Midori Sushi And Roll Menu Prices Australia

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Rolls & Boxes

Salmon Avocado Roll$3.00
Salmon Avocado Brown Rice Roll$3.50
Tuna Avocado Roll$3.00
Tuna Avocado Brown Rice Roll$3.50
Teriyaki Chicken Avocado Roll$3.00
Teriyaki Chicken Avocado Brown Rice Roll$3.50
Fried Prawn Roll$3.00
Crabmeat Salad Roll$3.00
BBQ Beef Roll$3.00
Teriyaki Chicken Cucumber Roll$3.00
Teriyaki Chicken Lettuce Roll$3.00
Tuna Cucumber Roll$3.00
Tuna Lettuce Roll$3.00
Korean Style Roll$3.00
Grilled Salmon Box$6.00
Spicy Volcano Box$7.00
Medium Salmon Box$7.50
Salmon Box$9.50

Bento Box

Teriyaki Chicken Bento$12.50
BBQ Beef Bento$12.50
Chili Pork Bento$12.50
Chili Chicken Bento$13.50
Chili Prawn Bento$13.50
Teriyaki Seafood Bento$15.50
Unagi (Eel) Bento$17.50


Teriyaki Chicken Don$9.00
BBQ Beef Don$9.00
Chili Pork Don$9.00
Chili Chicken Don$9.00
Chili Prawn Don$10.50
Teriyaki Seafood Don$11.00
Teriyaki Salmon Don$12.50


Seaweed Udon$8.50
Mushroom Udon$8.50
Tempura Udon$10.00
Tufo Ramen$9.50
Seafood Udon$9.50
Beef Udon$9.50
Teriyaki Chicken Udon$9.50
Kimchi Chicken Ramen$9.50
Midori Udon$10.00
Negi Miso Ramen$9.50

Yaki Soba/Yaki Udon

Vegetarian Bowl$9.00
Vegetable Yaki Soba$8.50
Chicken Yaki Soba$9.50
Chicken Yaki Udon$9.50
Pork Yaki Soba$9.50
Pork Yaki Udon$9.50
Seafood Yaki Soba$9.50
Salmon Sashimi Bowl$15.00
Tempura Set$8.50


Chicken Katsu Set$9.50
Pork Katsu Set$10.00
Curry Pork Katsu Set$12.50
Curry Chicken Katsu Set$11.50
Beef Bibimbap$10.00
Sashimi Bibimbap$12.00

Korean Food

Spicy Rice Cake - Tteokbokki$9.00
Kimchi Pancake$9.00


Soft Drink (Can)$2.50
Soft Drink (600ml.)$3.80
Lipton Ice Tea$3.80
Bottle of Water$2.50

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