Mighty Bear Chinese Char Grill Restaurant Menu Prices Australia

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Sliced Braised Beef$9.80
Korean Corn Cheese$9.80
Spring Onion Pancake$4.80
Korean Fried Chicken$18.00
Pork Belly and Chinese Mushroom on Sizzling Plate$13.80

Cold Dish and Salad

Cucumber with Black Fungus and Peanuts$9.80
Cold Jelly Noodle$13.80
Sliced Braised Beef (Cold Dish and Salad)$9.80
Homemade Cold Dish$11.80
Tofu with Spring Onion$9.80
Korean Corn Cheese (Cold Dish and Salad)$9.80

Special Charcoal BBQ Skewer

3 skewer minimum per order.
Pork Belly$2.00
Sliced Pork Kidney
2 skewer minimum per order.
Chicken Heart$2.00
Chicken Stomach$2.00

Foil and Sizzling Plate

Pickled Vegetable in Foil$11.80
Enoki Mushroom in Foil$9.80
Chicken Feet in Foil$9.80
Tofu on Sizzling Plate$11.80
Pork Belly and Chinese Mushroom on Sizzling Plate (Foil and Sizzling Plate)$13.80

Charcoal BBQ

Beef with Enoki Mushroom Roll$3.50
Pork Belly with Pickled Veggie Roll$3.50
Grill Ox Tongue$9.80
Chicken Wings skewers(2 pc)$2.50
Sausage skewers$2.50
Pork Trotters$9.80
Lamb Kidney$4.00
Lamb Chop$6.80
Pork Chop$6.80
King Prawn$3.80
Squid Tube$4.50


Enoki Mushroom$6.80
Garlic Shoot$2.80
Coriander and Spring Onion Roll$2.80
Garlic Clove$2.00
Green Chilli$3.00
Potato Slice$5.00
Chinese Bread$2.00
Bread Slice$3.00

Main Dishes

Korean Fried Chicken (Main Dishes)$18.00
Beef Bulgogi with Rice$12.80
Pork Bulgogi with Rice$12.80
Kimchi Fried Rice$11.80
Special Fried Noodle$10.80
Cold Noodle$11.80
Kimchi Pancake$13.80
Homemade Dumplings$11.80
Spring Onion Pancake (Main Dishes)$4.80
Red Bean Rice Cake
Three pieces.
Beancurd Chicken Soup$9.80
Geda Soup$12.80
Kimchi Soup$12.80


Soft Drink$3.00


Homemade Yogurt$3.00
Ice Cream$3.00

Single-Use Items


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