Miku Japanese Menu Prices Australia

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Popular Items

5. Katsu Curry
Japanese style curry with crumbed chicken cutlets on rice.
4. Katsu Don
Crumbed chicken cutlets topped with an egg on rice.
15. Torikastu Bento
Crumbed chicken.
25. Ebi Gyoza
Pan-fried prawn and veg dumplings served with vinegar soy. Six pieces.
3. Sukiyaki Don
Thinly slices of beef cooked with sukiyaki sauce on rice.
14. Sushi Burger Platter$20.80
17. Vegetarian Bento
Vegetable tempura.
20. Agedashi Tofu
Organic tofu cubes lightly dusted with flour deep fried served with a dipping sauce.
13. Yakisoba (Egg Noodles)$17.80

Rice Dishes

1. Ten Toji Don
Lightly fried prawn topped with an egg on rice.
2. Oyako Don
Chicken bites served with an egg on rice.
3. Sukiyaki Don (Rice Dishes)$16.80
4. Katsu Don (Rice Dishes)$18.80
6. Hamberg Curry
Beef and pork patties served with Japanese curry on rice.
5. Katsu Curry (Rice Dishes)$18.80
7. Unagi Don
Grilled eel with teriyaki sauce on rice.

Noodle Dishes

8. Tempura Udon (Thick Wheat Noodles)
Noodle soup topped with lightly fried tempura prawn.
9. Sansai Udon - Veg (Thick Wheat Noodles)
Noodle soup topped with mountain vegetables and organic tofu.
10. Niku Udon (Thick Wheat Noodles)
Noodle soup topped with thinly su kiyaki beef slices.
11. Nabeyaki Udon (Thick Wheat Noodles)
Combination of prawn tempura, sukiyaki beef, egg and shitake mushrooms.
12. Miku Ramen (Egg Noodles)
Served with slices of braised organic pork belly.
13. Yakisoba (Egg Noodles) (Noodle Dishes)$17.80

14. Sushi Burger Platter

14. Sushi Burger Platter (14. Sushi Burger Platter)$20.80

Bento Box

All bento box come with daily kobachi (side dish) and rice.
16. Kani Croquette Bento
Crumbed creamy potato and crab parcels.
15. Torikastu Bento (Bento Box)$20.80
18. Teriyaki Chicken Bento$20.80
17. Vegetarian Bento (Bento Box)$20.80
19. Hamberg Bento
Beef and pork patties.


20. Agedashi Tofu (Extras)$10.80
21. Tatsuta Age Chicken
Chicken bites marinated in fresh ginger garlic and soy coated in flour and deep-fried.
22. Nasu Dengaku
Organic eggplant lightly fried served with a miso topping and roasted sesame seeds.
23. Kani Croquette
Crumbed creamy potato and crab parcels deep fried topped with tartare sauce. Three pieces.
24. Gyoza
Pan-fried minced pork and veg dumplings served with vinegar and soy dressing. Six pieces.
25. Ebi Gyoza (Extras)$10.80

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