teriyaki Beef with Rice$14.00
Beef Oyako Don - Beef, Onion & Egg with Rice$14.00
Beef Curry with Rice$10.00

Hot Menu (with Rice) - Vegetable

Vegetable Curry with Rice$9.80

Hot Menu (with Rice) - Tempura (Deep Fried)

Kakiage Don
Fries of mixed vegetable, shrimps and egg with rice.
Ebi Tendon
Tempura prawn with rice.

Udon Noodle with Soup

Chicken Udon Noodle with Soup$1.00
Beef Udon Noodle with Soup$1.00
Kakiage Udon Noodle with Soup
Fries of mixed vegetable and shrimps.
Ebi Ten Udon Noodle with Soup
Tempura prawn.
Vegetable Udon Noodle with Soup
Fried bean curd, onion and seaweed.

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